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Chapter 211: 211 Chapter 211: The Highest Mountain Peak! One Step to Eternity

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211 Chapter 211: The Highest Mountain Peak! One Step to Eternity

[You have entered the highest mountain peak]

After a long time!


Su Yang came ashore from the Supreme Netherworld River.

As soon as he arrived on the shore, a mysterious feeling slowly rose from the depths of his heart.

This mountain towered into the clouds. As an immortal god, Su Yang could not see the top as far as his eyes could see.

The surrounding ancient trees towered into the sky, and the vegetation by the roadside was also gloomy and green.

Everything here seemed to be filled with life…

There was also a stone tablet erected on the shore, which read, “There are many bones on the path of transcendence, and one must cross the Netherworld River to seek eternity.”

Su Yang smiled. Wasn’t she talking about him?

At this moment, an extreme sense of danger approached.


A huge figure leaped up from the depths of the Supreme Netherworld River!

“Nether Bone Shark!”

The ability to predict the future of the Law of Prophecy had once again given him a scare.

Under the influence of the Supreme Law, spatial laws were useless.

However, fate could still be predicted.

If it wasn’t for the law of foresight, he would have been buried in the Supreme Netherworld River!

“This Supreme Netherworld River contains great terror.”

“Fortunately, I predicted it in advance and didn’t absorb too much of the Eternal characteristic on the stone tablet. Otherwise, I’d probably be dead by now.”

Su Yang looked at the Supreme Netherworld River with some pride.

He was able to escape from the Supreme Netherworld River twice. There was no doubt that other than his own strength, it was more because of the heaven-defying luck of the Son of Steam Luck.

It had to be said that the law of foresight was really useful.

“I wonder if this stone tablet contains an Eternal characteristic?”

Su Yang looked at the stone tablet in front of him and wanted to absorb it.

However, he gave up on the idea.

Absorbing the Netherworld River Stone Tablet had attracted the Nether Bone Shark. If he absorbed this stone tablet, who knew what kind of existence would be attracted?

This was the Fallen God Secret Realm, and it was related to eternity. He had to be careful!

Be careful!

“Let’s take a look at the abilities and titles we just obtained.”

Su Yang’s gaze turned and he used the Delusion-breaker Eye.

[Unfallen Netherworld River]

[Obtained when the condensation rate of the Eternal characteristic reaches 1%]

[Effect 1: You will no longer be affected by the death aura of the Supreme Underworld River. You can roam freely in the Supreme Netherworld River.]

[Effect 2: Even if you turn into an undead after death, you can still escape the washing of the Supreme Netherworld River]

[Introduction: A powerful fellow who has mastered the eternal characteristic and is blessed by eternity!]

“Even after death, I won’t fall into the Netherworld River. I hope this ability will never be used again…”

Su Yang did not want to enter the Supreme Netherworld River for the third time.

[One Step Eternal]

[Type: Supreme Title]

[Requirements: Obtained after crossing the Supreme Netherworld River]

[Effect: You have walked a long way on the road to eternity. You can walk freely on the highest mountain peak. The supreme law will not kill you.]

[Hint: The tallest mountain peak is full of opportunities, but it is also accompanied by danger.]

[Introduction: You have obtained the right to climb the tallest mountain. How far can you go?]

“The right to ascend the highest mountain peak?”

“Could it be that without this title, I would still be killed by the supreme law when I come to the highest mountain peak?”

Su Yang’s heart trembled. It was indeed the Fallen God Land, full of danger everywhere.

He looked around to see if there were any ancient gods ‘corpses around.

There were many Chaos Points on the corpses, as well as a trace of the Eternal characteristic that he could absorb.
Every tens of thousands of years, the gods would face the calamity of extinction.

Even if one’s strength transcends the ages, it’s impossible for one to survive every time.

Therefore, in order to seek true immortality and not face the Calamity of Nirvana, many powerful Immortal Gods had to seek transcendence.

Only those who had advanced to the Eternal Realm could transcend the “Heaven” and truly stand in the long river of time, overlooking all living beings!

“The ancient arm I saw in the Supreme Netherworld River last time was probably the one that the Immortal God died in the Fallen God Secret Realm after failing to cross the Netherworld River!”

Su Yang whispered.

The Supreme Nether River spanned across all worlds. No matter which world it was, the Supreme Nether River would pass through it.

Those who died would be pulled into the Supreme Netherworld River and turned into undead.

“There are indeed corpses of experts!”

“These experts probably used special methods to reach here without being baptized by the Netherworld River. They were then killed by the Supreme Law!”

Su Yang saw two corpses not far away.

Over the countless years, the world had given birth to many experts. The number of experts that came to the Fallen God Secret Realm was definitely countless.

Some died on the opposite mountain peak, some died in the Netherworld River, and a few experts died here.

Under the obliteration of the Supreme Law, even an Eternal would find it hard to escape!

“What a pity!”

Su Yang came to the side of the two experts. The two corpses emitted endless pressure.

This was what a god-level expert was like. Even after death, their physical body would not decay!

Judging from their auras, they were definitely half-step Eternal!

“The Nirvana Tribulation is truly terrifying!”

“Not even half-step Eternal existences can escape!”

Su Yang shook his head and began to devour the two corpses.

[Devour and absorb the energy from the ancient corpse. Obtained 10 Divinity Points.]


[Devour and absorb the energy from the ancient corpse. Obtained Chaos Points +5]


[Devour and absorb the energy from the ancient corpse. Obtained eternal characteristic +0.03%]


[Accumulated 300 Divinity Points]


[Accumulated 15 Chaos Points]


[Accumulated gain of Eternal characteristic, 0.09%]

“If only there were more corpses.”

Su Yang sighed. For him, this place was not only dangerous, but also rich in opportunities.

However, he also knew that the experts who had stepped into the highest peak were all outstanding experts since ancient times. Their strength was unfathomable.

It was already very satisfying to be able to meet two of such corpses.

[You are the first undying god in the 660,000 years of “Heaven” to come through the Imminent Skyline.]

[Your deeds will be announced in Heaven]

[You can choose your real name, anonymous name, or title announcement]

[ “Heaven” Announcement: The Immortal God “Heavenly Sun” has crossed the Supreme Netherworld River through the Imminent Skyline.]




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