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Chapter 50

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After we returned from our trip, Michelle regained her composure and went to the deepest part of the dungeon for her experiment.

She looked reluctant when we parted, but she is a natural-born researcher.

Love is important, but I don’t think she can give up on her experiments.

I think it’s great that she’s working so diligently.

It’s been around three days since we left, so it’s about time for me to come back to my previous station.

I’ve gotten used to the dungeon enough to go to Yahagi Onsen on my own.

My shop even leveled up thanks to my sales back at Grantham’s festival.

And finally, Dagashi Yahagi has added this product to its line of snacks!

Product name: Shaved Ice

Description: Three kinds of Shaved Ice available: Strawberry, Lemon, and Melon. Eating this will help one stay healthy and not dehydrated in the intense heat. If you pour condensed milk on it, it will increase one’s stamina.

Price: 200 rims (+50 rims for condensed milk)

The season already feels like early summer and temperatures are rising day by day.

It was good that we could introduce shaved ice at this time of the year.

It will surely be a great help to the adventurers.

It would also be delicious to eat after a bath.

On top of the small freezer is an old-fashioned hand-cranked shaved ice machine.

As for the ice, it’s automatically generated inside the freezer.

A world with magic has its own conveniences.

As an option, a flag was attached to the machine as a sales promotion item.

Of course, it was the “ice” flag that was often seen in streets back in my previous life.

The ice written on it wasn’t the “氷” back in our world, but with the letters of this world, they were still the same red letters between blue waves.

I immediately hung the flag on the eave of my shop.

[Arehh, it seems like you got something new!]

Merle and Mira, who stop by my shop every morning, immediately noticed the shaved ice machine.

[Good morning, this is our new shaved ice machine.]

[Shaved ice? You mean crushed ice?]

[No, n, it’s shaved ice. Wait, since you’re a regular, I’ll especially give you a sample.]

I took a block of ice from the freezer and set it in the machine.

Turning the handle, the shaved ice was piled into a glass bowl.

Including my own portion, I made three mini shaved ice, and placed them on the table.

[Which flavor do you want? From right to left, there’s strawberry, lemon and melon.]

[I’ll have strawberry!]

[Then, I’ll have the melon flavor.]

I poured a generous amount of syrup over their shaved ice.

[Uwahh, that looks vibrant.]

[It seems cool and delicious.]

[Alright, it’s ready. Try it.]

Merle and Mira scooped a small portion with their spoon and popped it into their mouths.

[It’s delicious!]

[It’s cold, refreshing, and feels very nice to eat.]

It seems like shaved ice is accepted in this world as well.

[It’s not just delicious either. Eating shaved ice makes you more resistant to the heat. The effect lasts about half a day.]

[In that case, it would be great to eat this before going to the Lava Field on the 3rd Underground Floor.]

[Yeah. That place is so hot that we don’t go there, but if we eat this, we might be able to subjugate Rock Slimes.]

Rock Slimes is a Slime with pebbles stuck to its body.

They are easy to defeat and drop a lot of money.

[Also, if you pour condensed milk on it, you won’t get tired as easily.]

[What is condensed milk?]

[It’s milk boiled down with sugar.]

As I explained it to them, I poured condensed milk on Merle and Mira’s shaved ice.

[Ohh, it tastes milder now. It also tastes good!]

[Somehow, that kinda increased the gorgeousness of the snack in one go.]

[Isn’t this also delicious in its own way?]

[Unnn, I definitely prefer it this way!]

Merle seemed to like strawberry shaved ice with condensed milk very much.

[Alright, let’s earn money by hunting Rock Slimes. I’ll buy a new swimsuit with the money we make.]

[It is almost pool season, isn’t it?]

Do they also have swimming pools in this world?

[Are there swimming pools in the Capital? I don’t think I’ve seen them.]

[It’s near the Ribou River.]

It seems like they had created a tributary in the river, and water is stored there to form a pool.

[That’s right. Yuusuke-san, how about going to the pool with us?]

[That sounds great. We’ll take you there as a thank you for all you’ve done for us.]

Going to the pool with Merle and Mira huh. That sounds fun.

[If you see me in my swimsuit, I don’t think Yuusuke-san would……. Hyiiihh!]

Suddenly, Merle and Mira’s faces turned pale.

[You slutty brats, I take my eyes off you two for a moment……]

A displeased hoarse voice resounded from behind me.

She returned huh……

[Welcome back, Minerva.]

[I’m back…… Can’t say I’m impressed with the shamelessness in broad daylight though.]

[We were just talking about going to the pool though? Besides, I’m not going.]

[Eh? Really?]

[I have work after all.]

I mean, I can’t really go to the pool with other girls when I have a girlfriend.

Besides, Michelle definitely wouldn’t go to the pool.

I would feel bad if I’m the only one enjoying my time there.

[I- I see……]

[That aside, I have a new product, shaved ice. Do you want some too, Minerva?]

[Ice? These ones that seemed to be colored by some sort of reagent?]

Michelle seemed a little surprised.

[It’s delicious. Come on, try a bite.]

I hand her my melon-flavored shaved ice.

[Umu…… (A reward has arrived!)]

Michelle took a spoonful and gently popped it into her mouth.

[How is it?]

[It’s delicious alright. It makes my head sting though……]

[Ahaha, eating something cold does give you a brain freeze. Fun fact, when that happens, drinking lukewarm water will cure it.]

Meanwhile, other customers also came to the shop.

[Yuusuke-san, what is with that sign?]

[It’s a new product, shaved ice huh. Shall we give it a try?]

Seems like today is going to be another busy day.

Evening didn’t seem to be getting any cooler and it was going to be a sweltering night.

I was invited by Michelle, who had returned aboveground after a long absence, to come to her place for dinner.

Michelle had prepared some refreshing and easy-to-eat dishes such as cold pasta and cold vegetable terrine.

Meanwhile, I’m getting better at washing ingredients and cooking utensils.

Recently, I’ve been able to take care of the little prep work for her.

It’s fun to be able to stand in the kitchen together with her, talking about various things like recent events or her research.

After we finished eating, Michelle was looking very fidgety.

Every time she tried to speak to me, she seemed to swallow her words.

[What’s the matter? You look like you got something you wanna say.]

[Rather than something to say…… It’s more that I can’t make up my mind……]

[If you’re being mindful about me, you don’t have to hold back.]

[Alright, I’ll be back in a minute……]

Michelle excitedly went into the inner part of her home.

Even so, tonight’s a sweltering night.

My forehead was wet with sweat.

I think I’ll have some shaved ice for dessert.

I’m in the mood for lemon-flavored shaved ice this time.

[Thank you for waiting……]

Just as I thought I heard a thin voice like a mosquito, I saw Michelle standing in the doorway.

And seeing her appearance, I was so surprised that I couldn’t speak.

After all, Michelle is now wearing a swimsuit.

[Yuusuke couldn’t go to the pool because of me, right? That’s why……]

I didn’t know what she intended to say after that, but it didn’t matter.

Logic isn’t needed before the black bikini.

Only a small area of her body covered with a cloth, Michelle’s skin is so dazzling that I can’t take my eyes off of her.

Gorgeous and sexy, and even though she had this calming atmosphere………… She looked so erotic……

[You’re beautiful.]

However, I’m a sensible person who only takes one aspect out and gives out a compliment.

[When did you buy something like that?]

[I made it myself last week. I wanted Yuusuke to see it.]

Michelle is dexterous, so she’s good at sewing too.

[I made matching ones for Yuusuke as well. We can’t go to the pool together though……]

She handed me a black casual-type swimsuit.

[I’m too embarrassed to be wearing a swimsuit on my own, so I’d like you to try it……]

[O- Ou……]

I felt the temperature of the sweltering night rise a bit again.

My head and body are hot all over the place, and it feels like shaved ice is no longer enough.

[Michelle, why don’t we fill the bathtub with water? That way, we could use it as a pool, right?]

[…………! I’ll do that!!!]

Her large breasts swaying along, Michelle ran to the bathroom.

She looked so happy……

Being a wanted criminal, she probably hasn’t played in the pool in years.

Thinking it might be fun to have them floating around, I pulled out a bunch of water balloons from my shop.

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