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Chapter 18

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Morning sales at the rest room in front of the stairs were brisk, and the line in front of the 10-rim game was long.

I suppose it’s understandable. If you can get an Elixir for 10 rims, everyone will want to try it.

That said, there has been only one success so far.

I collected the copper coins from the earnings of the machine and found 1020 rims.

The success rate at this point of time is 1/102 huh……

Just like that, I can easily collect the money, but even I, the owner of the stall, can’t get my hands on the prized Elixir.

The prize is automatically replenished.

If I wanted the Elixir, I would have to succeed in the 10-rim game myself.

The adventurer who had obtained it showed me the Elixir, which was a light brown, cuboid tablet that looked much like the Japanese confectionery, rakugan.

I’d like to get one too, just in case.

It’s my privilege as the owner to play the game as many times as I want after closing time, so I should try it out at night.

However, if I do it at Bottakuro, I’m sure I’ll get complaints from my neighbors’ rooms……

Depending on the situation, I might even be beaten up.

It can’t be helped. I’ll think of a place to practice this game later.


Regal, who was injured the other day, came to the store.

[Ah, Minerva-san. Thank you for the other day.]


Minerva, who didn’t go hunting in the dungeon at all, was looking this way a few distance from the stall.

He got a pretty sharp look in his eyes right now though, making me feel a little scared.

[Yo, Regal. You taking a break?]

[Yes. Oof, ouch……]

Regal clutched his left shoulder with a wry smile.

[What’s wrong? Did you get hurt again?]

[I was hit in an earlier battle.]

[If so, I have something good for you.]

In the past, I have sold snacks and goods that aid in battle.

However, I didn’t have anything like a recovery item.

But now, at long last, Dagashi Yahagi now has a snack that can heal wounds.

It would be this.

Product name: Morocco Yogul

Description: Sweet and sour creamy snack, eaten with a wooden spoon. Minor recovery of injuries

Price: 20 rims (If one gets a WIN, one can acquire another one)

[Eat this and your wounds will heal.]

They’re more effective than the restorative tea sold by Mirai-san.

After Regal ate two pieces, the bruise on his shoulder cleanly disappeared.

[They’re cheaper than Life Potions, and they make a nice snack. I’ll come back next time to buy some more.]

[Yeah, just having one on hand increases your chances of survival a lot.]

It also has a size that wouldn’t hinder your movements even if you put it in your pocket.

They’re so good that Merle and Mira also bought three.

The first day of the stall in front of the stairs was over.

My sales were higher than when I was selling in the open space in front of the dungeon.

Well, this is partly due to the 10-yen game and my other new products, but it also has something to do with the fact that there are fewer rival stores.

If I continue to run my store here tomorrow, I should be able to buy myself a permit.

However, I now don’t feel too inclined to do that.

I decided that it would be more profitable to continue running my shop here than to pay the 12,000-rim fee.

Besides, my shop’s regulars are very happy.

It’s convenient for them to have me here.

There were times when monsters appeared, but because the nearby adventurers took them out, the time for me to battle didn’t appear.

No, I guess it’s more like the time for my monster cards to battle didn’t appear.

And for some reason, Minerva was around all the time today, so I didn’t feel in any danger.

[Minerva, is it really alright for you to not work?]

[I took the day off today.]

[Then, why don’t you go out and chill somewhere?]

[Hmph, I am relaxing here in your dagashi shop……]

Minerva sometimes played in the 10-rim game and ate sweets, but most of the time, she just stared blankly at my shop.

Was she even having fun there?

I don’t want to speak out of turn, but I guess everyone has their own way of spending their day off.

The rush hour for adventurers to return home had passed, and the number of people had dwindled.

It was also time for me to go home.


If I don’t go with this flow of people, I might be in danger in this dungeon.

[I’ll be closing up shop soon.]

I called out to the adventurers still playing.

I just have to solemnly think “Close”, so closing up shop was quick and easy.

[Are you heading back?]

Thereupon, Minerva came up to me.

[Ou. You heading back with me, Minerva?]

[I- If you ask me that much, it can’t be helped. I’m worried about you just having the slutty brats…… Merle and Mira guarding you by themselves, so I’ll go with you.]

The four of us, Minerva, Merla, Mira and me, moved through the dungeon side by side. 

[Speaking of which, is there any place I can go that isn’t frequented by people?]

I asked Merle and the others.

[What’s the matter?]

[I want to get an Elixir from the 10-rim game. I think the people back at my inn would get mad if I took it out and made noise there.]

[Then, why don’t you just do it somewhere nearby?]

[If I do it at night in the city, I’ll be afraid of muggers.]

Even if it’s the royal capital, the security isn’t that good.

[I really want to do it in the inn, but they’ll get angry if I make any noise……]

At that moment, I suddenly felt a strong grip on my shoulders.


There, I saw the black leather-gloved fingers of the Grim Reaper dig tightly into my shoulders.

[Ouch! What are you doing, Minerva!?]

I complained, but Minerva wouldn’t let go of his hand.

On the contrary, he even brought his silver mask closer, looking like he was trying to pick a fight.

[I- In that case, w- w- why don’t you come to my house?]


[Minerva’s house? Wait, let go of me already! It hurts.]

[U- Umu……]

Minerva finally let go of his hand.

[You have a house?]

[I just rented it the other day. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but if you’re alright with that……]

[Can I play the 10-rim game there?]

[I don’t mind. Y- You can also have meals and stay the night there if you want!]

[Seriously? Minerva’s food is delicious, so I’m grateful for that, but I feel bad.]

He had made me lunch again today.

It was just as delicious as before.

[No need to hold back…… I’ll make you as many meals as you want.]

[If that’s the case, that really helps. I’ll be in your care.]

Tonight, I’ll play with the prized game and have a lot of fun together with him.

I was grateful to be allowed to use Minerva’s room.

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