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Chapter 33

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After successfully completing the Mobile Force Tournament, we decided to have a consolation party at a tavern.

[This place has very good food, especially the fried chicken.]

Mira’s words made me drool.

The last time I had fried chicken was back in my previous world.

I wonder if they also put lemon on fried chicken in this world?

Wanting to eat as soon as possible, I quickly closed shop.

[Have you guys forgotten anything?]

[Yuusuke-san sure is always so light on your feet.]

Merle, carrying a heavy-looking backpack, looked envious.

I’ve closed the shop for the day, but I don’t have luggage of any kind.

The only things I carry in hand are monster cards and pop rockets in case I get into a fight.

Today’s card would be the C-card Giant Crow. I choose you!

[Oiiiii, Minerva! It’s time to go.]

I called out to Minerva, who was talking about something with Baron Essel a few distance away.

No, rather than talking with him, Minerva seemed to be being followed around by Baron Essel.

[Minerva-dono, hear my plea. Please give the extra prize Elixir to me!]

[To cure the King’s illness huh……]

[Indeed! He’s relatively well at the moment, but sooner or later, his health will fail again because of the curse. I beg of you, please allow us to be prepared for that moment.]

Baron Essel has often tried the 10-rim game, but he has yet to win the prize.

[Minerva-dono, please!]

[However, this is something Yuusuke gave me……]

Baron Essel himself is rather persistent.

I guess that’s just how valuable the Elixir is huh……

It’s just, we can’t wait here for this matter to be resolved any longer.

The dungeon is said to have more powerful monsters at night.

All is well for people as strong as Minerva, but I’m an amateur who would be a heavy burden for Merle and Mira, who are still newbies.

[Minerva, we’re gonna go first.]

[Eh, w- wait!]

Minerva rummaged around in his bag and took out the Elixir.

[Ei, just take the d*mn thing!]

[Ohh, thank you. We are in your debt, and we will definitely repay this.]


[I don’t want to take any gratuities from the King. You don’t have to mind the repayment, so just leave me alone. Yuusuke is leaving already.]

Minerva gave him the Elixir and was finally liberated from Baron Essel’s repeated pleas.

[Alright, I will deliver this medicine to the castle’s treasury. Yuusuke-dono, we will be excusing ourselves.]

Baron Essel rushed off with his men.

After watching them leave, I turned to Minerva and asked.

[Is it really alright, giving that away for free?]

[Hmph, I don’t want to take money from the King.]

Minerva doesn’t seem to like the King.

Did something happen in the past?

[I see. Alright, it’s my treat tonight, so eat and drink as much as you like.]

[It’s not like I need Yuusuke to treat me. I have money.]

[I want to congratulate you all on a great battle!]

I put my hand around Minerva’s shoulders.

[Alright, let’s go!]

[Get off…… (No way, no way, no way. It would be great if time just stands still at this moment forever……)]

Chatting about what to eat and what to drink, we returned to the surface.

I think I had frolicked quite a lot that night.

My life here had become more stable and I had my own apartment.

Sales were good, and it would be easy to get a license if I wanted to buy one.

I could safely do business anywhere I want.

Moreover, I was dealing with trendy toys and the tournament was a huge success.

I guess I couldn’t help feeling bolder.

[Let’s make the tournament bigger next time!]

[That sounds nice, Merle. In that case, I should also try having a trophy for the champion.]

[What’s that?]

[A big championship cup, a symbol for the champion. It will be passed down from one champion to another. I’ll ask Sanaga-san to make a magnificent one for me.]]

[Mnhh~~ That makes me feel excited. Miss, more beer for me!]

[I also want to win the prize next time. Ahh, I’d like to have another glass of wine.]

Both Merle and Mira were strong drinkers and emptied their glasses one after another.

[Yuusuke, drink more too. What would you like next?]

Minerva is being very gentle tonight.

[I think I’d like something a little sweet.]

[If that’s the case, the white wine I’m drinking is delicious.]

[Heehhh, may I have a sip then?]


I took the glass and tried Minerva’s wine.

It’s a white wine with a thick, rich feel in the mouth.

Unlike its name though, the color is more yellowish than white.

[Ah, this is delicious. I’ll also have that bottle of yours.]

[Unnn…… It’s sweet……]


[It’s nothing. Enough with that, just drink!]

Minerva pushed the bottle of alcohol to me, and we gulped it down together.

All four of us were in high spirits, indulging in plenty of food and drinks. Unusually, I ended up drinking until I became heavily intoxicated.

By the time we left the restaurant, I was completely smashed, and with Minerva supporting me, I was barely able to stand.

[Yuusuke-san, are you alright?]

[I’m fine, I’m fine. Just that much won’t get me drunk.]

[Yeah, this looks worrying.]

I’m aware that I can’t properly articulate my words.

I think I drank a little too much.

Come to think of it, tonight’s Minerva had been unusually urging me to drink more alcohol.

[I’ll bring Yuusuke home, so don’t worry. You two should go straight home.]

[I guess he’d be safe with Minerva-san escorting him.]

[In that case, good night~~]

As the two disappeared from sight, Minerva’s voice became a little gentler.

[My house is closer. Do you want to stay the night?]

[Ehh, I feel bad……]

[Don’t worry, it’s all going according to plan……]


[Like I said, don’t worry!]

Hmmm, because of the alcohol, my brain refuses to think.

[Alright, I’m gonna stay at Minerva’s house.]

So as not to cause any trouble, I put my shaky legs out in front.

Minerva lends me his shoulder.

Right next to my face is Minerva’s silver mask, this is the kind of gentle person he is.

[Somehow, there’s this nice womanly smell. I wonder where that’s coming from.]

[Silly, you’re just drunk……]

[Is that so?]

I was in a good mood as I walked down the street at night.

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