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Chapter 48

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Both swords met with a sharp step.

The Gufufu’s attack was heavier because it was holding its sword with both hands, and Michelle’s Gyan staggered slightly before its attack.

The big man took advantage of the momentary opening she showed and went on a barrage of strikes.

However, Michelle’s title of First Champion isn’t just for show.

While narrowly avoiding the attack, she smoothly retreated, swiftly pulling back and leaping backward, immediately creating a significant distance between them.

Moreover, using the kick from her landing, she leaped forward, this time aiming for a counterthrust.

Compared to other robos, Gyan has a very nimble thrusting technique.

The Gufufu used its large sword to change the trajectory of the Gyan’s thrust, but it was unable to dodge and was hit in the shoulder, severing its magic link with the big guy.

It was a thrilling battle that makes one’s palms sweat, but the winner ended up being Michelle.

[Kuh…… You got me!]


Michelle only silently bowed in response.

[As expected of the Champion. It’s unlikely to come around a skilled person such as you easily. Are you an adventurer?]


[Well, this had been a good experience for me. I’ll challenge you again later.]

After the decision was made, Michelle sat back down in her seat near the stall, seemingly having lost interest.

It seems like they aren’t gonna exchange words of praise for the good fight.

Rather, Michelle seems to be trying not to talk as much as possible.

Does she know him by any chance?

In any case, seeing as they have finished the fight, I called out to the man.

[That was a close battle. I’ve seen a lot of different MF users in my business, and you’re pretty good at them.]

[Thanks. I heard there was a tournament for this in the Capital?]

[Yes, it was held on the 2nd Underground Floor of the dungeon. We have a lot of adventurers among our customers.]

[I see, then why don’t you organize a tournament above ground?]

The man suggested with an amiable expression on his face.

[It would definitely be big and spectacular.]

[That would certainly be nice, but it would be difficult to find a venue and organizing such a tournament would cost a lot of money.]

[I guess so. However, it might eventually become a reality. Fuuu, I had a lot of fun today. I look forward to seeing you again.]

The big man waved his hand and left with the beautiful women in tow.

Meanwhile, I went and sat down next to Michelle.

[Thank you for the hard work. That man sure as a unique air about him, didn’t he?]

[That’s the King’s brother, General Bartos.]

Michelle, who had lowered his voice, told me.

[He’s that guy!? I had heard that he might come to see the festival, but I never expected to meet him.]

[He’s just as much of a pleasure seeker as his brother. I don’t like him.]

It seems that Michelle doesn’t have a good image of the King’s brother, General Bartos, either.

[Hmmm, Michelle said he was a capable, yet perverted General, but when I see him in person, he’s exactly like that.]

I got the impression that he is very domineering and wants to have everything in the world.

I don’t think he’s a bad person, but he isn’t someone I’m good around either.

I want to live a leisurely and enjoyable life.

[Well, if he’s that distinguished of a guy, I guess I won’t see him that often.]

In fact, although we didn’t see each other very often, it seemed that the guy named Bartos ended up having a significant impact on my life.

General Bartos is relaxing in the living room of Baron Essel’s mansion, drinking from a large cup of alcohol.

Cress is leaning against the General, while Lana is sitting with her back straight.

Across from him, the Baron was smiling and serving drinks.

[I’ve seen that Dagashi Shop you mentioned.]

[Did you find anything that met your expectations?]

[I bought this.]

The General put the Gufufu he had just purchased on the table.

It was a brand-new Mobile Force, but it had a small crack at the shoulder.

[How did you like it?]

[I like it. It’s a well-thought-out toy. I prefer fighting with my own body though.]

[So that is the case. Your Excellency is a battle-hardened veteran after all.]

The Baron fills Bartos’ cup with new alcohol from its bottle.

[I heard Brother is crazy about this.]

The General gave the Baron a meaningful look.

[Yes. He had completely fallen in love with the toy. Every day, he spends his time playing MF with his subjects. So much so that even Queen Consort-sama was astounded……]

[Even though they’re probably half-heartedly fighting him, is he under the misconception that he’s winning based on his own abilities?]

[Well, something like that.]

Taking a sip of his alcohol, the General sharply looks at the Baron and asks.

[And, what do you think? Do you think he’ll come out of the palace if a Mobile Force Tournament is held in the Capital?]

[Most probably…… That’s how much His Majesty is obsessed with MF these days.]

Despite being an incompetent libertine, the current King had a cautious personality.

He would play around to the fullest extent of his luxury, but he himself never wanted to leave the safety of the palace.

The General licked his liquor-soaked lips before letting out a sigh.

[The palace is covered with magical barriers that have been in place for generations. Deploying the army while he’s in it is impossible. The only way to capture him is for him to go outside.]

[Even if His Majesty leaves the palace, won’t he be escorted by the Imperial Guards?]

[Once he is outside, we can easily crush the Imperial Guards. The key is to get him out of the palace. If we can just entice Brother outside with this Mobile Force……]

These two men are trying to use the Mobile Force to stage a military coup d’etat.

[That man, Yahagi was his name, right? Can’t we pull him into our camp? I’m also interested in his partner, Grim Reaper Minerva.]

[I’m not so sure about that. Yahagi-dono doesn’t seem to be a guy who is interested in riches.]

Thinking about Yahagi, the Baron chuckled in amusement.

[Oh my, is there really a guy like that in this world? As a man, one must indulge in delicious food, drink fine wine, and embrace beautiful women. Isn’t that what a normal man wants?]

[How should I put it…… I don’t think Yahagi-dono is uninterested in those. However, I feel like he’s the type of person who doesn’t desire much.]


Bartos gave him a vague nod, seemingly suggesting both understanding and not understanding his explanation.

[Well, that’s alright. In any case, give Yahagi a good treatment. From the information I gather, his shop will keep on getting bigger as his sales increase.]

[That would seem to be the case. That’s why I invited him to Grantham’s festival this year. Right now, it seems like he could only sell 40 Mobile Force boxes a day, but as his shop grows in size, he may be able to sell more.]

[If he so desires, I could obtain a business license in a prime location in the capital. I’ll make the necessary arrangements for that. In any case, spread the word about Mobile Force and organize a tournament that would make the King interested.]

[By your will, Your Excellency.]

Baron Essel bowed deeply.

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