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Chapter 47

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As the festival entered its third day, the famous Milk Can Carrying Race was also held.

This is apparently Grantham’s 8th District Competition, and carrying a large can that holds 12 liters on one’s shoulders, the competitors are to run a relay race in the city.

The most difficult part of the race was the section where they had to run down from the top of a hill in the suburbs.

If they fell and spilled their milk, they had to start all over again from the top of the hill.

Thinking of this, I reflected on the fate of the cloth I had used to wipe up the milk I spilled during recess back when I was in grade school.

I wonder what everyone’s clothes will smell like tomorrow……

Kanpu Plaza was crowded with people at the finish line of the race.

The winner had already been decided, and now, the awards ceremony was taking place.

The stall was empty as everyone was watching it.

While I was taking a breath of relief a large shadow covered my body.

It was a clear, cloudless day today, but is there going to be an evening shower tonight?

When I looked up at the sky, wondering that, what I saw wasn’t a cloud, but a man with a huge stature of nearly 2 meters.

Moreover, he was accompanied by 2 beautiful women.

Not only that, the one on his left had long ears.

Could she be an Elf!?

This is the first time I’ve seen an Elf here in the other world.

The chest window in her clothes is wide open and the slit of her skirt is deep.

This is troubling, I don’t know where to look at.


The big man staring at me broke into a smile.

He looked big and scary, but when he smiled, he had this strange charm.

[Shopowner, I heard you sell something called Mobile Force over here. Could you tell me where those things are?]

[Yes, yes, Mobile Force are over here. I only have three boxes left.]

We sold a lot today, so we only have three in stock: a Gufufu, a Jam, and a Z-Zeong.

[Hohou. May I hold them?]

[Feel free. There are instructions on the side of the box.]

The big guy picked up the Gufufu’s box and read it carefully.

He looks older than me, but he looked like a young man with how serious he looks at it.

He seems to have spent a good amount of time comparing the different Mobile Force boxes before finally deciding which one to buy.

[I really think I’ll get this Gufufu. It seems to be the best match for me.]

[Gufufu it is then. Would you like to buy a weapon or protective gear  with it?]

Just like a server recommending fries, I also introduced Sanaga-san’s weapons.

Most people buy them together.

[I wonder. Which one do you think I should get, Cress?]

[As expected, it has to be the spear, isn’t it? Ufufu……]

Crossing her hands in front of her breasts, the Elf called Cress advised bewitchingly.

Her appearance feels like a special sale of pheromones.

[What about you, Lana?]

[How about practicing with the whip for a change? It’s also included in the box.]

This woman looks very serious.

As she pointed out, on the box, there is a picture of the Gufufu equipped with a whip.


The big man took out the parts from the box and started to assemble the Gufufu in front of the shop.

Assembling a Mobile Force is super easy, so even if a small child did it, it wouldn’t take them more than 5 minutes.

The man’s fingers were thick and burly, but he moved dexterously and before long, the Gufufu was completed.

[Do you mind if I try equipping it with weapons ?]

The big man seemed to want to actually try equipping it first before deciding.

Perhaps, he may have a delicate heart that matches his physique.


[It’s alright. However, please don’t strike hard and break it.]

[I’m aware of that.]

The man put the Gufufu on his forehead and connected with it with a magic link.

Then, he made the robo move so smoothly that it was hard to believe this was his first time.

This is just like that time with Michelle all over again, isn’t it……

I mean, no one else could operate them so dexterously.

[Ohh, this is nice! It’s really interesting!]

The Gufufu leaped, jumped and struck fighting poses, and there was absolutely no stagnation in its movements.

Perhaps, the man in front of me is what one would call an expert.

After trying various weapons, the man chose the unpopular longsword.

It’s a large sword, slightly curved like a seiryuto.

The entire blade is glossy black, with decorative carvings colored red.

[I like this, I’ll take this one.]

[What about protective gear? This shield is very popular.]

[I won’t need a shield. I would have it hold the sword with both hands.]

I see, that would probably make a sword attack more powerful……

The price was paid by the serious-looking one named Lana.

However, the guy’s still really staring at my face. Is there anything that bothers him about?

[By the way, Shopowner, I heard that if one buys a Mobile Force here, the Champion from the Capital will teach you how to use it. I’d like to have a bout with them, but would be alright?]

Hearing his words, I looked at Michelle, who was sitting while leaning against the wall of the stall, already having stood up and stretching her arms.

Perhaps she knew this was coming.

[Minerva, is it alright?]

[Yeah, no problem.]

Michelle equipped her Gyan with a sword and shield.

Somehow, she also looked eager to fight.

[Well then, this way please.]

The man nodded and placed the Gufufu into the arena.

In its hand was the longsword he had just purchased.

Even though this was supposed to be a Mobile Force battle, the tension rising between them felt like that of a duel between knights

Before I knew it, the awards ceremony had been ignored, as the gallery was full of spectators paying attention to this match.

[It’s not an official match, so introductions aren’t needed.]

The man was taking the fight very casually.

[Come anytime.]

Michelle was also brimming with fighting spirit.

She’s the type that gets passionate in battles.

Without a signal to begin, the two Mobile Force, as if it’s arranged beforehand, charged forward.

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