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Chapter 76

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The Elder ordered his two attendants.

[Itchy, Scratchy, go and get some of our people to carry the Holy Armors. Then, bring the “Seiryu Ring” here.]


The two bowed their heads before pounding their fists on the ground.

Thereupon, a hole opened in the ground and the two disappeared into it.

[We have a wonderful present for you, Yahagi-dono.]

[No, no, you don’t have to worry about it.]

[That won’t do, that won’t do. The Sacred Armors are to be the Gnomes’ greatest treasure. I wouldn’t feel comfortable if we did not return the favor.]

Soon, many Gnomes appeared at the Yahagi Onsen.

[Elder, we heard you acquired the Legendary Holy Armors!?]

[Oh, that armor Elder is wearing, isn’t that the Holy Armor of Shakashaka, she who was known as the strongest knight!?]

Everyone looked equally excited.

[Umu, there are others here too. Holy Bow Yoichi, Lion King Arion, all the other pieces of the Holy Armor are also here. Let’s get them into the treasure hall right away.]

The Gnomes were so excited as they carried the boxes of Only One Gums away.

[I’ll be the one carrying Lion King Arion. You carry the Northern Sea Crab’s Mask.]

[Oi, stop fooling around!]

As it seemed that every product has the popular and unpopular ones, the Gnomes argued over who should carry what.

It seems that Humans and Gnomes are the same in this respect.

[Now then, Yahagi-dono.]

While I was idly watching the Gnomes, the Elder spoke to me.

[Just as we had talked earlier, please accept our gratitude.]

Itchy and Scratchy were working together to carry a thick ring.

It has a greenish luster like jade and looks very charming.

[This is a magic item called Seiryu Ring. Feel free to try it on.]

It didn’t look like a cursed ring to me, so I did as I was told and put it on my finger.

[How do you like it?]

[Arehh? My body somehow suddenly feels much more at ease……]

I was up late last night and was slightly sleep deprived.

Michelle came home after she was out for a long time for her research, and she didn’t let me sleep well……

That’s why I was feeling somewhat lethargic today, but as soon as I put the ring on, I felt much better.

[What’s going on? My body feels lighter.]

[Ho ho ho, I’m glad you like it. The Seiryu Ring has the function of regulating the mana circulation in one’s body. If one’s mana flows without interruption, it will strengthen one’s body and its self-recovery ability.]

[Then, as long as I have this ring, I will never have stiff shoulders or back pain.]

[Not only that, you also won’t catch colds, and it can also reflect weak poisons.]

In other words, it’s like it’s boosting my immune system?

[Can I really receive such a wonderful thing?

[Not like those can fit into us anyway.]

Now that he mentioned it, that really was the case.

I accepted the ring without hesitation.

Putting the ring in my hand, I held it out to Michelle.

[It’s really nice, you know? How about you try it on too, Michelle?]

I can’t really say it out loud, but Michelle has stiff shoulders.

You see, she got those large breasts……

However, wouldn’t this ring help her out a lot?

[I’m good. Yuusuke can have that.]

[But you know……]

[Yuusuke massaged me again last night, so I feel much better today.]

[Ho ho ho, it’s great you two are getting along so well.]

The Elder nodded with a smile.

At his words, Michelle suddenly felt embarrassed and turned her gaze away.

[There’s no need to be embarrassed. Being close with one’s other half is beautiful. Right, right, if you give a massage while wearing that ring, it should also help balance a person’s mana circulation. It’s a convenient feature, don’t you think?]

[That’s wonderful.]

[Umu, umu. Well then, Yahagi-dono, we will meet again.]

The Elder thrust his staff into the ground and disappeared into a hole.

[Even so, it sure is amazing.]

With this, it seems I can help various people with their mana circulation.

I look at the Seiryu Ring shining on my finger.

[Hey, Michelle, I wanna try the effect of the ring, but you mind if I massage you?]

[I’m fine with it…… Should I take off my jacket?]

[No, it’s just a palm massage.]

I feel that perhaps even that much was already enough to regulate the flow of mana.

Holding the palm she held out to me, I started giving her a gentle massage using the thumbs of both my hands.


A seductive sigh leaks out of Michelle’s lips.

[How does it feel? Does it feel good?]

[Unnn…… Even though I’m just having my palms pressed, it feels like toxins accumulating in my body are being released. My mana is flowing smoothly, and right now, it seems like I can perform magic operations more easily than usual.]

The effect seems to be immediate.

[In that case, I guess I can also open a massage parlor.]

[What does that mean?]

[I’ll give the rookies cheap magic massages. In that case, everyone’s physical and magical abilities would likely increase, right? They’ll definitely love it.]

[Y- You can’t!]

Michelle’s face turning red, she opposed it with all her might.


[I can’t stand the idea of Yuusuke touching other girls! No, even if they’re boys, I will still not allow it. Yuusuke and Regal doing such……]

I’d like it if you’d stop with such delusions.]

[Oi, oi, it’s just a normal massage. Moreover, you’re even against me giving guys massages……]

[If I said you can’t, you caaaaan’t!]

I can’t massage not only Merle and Mira, but also Regal?

Geez, it can’t be helped then……

[Alright, I’ll only give Michelle my massages.]


[Yeah, only Michelle gets the special treatment.]

When I said this, Michelle, teary-eyed, nodded strongly in agreement.

Good grief, I guess I’ll never be able to become a masseuse.

it can’t be helped, I’ll continue living as a Dagashi Shopowner as I have until now.

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