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Chapter 44

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The space prepared for Dagashi Yahagi was large and even had a Mobile Force arena prepared next to it.

Baron Essel had thoughtfully arranged this.

[Open, Dagashi Yahagi.]

Today, I set up the stall-type shop.

This is just right for outdoor use.

[What’s that!?]

[I’ve never seen anything like that before!]


The neighborhood kids immediately gathered around.

[Welcome. We are a very popular dagashi shop in the capital.]

Well, I can’t really say we’re very popular of a shop, but as is the case with stalls, you would always exaggerate with the sales pitch.

[What’s this gum that’s written here?]

[It’s a snack that you chew but not swallow. It also comes with a lottery.]

[A lottery?]

The children’s eyes sparkled as they asked more and more questions.

Eventually, one of the boys pulled a 10-rim copper coin out of his pocket.

[I’d like to have one of these.]

His choice was a large cola-flavored round candy.

There’s no cola or cider in this world, so I can say that he’s quite the challenger.

It must take courage to challenge the unknown.

[Thank you. There’s a lottery on the wrapping paper, so keep an eye out for them. Also, don’t throw the garbage around, okay? Put them in this cardboard box.]


The boy who had been rummaging through the wrapping timidly put the large round candy in his mouth.

[Yum! Thish is ghood! Also, it’sh so hugke!]

The round candy must have filled his mouth to the brim.

The boy was having a hard time speaking, but he was loudly expressing his excitement to his friends.

[I’d like a gum!]

[Chocolate for me!]

Unnn, unnn, no matter which place it was, children are a bundle of cheerfulness.

Since we weren’t in a dungeon today, I decided not to sell dangerous items such as rockets.

Those items are for adventurers only, and it would be a little too early for children.

Come to think of it, the Baron asked me to spread the word about Mobile Force.

Since he had prepared an arena for us, there was no reason not to make use of it.

Sanaga-san has also entrusted us with MF weapons as a consignment sale.

[Minerva, I have a favor to ask you.]

[What is it?]

[Show everyone a demonstration of the Mobile Force. I think the Capital’s Champion performance would draw customers well.]


When Michelle took out her Gyan and began to move it, the children’s attention turned to her.

[Amazing! The doll is moving!]

[How are you doing that?]

The children were very curious.

[It’s called Mobile Force, and it’s a very popular toy in the capital.]

[Can we also move it?]

[Of course. Anyone with mana can do it.]

As expected, there were no children who were willing to pay 300 rims for it, but everyone seemed to be interested in it.

[Was it 300 rims each?]

[Yes, that’s right. Any one of them costs 300 rims.]

[Then, we’ll have one.]

An old man with his grandson handed me large copper coins worth 300 rims.

[Which one do you want?]

[Hmm————-…… Gangulf!]

It seems that children here also like playing the protagonist in the mecha world.

[Would you like to try assembling it and playing with it right away? We now have the Capital’s Champion here to instruct you at the moment.]

[M- Me!?]

Michelle was so surprised that her original voice came out.

[Isn’t it fine if you teach them a bit? You’re good at teaching people, right, Minerva?]

She used to be a teacher at the Magic Academy.

She was also very attentive when she taught me.

[A- Alright. Young lad, come here.]

As expected, Minerva was good at teaching him, and the boy was soon able to make his Gungalf walk.

The other customers then came one after another.

[I’ll have the Gufufu please.]

[I’ll have a Zako.]

[I’ll get Mama!]

[Me too!]

And just like that, all the 40 boxes we had prepared were sold.

[What time do you open your shop tomorrow?]

A young man with bloodshot eyes asks me.

He should have already bought the last of the Zakos.

Does he also want to have the other types of MFs?

[I’ll probably start tomorrow at about 10 o’clock.]

[Really? Alright, I’ll come at that time and buy them all. I’ll reserve them all now.]

Baron Essel wanted to make the Mobile Force widely available to the people of his territory.

Even I want a lot of people to enjoy it.

That’s why, I can’t allow him to buy it all.

[I can’t do that. I will only sell one box per person while I’m here.]

[Why not!? If you want, I can even pay a deposit!]

[I’ve decided to sell one box per person so that as many people as possible will know about the Mobile Force.]

[No way, you’ll just end up with the same earnings, right? If you want, I can even pay 400 rims per box!]

What a troublesome customer.

While I was thinking about how to drive him away, a group of five soldiers came running to my shop in a line.

Then, giving me a bow, they put up a signpost next to the stall.

What on earth have they posted here?


Buying up and reselling Mobile Force is strictly banned. Those who break the ban are sentenced to 30 days of forced labor.

City Lord, Baron Essel Mou

Arehh? The guy who was asking me to sell the Mobile Force just a moment ago is gone?

Was he trying to resell it?

Did Baron Essel anticipate this happening?

Preventing resellers in advance, as expected, that old man really may be as sharp and capable as I thought.

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