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Chapter 2

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I mentioned earlier that we can’t choose our parents when we are born.

One of the irrationalities of birth is that you can’t choose the country or region you were born in.

The same is true for being transported, as I found myself standing on a dirty street in a dirty city.

The poorly drained streets were muddy, soaking my sneakers brown.

It seems that I was transported to this world with nothing but my clothes on.

It seems to be morning at the moment, and there are quite a few people on the streets, many of them equipped with swords and leather armor.

Looking at everyone walking in the same direction, there must be a guild or a dungeon ahead.

Seeing all those people, without any particular reason, I followed them.

Some might even say that conformity is one of the most common Japanese cultural traits.

Even though I was in a new world, I hadn’t spent enough time to forget the customs of my homeland.

Going with the mindset “because everyone else is doing it” is an effective self-defense strategy in unfamiliar places.

The line of people stretched long into the outskirts.


We walked on, skirting around and eventually came to a wilderness with no buildings around.

In the distance, surrounded by walls, there is a staircase leading underground.

The people walking along this path seemed to be adventurers heading for the dungeon.

Near the entrance to the staircase were stalls selling food and tools.

Adventurers seemed to be generally eating their breakfast at these stalls, as everyone is buying some of the food around.

Come to think of it, I was getting hungry too.

I could smell the scent of something delicious wafting from a nearby food stall.

Checking the place out, they were selling fried meat and onions sandwiched between bread.

Seems to be the burgers of this world.

I would like to try one out, but I don’t have a single coin in my pocket.

At this rate, I would starve to death in the near future.

I need to earn money somehow, but I don’t feel like following the adventurers into that dungeon.

After all, I’m no Hero or Mage.

I have no weapons or armor either.

I’m just a dagashi shopowner.


……That’s right.

That’s right!

I’m a dagashi shopowner!!!

In that case, why don’t I just sell my dagashi here?

Since there are so many people here, there might even be people who would buy some dagashi.

If I remember correctly, I should solemnly think “Open” to open the store, right?

However, I don’t think opening a shop here out of the blue would be a good idea.

The surrounding street vendors might get angry at me.

I’m not sure what kind of stall I might end up setting up.

It is possible for an imposing establishment to appear and crush the stalls nearby.

Being modest, I moved to the edge.

It’s a long way from the entrance to the dungeon, but there shouldn’t be any trouble here.

Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself down and quietly murmured.


I felt a rush of energy drain from my body.

The store must have consumed my mana to appear.

However, what appeared wasn’t a store.

What appeared was a small shoulder-pole stall.

It’s a simple contraption consisting of a long pole with large plates attached at both ends by strings, on which goods are placed.

There are only 10 different types of products in my stall.

It was shabby, to say the least, but I can’t see what else I can do.

I moved over to a rock that was comfortable to sit on and placed my shoulder-pole stall on the dirt.

Checking out my goods again, they are all things I know well.

Round candies and gums worth 10 yen, a small case of ramune candies, curry crackers in a point, squid skewers and more.

They all look just like the snacks I used to buy at the dagashi shop when I was a kid.

However, looking closely, I noticed that the packaging is slightly different.

The characters on the package are also from this world.

Come to think of it, I can also read the letters of this world.

I can understand what the locals are saying, so it seems that I won’t have a language problem.

That’s good.

Since I knew they wouldn’t come if I just kept quiet, I decided to call out to the customers.

[How about some dagashi? Delicious and cheap dagashi.]


A passing adventurer glanced at me, but just continued on his path and passed by silently.

That’s scary……

It’s a guy whose face is just as threatening as the real threatening weapon sheathed on his waist.

I was a civilian in peaceful Japan, so I can’t help feeling scared seeing a guy like him.

However, if I don’t do anything, I wouldn’t be able to have a proper meal to eat!

While patching up my fragile heart with the duct tape of my soul, I managed to squeeze out a trembling voice.

[How about some dagashi……?]

The voice that I managed to bring out of my mouth was small, but a short girl looked my way.

Curiosity in her eyes, she alternately looked at me and my dagashi.

Here’s my chance……

[They’re cheap. How about trying out some?]

At my words, the girl trotted towards me.

She looked around at the snacks on the plate.

Her pink short hair was swaying in the wind.

[This is cute. What’s this?]

She pointed to a piece of gum with a picture of a cat on the wrapping paper.

It was a bite-sized piece of gum, and in my memory from a previous life, it was known as 10-yen gum.

[This is a 10-yen gum……]

The moment I focused my attention on the product, information poured into my mind.

Product name: 10-rim gum

Description: While the flavor lasts, recovers 1 MP every 10 seconds. Strawberry Flavor!

Price: 10 rims

I don’t know if 6 MP recovery in 1 minute is big or small.

There’s also the mystery of monetary value.

Back in Japan, an item worth 10 yen is something even a child can buy, but what would 10 rim be worth in this world?

The only way to find out is to test it out on the adventurer in front of me.

[This is a 10-rim gum.]

[What’s a gum?]

I guess I gotta start my explanation from that huh.

There seems to be no gum in this world.

[It’s a sweet snack that you can enjoy chewing, but not swallow. Moreover, as long as the taste lasts, it restores 6 MP per minute.]

[Heehhh, that’s amazing!]

She seemed surprised, but her surprise wasn’t that great

My guess is that there’s probably because there were much more powerful restorative consumables on the market.

[It’s priced at 10 rims?]

[Unnn, how about trying out one?]

[I think it’s cute and looks interesting. I’ll buy another one for Mira too.]

It seemed that she was buying one for her friend too.

If she was buying them so casually, I guess the price of 10 rims was probably not too expensive.

The girl paid with 2 worn-out brown copper coins, a little smaller than a 10-yen coin.

So these are 10-rim copper coins huh……

So as not to lose the only money I have on hand, I tucked my first sale into the back of my pocket.

Yahagi Yuusuke

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