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Chapter 46

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I thought I would be too nervous to sleep because I was sleeping in the same room as Michelle, but surprisingly, I wasn’t.

No, my heart certainly was beating fast, but once we were in bed, sleepiness came quickly, and I didn’t wake up even once until morning.

Well, Michelle was a little grumpy because of that.

[I couldn’t sleep at all, but you sure slept well, Yuusuke……]

[Hahaha, I’m the type who quickly switches my thoughts after all.]

It’s my principle to not care too much about things.

You’re making a big mistake to think that men are horny all year round.

[If that’s the case, I’m gonna wear this tonight!]

Michelle pulled out of her trunk a black top and bottom set of underwear and a black babydoll.

The babydoll is short and see-through, so I can see her underwear.

[Isn’t that cheating!?]

[I mean, that was just frustrating. I’ll have you lose sleep with me, Yuusuke!]

[No, what you’re thinking is strange.]


Hmmm, I’d definitely lose sleep if I saw her in such naughty underwear.

Moreover, it does look so good on Michelle……

[Are you really going to wear that?]

[I mean, it’s great being with Yuusuke…….]

[In that case, just match pace and sleep with me. I have work tomorrow.]

[Just thinking about Yuusuke being next to me makes my heart beat so fast that I can’t sleep though.]

Michelle has dark circles under her eyes.

If she keeps being sleepless like that, it will be detrimental to her health.

[Can’t you do something about it?]

[I wonder if some sleeping incense would help me sleep?]

[That’s it. Let’s go with that incense.]

[I’ll see if I can find the materials for them……]

It’s unfortunate that I can’t see her wearing that babydoll, but it’s the only way I’d get a good night’s sleep.

Was it really that I didn’t have a choice though? I feel like that is worth me sacrificing some sleep.

Nope, let’s not pursue this issue too deeply.

I opened shop in the same place as yesterday, but even early in the morning, there was already a line of people waiting for Mobile Force.

As Baron Essel had hoped, the Mobile Force seems to be taking root in Grantham as well.

It was also hot at sunrise, so my beverages sold well today.

Ramune, in particular, was very popular and sold out in no time.

And also, a new product that went on sale today is proving very popular.

Product name: Super Orb

Description: A magic item in the form of a 2cm diameter orb. If you jump while holding this, your jumping power will increase (about 30 cm).

Price: 50 rims

The Super Ball in my previous life was a rubber ball that bounced well, but this Super Orb instead makes the human bounce well!

Since it makes it so that they’re jumping height will be their jumping power + 30 cm, everyone was delightfully jumping around.

This item was sold by lottery, with numbers 1 through 5 being larger than the others.

Accordingly with its size, the jumping power it gives is also greater, as it can apparently make one jump about 1 meter.

I was worried that the impact of the fall might injure people, but the bounces seemed to be designed so that even if they fell, they wouldn’t injure themselves.

It’s very popular not only with children, but also with teenagers, as Kanpu Plaza was filled with people jumping around.

Even though there were 110 Super Balls displayed on the cardboard, they sold out in no time, and now I have released the second display cardboard.

It was about noon, and the shop’s clientele had slowed to a crawl.

I was getting hungry too.

Since it was a festival, there were many food stalls in Kanpu Plaza.

I decided to choose my lunch from there.

While I was discussing lunch with Michelle, the plaza suddenly became filled with commotion.

What on earth was going on?

[We won! We won!]


The commotion spread like fire in a dry field.

What do they mean “they won”?

Curious, I asked someone nearby.

[What did they win?]

[The war! General Bartos’ army stationed on the border defeated Ahelka’s army!]

Speaking of which, Bottakuro’s Proprietress did say that this country is at war.

The victory report was also conveyed to Grantham.


[General Bartos has already left the border and is on his way back to the Capital. He will arrive in Grantham tomorrow.]

[Heehhh…… In that case, he’s also going to see the festival on his way back?]

[Yeah, it will be an honor for our Grantham City!]

The man went away excited.

In any case, with that, the war is now over.

Come to think of it, I have heard that some of the excellent people have gone to that war.

I wonder if the security of the Capital would be a little better if the decent Generals returned?

Having such a thought in mind, I asked the nearby Michelle.

[What kind of man is General Bartos?]

[He is the younger brother of the current King. He is much better than his idiotic brother. Not like I like him though.]

[Why not?]

[He’s a dirty womanizer. He’s always surrounded by his four beautiful lieutenants.]


He’s a guy with an actual harem huh……

They did say how great men have great fondness for the sensual pleasures.

[Don’t tell me, Yuusuke, are you envious?]

[Not really. Making a harem is just too much trouble.]

[I- I see. If you insist on that though, I can use my Clone Magic.]

[What’s that?]

[I’ll split myself into five people. That way, there would be five of me for Yuusuke to love, right? It’s a very advanced magic, and I think I’m the only one in the country who can use it.]

Quintessential Quintuplovers!?

Wait, that would mean I have to deal with 5 Michelles huh……

That seems too heavy even for me to hold up.

[One Michelle is enough for me.]

I am interested!

I am interested, but I’m afraid of receiving 5 times as much love as now.

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