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Chapter 62

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Even though Lu Yunxiao is a student at the Jia Nan Academy, he will eventually have to leave after graduation. At that time, the only identity he would carry would be that of a Jia Nan Academy graduate, which doesn't imply a very close relationship.

But if Lu Yunxiao and Hu Jia were to come together, that would be different. Hu Gan is the Dean of the Outer Academy, and Hu Jia is bound to stay at the academy for employment in the future. This way, Lu Yunxiao would naturally stay because of Hu Jia, leaving the academy with a future guardian, which is definitely a great thing.

So, from any perspective, he absolutely supports this matter. However, support aside, he is somewhat more rational. This matter might not be so simple to achieve.


Lu Yunxiao's lips parted slightly, his face showing shock. Hu Jia actually took the initiative to invite him to dinner. This seems a bit odd. Although he has always been confident, he isn't delusional enough to believe that Hu Jia would like him. After all, they've never really interacted.

He believes that Xiao Yu might have some feelings for him, as he has noticed. So, even though he could have let Xiao Yu bring him to the Matial Skill Pavilion. But he chose to come by himself, simply because he didn't want to provoke Xiao Yu unnecessarily.

He isn't someone devoted to a single love interest. After all, having crossed over to this world, it's impossible for him to marry just one woman. However, he wouldn't flirt with a girl he has no feelings for. His principle has always been not to flirt without the intention to commit. If he flirts, he takes responsibility. For those he doesn't like, he naturally keeps a distance.

But to say that Hu Jia is interested in him, he fundamentally doesn't believe it. That's just not Hu Jia's style. The right way for Hu Jia to approach him would be with a whip in hand, challenging him to test his worth. That would match Hu Jia's personality.

However, seeing Hu Jia's demeanor, he became somewhat interested. He wanted to see what Hu Jia was up to.

"This is our first meeting, Hu Jia. Isn't it a bit inappropriate to do this?" Lu Yunxiao blinked, his tone gentle. A dinner invitation at their first meeting, isn't that too presumptuous?

Hearing Lu Yunxiao's words, a trace of surprise appeared in Hu Jia's eyes. This guy actually didn't accept directly? This is her invitation, after all, a privilege not afforded to other students in the academy.

The surrounding students sighed in admiration, recognizing Lu Yunxiao's uniqueness. Had it been them, they probably would have accepted immediately. Not to mention anything else, being invited to dinner alone by the "little Witch" would be a bragging right for a year. Indeed, different levels altogether. Lu Yunxiao is so composed.

Seeing Lu Yunxiao quickly regain his composure after his initial surprise, Hu Jia blinked her distinctively clear eyes. As expected, this guy is more challenging to woo than most men. A regular invitation won't do much; it seems she needs to resort to more drastic measures.

Hu Jia bit her lip, suppressing an intense feeling of shame, and used the gentlest tone she ever had, her eyes filled with a semblance of affection, "Lu Yunxiao, do you believe in love at first sight? Although we've just met, I think I've already fallen for you."

As soon as she said this, the crowd was stirred, electrified. Wow, the "little Witch" actually confessed? Impressive, indeed worthy of the title "little Witch." To confess so boldly, what man could resist such an onslaught? It seems Lu Yunxiao might have a hard time refusing.

"Hehe, this time it's set." Hu Gan smiled broadly, proud of his granddaughter for going all out. Now, how could Lu Yunxiao not comply? With his granddaughter making such a move, this young man should have no room to resist.

Lu Yunxiao was also shocked. Indeed, worthy of the "little Witch," always taking an unconventional path. But unfortunately, Lu Yunxiao is not an ordinary person either. Knowing Hu Jia's nature, he didn't believe a word she said.

"I naturally believe in love at first sight." Lu Yunxiao smiled lightly; he himself fell for Yun Yun at first sight, although the system always called it lust at first sight.

The difference, though, is that he genuinely likes Yun Yun, whereas Hu Jia's feelings are dubious. Lu Yunxiao could tell that Hu Jia was mostly pretending. He was merely playing along with Hu Jia for now.

Hearing Lu Yunxiao's words, Hu Jia's smile became more enchanting, but her eyes couldn't hide a trace of contempt. Indeed, all men are the same.

But the next moment, Lu Yunxiao's words made her smile freeze.

"But I don't believe in your love at first sight. So that's why, I refuse." Lu Yunxiao shook his head, his tone firm and decisive.

"What did you say?" Hu Jia's eyes widened, her expression somewhat vacant. Did she hear correctly?

"I said I refuse. Isn't that clear enough?" Lu Yunxiao shrugged, his tone flat.

"You actually rejected me?" Hu Jia's mouth gaped open, and she was slightly stunned. From childhood to now, this was the first time someone had directly turned her down, and without any hesitation at that. She felt a strange discomfort in her heart. Wasn't she, Hu Jia, outstanding enough?

"Why did you rejected me? Am I not beautiful enough? Am I not worthy of you?" There was a stubbornness in Hu Jia's eyes. Lu Yunxiao's rejection caught her off guard and left her feeling extremely aggrieved. 

Lu Yunxiao actually didn't find her attractive? Why didn't he find her attractive? What's wrong with her? Looking at Lu Yunxiao, Hu Jia couldn't help but ask earnestly.

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