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Chapter 32

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I advertised the Mobile Force Tournament to the regulars who came to the shop in the morning.

[We’re having a Mobile Force Tournament today, so come by in the evening if you want to join us.]

[Eh, really? Can I also join?]

[You have Gufufu, right, Guile? Anyone who has an MF can join. You can also tell your friends to join.]

[Alright. Then, I’ll show up after work. Kuhh, I’m looking forward to  it!]

[Oi, oi, keep your focus on your work later, okay? Getting injured is no fun, you know?]

[I know that. I’ll properly keep my thoughts on my work later, so it will be alright.]

Seriously, go focus on your work when you’re working. You have a life-threatening job there.

[I’ll show you the power of my GGRKS’ naginata!]

[Stupid, my Gufufu is stronger than yours.]

Guile and the others departed, chattering excitedly.

They seemed to be very happy about the tournament.

It really seemed worthwhile for me to organize this tournament.

In the evening, the tournament participants began to gather one after another.

The main participants consist of Minerva, Merle, and Mira, and my regulars like Guile and the others.

I expected to see only young adventurers, but there were also a few middle-aged veterans.

MF seems to be popular among all generations.

We finally closed today’s entry when we had 32 people who wanted to participate. If there were too many participants, it would be difficult to keep track of them all.

I think there were more than 100 spectators.

The front room of Yahagi Onsen was packed with people.

[Well then, it’s finally time to get this started!]

The matches begin in the 5 arenas.

The competitors had to play 31 matches before the winner was decided, so everyone had to proceed with the matches efficiently.

From the first match, a heated battle is being waged.

Oya, has the match already been decided in the arena over there?

It hasn’t even been 2 minutes since the tournament started.

[Amazing! As expected of Grim Reaper Minerva!]

[The Silver Mask is so strong!]

It seemed that Minerva had quickly knocked out his opponent.

Minerva’s Gyan had a crushing victory over his opponent’s Zako with a powerful thrust attack.

[Congratulations, Minerva.]

[It’s only the first round.]

Minerva displayed his confidence.

In contrast, Regal, who had just recently acquired Gungalf, approached the shop with his shoulders slumped down.

[I lost.]

[It happens. Is your machine damaged?]

Regal shakes his head, holding his Gungalf as if it were precious to him.

He had saved up 300 rims to buy it while working as a porter.

The Mobile Force is very sturdy, but it can get damaged in a fight.

When that happens, he has no choice but to replace the parts or buy a new one.

[It’s not damaged.]

[That’s good to hear. In that case, you can try again.]

[I’ve never been this absorbed in something before. Every moment is just so fun! I’m really looking forward to the next tournament!]

It’s moments like these that make me happy to be working in a dagashi shop.

I can do my best here because of the people who came here so enthusiastically.

It feels great to be needed by someone.

Even so, I feel like it would be a big deal if some other stuff like Mini 4WD are added to our product lineup.

Well, that in itself sounds interesting though……

The tournament went on and the Top 8 were selected.

Some of the regulars, such as Minerva, Merle, Mira and Guile are still in the tournament.

Baron Essel was also present at the tournament, but he was eliminated in the first round.

[Good gracious, I was so close to winning.]

[That really was a regrettable defeat, Baron Essel.]

[Unnn, I hope I can do better in the next tournament.]

Baron Essel has been playing with the MF every day for the past few days.

He did plan to acquire an Elixir for the King from the 10-rim game, but it’s actually his subordinates who are challenging the game for him.

He has spent more than 3000 rims every day, but he has yet to get a new Elixir.

The tournament went on and the four who would play in the semifinals were selected.

Among them are Minerva and Merle.

[I’ve been done in!]

Mira was unusually expressing her displeasure.

She’s usually calm and easygoing, but it seemed that she was very disappointed not to have made it to the Top 4.

[Now, now. Let’s all have a consolation party for the tournament tonight. It will be my treat.]

[Really!? Whoa, where should we go?]

The shop has been quite profitable, and I have always been under the care of Merle, Mira, and Minerva.

[I heard that! Were you just asking Mira out on a date!?]

And why the heck is Minerva’s voice sounding like he was in tears just now?

Also, from where is he getting that emotion from?

[I told her we’d all have a party to celebrate the tournament. Minerva will also be there, right?]

[U- Umu. Obviously.]

[In that case, go and win the tournament. I’ll make you drink the wine of victory.]

[It’s not that big of a deal. (I will definitely win here!)]


[Nah, the winner will be me and Red Shoulder. Yuusuke, let’s make a ranking list after the tournament. I’ll have the name Merle engraved in the Champion section forever!]

[Ohhh, go for it.]

The two were fired up and headed for the semifinals.

Unfortunately, Merle’s Red Shoulder was defeated by a veteran adventurer’s Z-Zeong.

[Geez, extending hands and attacking from behind isn’t fair!]

Merle was furious, but it takes a great deal of skill to launch such an attack while moving his machine.

Her opponent’s mana manipulation was a notch or two better this time around.

Minerva, on the other hand, beat his opponent’s naginata-wielding GGRKS by a comfortable margin to advance to the finals.

[Minerva’s amazing! Not many people can handle the Mobile Force so smoothly.]

[Not only that. His swordsmanship sense is originally very different from the others.]

Minerva was so strong that even Merle honestly praised him.

In the finals, the Z-Zeong, who had defeated Merle, went head-to-head with Minerva’s Gyan, but his Gyan won the match with a lightning-fast thrust.

[Congratulations, Minerva. That was quite an amazing battle.]

[It’s no big deal…… (I’m happy, I’m happy! I’m so happy♡!)]

[That was a shame, Merle.]

[Uwaahhh! My Red Shoulder……]

Merle’s machine was damaged, leading to her defeat, and she finished in fourth place.

[Now then, let’s have our Top 3 finalists receive the prizes from Dagashi Yahagi!]

I handed each of the players my products and praised them for their great match.

[The tournament was so much fun, so I’m thinking of hosting another one soon. Would everyone be willing to participate again?]


The tournament ended with so much excitement that the venue exploded in cheers.

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