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Chapter 210: 210 Chapter 210: Netherworld River Stone Tablet! Faraway lands!

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210 Chapter 210: Netherworld River Stone Tablet! Faraway lands!
Su Yang saw that the endless undead were no longer approaching, and his body suddenly relaxed.

He swam to the other side with all his might. At this moment, he discovered a stone tablet not far away.

“The stone tablet is in the Supreme Underworld River, but it won’t sink?”


“It’s really strange…”

“Moreover, why didn’t the supreme existence who erected this stone monument erect it on the shore but in the water?”

The Supreme Netherworld River was constantly washing away the things that had passed away. Other than those that were related to eternity, everything would gradually disappear in the Supreme Netherworld River with time.

This stone tablet was obviously not an ordinary object.
[You’ve come to the world so close yet so far]

[You are about to leave the Supreme Netherworld]

“Close yet worlds apart? Could it be a description of life on the shore and death in Hanoi?”

Su Yang looked at the stone tablet with a puzzled expression.

However, this stone tablet was very close to the shore.

It was not impossible to explain it this way.

Su Yang quickly swam to the side of the stone tablet. There were a few big words written on it: The Netherworld River was endless, and it was difficult to cross without transcending.

“What do these words mean?”

Su Yang frowned slightly, then ignored him and continued to swim to the other side.

There was no doubt that the stone tablet was an eternal object.

Therefore, the water of the Netherworld River could not wash it away.

However, time did not allow Su Yang to stop studying.

He could already feel that his body was getting heavier and heavier. One-third of his body had been corroded by the death aura.

If he didn’t go ashore soon, he would fall into the Netherworld River forever.

He would become a skeleton on the Transcendence Path.

Moreover, this place was becoming more and more strange. Su Yang had a faint feeling that something was wrong.


“The riverbank is clearly very close, but why is it still in front of me after swimming for so long?”

“Eh, why is there another stone tablet over there? I didn’t notice it just now.”

Su Yang was puzzled. He was clearly very close to the shore, but he could not reach the shore.

It was as if he was walking on the spot…

[You’ve come to the faraway lands]

[You are about to leave the Supreme Underworld]

“Faraway lands? Perhaps you are alive ashore, but dead in the river?”

Su Yang suddenly turned around and found that the stone tablet behind him had long disappeared.

The only stone tablet that could be seen in the surrounding area was the one in front of him.

“Could it be that this is the meaning of ‘Faraway lands’?”

When he arrived in front of the stone tablet, the words on it were still: The Netherworld River was endless, and it is impossible to cross without transcending.

Su Yang knew that he was trapped in a cycle.

The Netherworld River was endless. It meant that the Supreme Netherworld River was endless. Without transcending, it would be difficult to cross it.

Close yet worlds apart meant knowing that the shore was right in front of them, but they were unable to go ashore.

Su Yang knew that if he couldn’t leave the river as soon as possible, he might be trapped here until he decayed.

He controlled his temper and sensed that the death in his body was about to accumulate to half.

When the death aura in the body was greater than the life aura, the balance of life and death would be broken.

Even if he did not rot in the Netherworld River, he would never be able to go ashore for the rest of their lives.

“Perhaps the way to leave this place is hidden on this stone stele!”

Su Yang looked at the stone tablet and then opened his delusion-breaking Eye.

[Netherworld River Stele]

[Type: Stone Tablet]

[Effect: fall into the Netherworld River, the World’s End is Near]

[Hint: Demons and monsters can’t get close. Once they enter the Netherworld River, they can’t turn back.]

[Introduction: Carrying eternity, never falling into the Netherworld River, witnessing the transcendence of the past]

“Carrying eternity? Could it be that the reason why this stone tablet can stand in the Netherworld River for a long time is mainly because it has the eternal characteristic?”

“The eternal characteristic can eliminate death aura!”

“But my eternal characteristic is only 0.1%. It’s not enough to resist the death aura.”

Su Yang frowned. He felt the vitality in his body gradually drain away.

Even now, he might not be able to make it in time.

“Perhaps I can rely on the Laws of Destruction to devour this stone tablet!

At this moment, Su Yang had a bold idea.

This was his only chance!

If he could succeed, not only would his Eternal characteristic increase, but he would also be able to walk out of the Supreme Netherworld River!

Since he had made up his mind, Su Yang placed his palm on the stone tablet without hesitation.


[You have devoured and absorbed the power of the netherworld Stone Stele. You have obtained an eternal characteristic +0.01%]


[You have devoured and absorbed the power of the netherworld Stone Stele. You have obtained an eternal characteristic +0.01%]

“Looks like I made the right bet.”

“The stone tablet does indeed have an Eternal characteristic!”

“Furthermore, the Eternal Attribute on it can be devoured by my Laws of Destruction.”

Su Yang’s face was filled with joy. He pressed his palm on the stone tablet and continued to devour the eternal characteristic on it.

However, during this process, he felt his heart palpitate.

It was as if danger would arise at any time after absorbing the Eternal characteristic.


[You have devoured and absorbed the power of the netherworld Stone Stele. You have obtained an eternal characteristic +0.01%]


[You have devoured and absorbed the power of the netherworld Stone Stele. You have obtained an eternal characteristic +0.01%]


[Accumulated permanent characteristic 0.9%]

When the Eternal characteristic was devoured to 0.9%, in addition to the Eternal characteristic he already had, his Eternal characteristic had already reached 1%.

“Eternal characteristics are really rare!

Su Yang could not help but sigh!

He continued to look at the stone stele. The Eternal characteristic on it was like a vast ocean.

If he could devour all of the stone steles, his Eternal characteristic would definitely be perfected!

However, a scene suddenly flashed in front of Su Yang’s eyes.

In the depths of the Underworld River, there was a Nether Bone Shark. Its body was extremely huge.

It was more than ten times larger than the great white shark in the ocean.

The Nether Bone Shark lived in the Netherworld River. Its strength was unfathomable, and it was invincible unless it transcended.

In the scene, Su Yang was absorbing the Nether River Stele, and the Nether Bone Shark jumped up from the bottom of the river.

It directly swallowed Su Yang into its stomach!


Su Yang instantly came back to his senses. This scared him so much that he broke out in a cold sweat.

This was a warning from his foresight.

If he didn’t leave now, he would definitely be in trouble!

Su Yang couldn’t bear to take a look at the netherworld River Stone Tablet. Then, he let go of his hand without hesitation.

[Your eternal characteristic has reached 1%]

[Acquired new ability: No Fallen Styx]

[The death aura in your body has been driven away by the eternal characteristic and has dissipated.]

[You’ve left so close to the world]

[In 660,000 years, you are the first to pass the Close, Yet Worlds Apart.]

[Your deeds will be engraved in the ‘Heaven’]

[You have obtained the title of Heaven: One Step to Eternity]

“There are new titles and new abilities?”

“Fortunately, I made the right bet. With the Eternal characteristic, I can indeed not fall into the netherworld.”

“It’s better to leave quickly. I’ve absorbed the eternal characteristic of the Netherworld River Stone Stele. I’m afraid that a great terror will appear!”

Su Yang did not dare to delay. He sped up and left the Supreme Netherworld River.

The Unknown Place was filled with killing intent everywhere. He did not dare to be careless!


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