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Chapter 75

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After having pancakes for breakfast, Michelle and I discussed tomorrow’s shopping.

[Should we buy a weapon first? Or perhaps, armor?]

[I don’t need a weapon.]

[Ah, Yuusuke has that 8-shot pistol after all. Besides, if you really needed it, you still have that Legendary Nail Bat.]

[No, no, I told you that was a prize for the customers.]

Even though I own the Dagashi Shop, that doesn’t mean I can just use the prize toys as I pleased.

An example of this was the special prize of Chocolate Bats, “Legendary Nail Bat”.

This is a very useful weapon that inflicts fixed damage, but it can only be owned by those who pull a “Home Run” in the Chocolate Bat lottery.

In the same way, the other lottery toys aren’t allowed to be used as I pleased.

It’s like there’s some sort of magical contract in place.

Of course, if I were to buy an item with my own money and win the lottery, then that item would become my property.

[Then, what if you find something you want in your store?]

[I have to spend my own money until I hit the jackpot. It’d turn out like that so-called “Adults’ Bulk Buying”. Well, I try not to do that though.]


[Because the merchandise are for customers.]

Dagashi Shop Yahagi stocks up goods for the price of my mana.

Naturally, there are limits to my mana, and the amount I can acquire is also proportional to that.

If I spend as much as I want, it’s only natural that I’ll run out of products to circulate to my customers.

Well, there was that time when I bought up all the Monster Card Chisp, but I’d rather not do that again if I can help it.

[If that’s the reason, then you also can’t use these huh.]

Michelle poked at the Seiryu Shield, a Special Prize in the Toy Lottery.

It’s a small round shield, but it’s an excellent shield which could bounce back any three attacks unleashed towards the wielder.

Just like the Murasame Replica, it’s a product that will disappear into dust once its usability charges have been used up.

[There are customers who pull the Toy Lottery aiming for that. There’s no way I can use it.]

[Yuusuke sure is earnest with stuff like that.]

[Rather than earnest, it’s more like I just don’t want to see the sad faces of my customers.]

I don’t want the rookies to come with a bunch of coins in their pockets, only to find that the item they were aiming for isn’t available.

[Then, the two of us should go to an equipment store after all.]

[I don’t know much about equipment stores, so I’ll leave it up to Michelle to choose.]

Thinking about how tomorrow would be a date we’d be having for a long time, I’m looking forward to it.

When I glanced at her, Michelle was also looking at me with a smile.

I’m sure she feels the same way as I did.

[Speaking of equipment, your shop had a new item in stock today, right? There’s a picture of armor on the box, but what is it?]

Being told that, I also remembered.

A new snack has been added to the store’s lineup today.

The price is a bit expensive, but it’s an interesting item.

Product name: Only One Gum (Limited Time Offer)

Description: A piece of gum that has a freebie included. The freebie is an elaborate scale model of the armor used by Holy Knights. It’s made of metal and it has the efficacy which could make it be mistaken for the real thing.

Price: 300 rims

This is one of those high-end toys that was often seen back in Japan.

It’s a product that was teased as “toy is the real item, with a snack freebie”.

This one is just like that.

However, will this even sell?

The snacks in my place are all things that have marvelous powers.

Even gum, which you can buy for only 10 rims, has the power to replenish mana.

However, the Only One Gum has no such effect, and the armor that comes as a free gift is too small to be worn by a human.

It’s more than attractive enough to enjoy looking at, but I doubt that rookies without money will buy it.

To see the real thing, I paid to open one of the products.

[Heehhh…… It’s well made……]

The meticulously crafted armor is both solid and exceptionally beautiful down to the smallest details.

When I put the pieces of armor together, they began to glow blue, tinged with mana.

It looks quite good.

Looking at the aura surging from within it, I wondered if it had special power.

[Ohhh…… Is that perhaps the Legendary “Holy Armor”……]

Just when I thought I heard a trembling voice, the Gnome Elder and the Gnomes who had told me about the location of Yahagi Onsen were staring up at me.

[Long time no see, Elder. What is this Holy Armor you were talking about?]

[The Holy Armor is the armor and helmet worn by the Legendary Twelve Holy Knights.]

[No, no, this is just a freebie from a gum……]

[A gum’s freebie? It looks like the armor set worn by War Maiden Shakashaka though……]

Size-wise, it’s the perfect size for a Gnome to wear.

[Elder, would you like to try it on?]

[May I!?]

[Feel free.]

I owe a debt of gratitude to the Gnomes for their purchase of the furniture gacha.

Besides, if they like this armor, they might buy them all up again.

[Itchy, Scratchy, help me put on the armor.]

[Got it, Elder.]

[Leave it to me.]

The Elder closed his eyes quietly as his two attendants helped him put on the Holy Armor.

[Hmmm, it seems like my mana is spreading everywhere…… With my current state, I feel as if I can use the Ultimate Secret Technique passed down among the Gnomes, Monarch’s Sacred Gem……]

(T/N: 天覧宝珠/Tenran Houju)


I thought it was just a freebie from a gum, but it seems like it’s an awesome treasure for Gnomes.

[Yahagi-dono…… Can we perhaps have everything in your stock?]

[Ah, yes…… With pleasure.]

All of the twelve Only One Gums had been sold.

And since they were only available for a limited time, it seems that they will not be restocked.

With a smile on his lips, the Elder turned to me.

[Thank you again, Yahagi-dono, for selling such treasures to us for just 3600 rims.]

[Well, it’s a fixed price after all……]

Even though they’re special sales, I can’t raise the price.

That’s just the way it is.

[We must express our gratitude for this once again.]

The Elder’s eyes sparkled.

Just like how they did for this onsen, will they tell me a secret of the dungeon once again?

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