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Chapter 3

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After the commuter rush was over, the open space in front of the dungeon became sparsely populated.

The many adventurers seemed to have gone underground.

The other street vendors have also started cleaning up.

As it turned out, I was only able to sell the earlier 10-rim gums, making my total amount of sales being only 20 rims.

The gusting wind blows the leaves of the trees and hits my body.

I feel as if I’m going to freeze not only physically, but also mentally.

Feeling extremely hungry, I put my hand on one of my snacks on sale.

Product name: Curry Crackers

Description: Restores stamina. Even when it’s cold, consuming this will keep your body warm.

Price: 20 rims


It really warms me up and even gives me a lot of motivation.

Both the ramune candies and round candies also seemed to have their own wonderful effects if you eat them.

The reason my products haven’t sold well is probably because they aren’t advertised enough.

When the adventurers returned, I suppose I should try to sell them more aggressively.

Since curry crackers weren’t enough to fill me up though, I also ate some squid skewers, which were also stored in jars just like curry crackers.

Product name: Squid Skewers

Description: Increases sensitivity for a while. Makes it easier to detect the presence of enemies.

Price: 30 rims

Perhaps because my senses were sharpened after eating a squid skewer, I noticed a street vendor paying attention to me.

He seemed to be interested in the squid skewer I was eating.

Even as he was cleaning up his own store, he would sometimes glance my way.

Perhaps, he might be interested in buying one.


I greeted him casually.

[Yo, you don’t look familiar.]

[I just started my business today. Nice to meet you.]

[You’re new? Nice to meet you too. By the way, what’s the stuff you’re selling, bro? They all looked like stuff I haven’t seen before……]

The uncle looked at the items on the plate with a curious look on his face.

As I thought, it seems that they really can’t tell what these are at a glance.

That in itself is a problem, but it’s also proof that we have no business rivals.

Let’s not give up hope.

[These are dagashi.]


They don’t know what dagashi are?

I see!


I guess the word “dagashi” wasn’t very common.

It’s no wonder people would just pass me by.

[I mean cheap snacks.]

[Ahh, so they’re sweets.]

The uncle nodded in understanding.

[Would you like one?]

[No, I don’t like sweet stuff.]

[I have some that aren’t sweet. Like the squid skewer I’m eating or the curry crackers over here.]

Thereupon, upon smelling the squid skewer, the uncle frowned.

[Urk, what’s with that smell? In the first place, what’s a squid?]

[A squid is a squid. It’s an animal in the sea.]

[The sea!? This is something you got from far away?]

Judging from the uncle’s words, it seems that this place is inland.

[Ohh, this one smells appetizing.]

Now, he sniffed the scent of the curry crackers.

[They are sprinkled with a lot of spices after all.]

[Spices!? Aren’t those luxury items!? How much are these?]

[20 rims.]

[Cheap! Are there really spices on these?]

[It’s true. Please try it out yourself first.]

[Well, if it just costs 20 rims, I won’t be angry even if it tastes bad……]

The 20-rim price really seemed to be low.

The uncle paid me 2 copper coins.

With this, my total sales for the day came to 40 rims.

The uncle seemed wary of the food because it was his first time eating it, so he tried a small nibble on the tip of the cracker.

[Mhmm…… It’s tastier than I expected. If it’s for 20 rims, it’s totally worth it.]

[Right? It goes well with alcohol, so they’re even displayed at my favorite bar.]

[Yeah, it does seem to go well with alcohol.]

After he finished eating his curry cracker, the uncle stretched out his body.

[I’m feeling a little warm inside. I’m also feeling energized, so I will continue cleaning up and go home!]

[That’s the effect of these curry crackers!]

[I see, that’s an interesting snack.]


As I had thought earlier, their impression of my snacks having effects really is light.

Warming up a person’s body and making you feel energy is like a snack out of the dreams for me.

Aren’t they even gonna suspect that I’m selling a dangerous product mixed with illegal drugs?

Well, in a world where magic exists, I guess this is just not so impressive.

Or perhaps, was it that they didn’t believe me?

In any case, before the uncle goes back to what he was doing, I will ask him something important.

[By the way, is there any place around here where I can get a drink of water?]

My throat was parched from the curry crackers and squid skewers.

[If you’re looking for water supply, they’re in the city.]

There seemed to be fountains all over the city where water could be drawn freely.

It would be some time before the adventurers returned from the dungeon.

I should get some information while I can.

Putting away the shoulder-pole stall by thinking “Close”, I started walking back to the city.

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