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Chapter 203: 203 Li Xiwu Saw a Photo with Her Father

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203 Li Xiwu Saw a Photo with Her Father

From the date of birth, nationality, graduation from the Capital University of Foreign Languages, master’s degree in economics, and was proficient in 11 languages.

He was chosen as the chosen one when he was still a university student at the age of 20. He had been in office for 36 years and had visited 23 countries. At the age of 56, he died in the line of duty.

His life deeds during his tenure were all recorded on the stone tablet.

Everyone present could see the monument.

Only the camera could not face the stone tablet. It could not be seen on the entire Internet because this was the most basic respect. If they really wanted to see the stone tablet, it was best to make an appointment to come to the Li Mansion personally.

[I have to go to Uncle Li’s monument once in my life.]

[Uncle Li, you will always be remembered.]

[My mother said that from Uncle Li, you can see the gentle and elegant image that people have yearned for for thousands of years. He remembered the sacred duty of a diplomat, but in the end, he stayed in Country T forever.]

[Look, Sister Li is crying!]

[I can tell that Sister Li is very empathetic. Tears are falling.]

[Sister Li’s surname is also Li. This is the Li Mansion. The same surname might have been a family eight hundred years ago. Did Sister Li feel something?]

Li Xiwu did cry. But she didn’t know it herself at first. It was only when Han Qianye reached out to wipe her tears that she realized that she was crying silently again.

She just looked at the monument. And sorrow came silently.

Li Xiwu took the handkerchief Han Qianye used to wipe her tears. “I’ve made a fool of myself.”

Han Qianye said, “Xixi, you’re not in a good state.”

Li Xiwu’s lips quivered as if she wanted to say something.

Han Qianye spoke before she could. “Are you trying to say it’s empathy again?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips.

Han Qianye looked at Li Xiwu’s expression and her heart ached. “You’re also very outstanding. You’re the best person in my heart. You’re even better than Li You.”

The moment that was said, everyone looked over.

Han Qianye felt that the reason why Li Xiwu cried silently was definitely not because she was too empathetic.

After interacting with her for the past few episodes, her understanding of Li Xiwu was that no matter what happened, her expression would not change. Even if she was too sad, she would not casually show her emotions so clearly.

Perhaps she felt that Li You was too outstanding, and that her family background was incomparable. It made her feel inferior and deeply helpless, which was why she lost control of her emotions so much.

The netizens were no longer calm.

[What’s going on? Previously, there was a Tang Xian who attracted haters for Sister Li. Why is Brainless still messing around!]

[I admit that Sister Li, who has the identity of Mother Dragon, is very outstanding, but she’s completely incomparable to Uncle Li’s daughter. They’re not on the same level.]

[Li You is hundreds or thousands of times better than Li Xiwu. Doesn’t she feel ashamed?]

[I just thought that Sister Li was very empathetic. Why do I feel that it’s a little pretentious now?]

[Brainless, don’t attract haters for Unhappy!!]

Han Qianye did not think too much when she said that.

She did not know that her inappropriate words would attract some bad public opinion for Li Xiwu.

But the netizens’ comments were not wrong at all. One was an excellent diplomat nurtured by the country. One was an Internet celebrity who was good at cooking. Li You’s status and level were indeed incomparable to Li Xiwu’s.

“Mr. Cai!” Li Xiwu suddenly shouted.

Cai Buqu looked at Li Xiwu kindly.

Li Xiwu asked, “Can I enter the Li Mansion?”

Xue Jinzhu reminded her in time, “Sister Li, you can’t. The Li Mansion is not open to the public.”

Even the netizens said: “It seems that Sister Li’s homework this time is not as good as Miss Pig.”

[The interior of the Li Mansion is indeed not open to the public. After all, it’s a private residence. There are many precious things inside.]

[Old Mr. Cai has a bad temper. People have been reprimanded for asking this in the past, so you have to do your homework before you go.]

[Look at Old Mr. Cai’s serious expression, is he going to reprimand Li Xiwu?]

[Oh no, Sister Li is going to be scolded.]

Just as the netizens all thought that Old Mr. Cai would be angry and Li Xiwu would be scolded, things happened completely opposite to everyone’s imagination.

Cai Buqu asked Li Xiwu with a serious expression, “Do you really want to go in?”

Li Xiwu replied firmly, “Yes.”

Cai Buqu nodded. “You can go in.”

Thousands of netizens were dumbfounded! Even Xue Jinzhu and the other staff found it unbelievable. Old Mr. Cai actually agreed to let Li Xiwu enter the Li Mansion?

Were they really not mistaken?

Li Xiwu did not expect Old Mr. Cai to agree so readily. However, this time, she did not hesitate like before she entered Qiang Yue Garden. Instead, after politely and humbly thanking him, she asked Cai Buqu to lead the way.

Xue Jinzhu quickly raised her hand. “Can I go in?”

Cai Buqu said, “No.”

He rejected her decisively!

Xue Jinzhu: “…”

Cai Buqi told everyone solemnly, “Only one person can enter. After the tour, please help yourself out.”

[I’m shocked. Why is it different from what I expected!]

[I thought Old Mr. Cai would scold Li Xiwu, but not only did he not scold her, but he also only allowed Li Xiwu in!]

[Is it possible that Old Mr. Cai looked at Sister Li very kindly and thought of Li You, so he only let Sister Li in?]

[No matter what the reason is, I have to brag that Li Xiwu is still respected!]

Before Li Xiwu entered, she told Han Qianye. Han Qianye naturally did not stop him. She only said, “Then come back early.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “Okay.”

The interior of the huge Li Mansion was extremely retro.

Tall, short, fat, and thin antique table lamps, a rustic-colored trumpet gramophone, and an old-fashioned belt clock with a sense of time hung on the wall.

There were pure wooden furnishings everywhere, as well as expensive rosewood tables and chairs that were difficult to see at a glance.

Cai Buqu walked beside Li Xiwu and introduced these furnishings to her. They were all arranged by Li Huaisheng. Li Xiwu listened carefully at first, but then she could not help but be immersed in the world she saw.

Other than familiarity, it was still familiarity.

Bits of corners even flashed through her mind. When she turned around, she realized that she could actually match them, but she couldn’t remember.

Her head began to ache again.

Li Xiwu frowned.

At this moment, she suddenly saw a photo frame. She must have been too anxious to reach for it without Old Mr. Cai’s permission. Unfortunately, it was an empty photo frame and there were no photos.

Fortunately, Old Mr. Cai did not reprimand her. He only patiently introduced her. “This photo frame was originally a photo of Huaisheng and Little You.”

Li Xiwu suddenly looked up. “A photo?”

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