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Chapter 77

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The sunny days continued.

The cold weather has eased up a bit, and the weather is showing signs of spring.

The snow may be melting soon.

A new gachapon has appeared at Dagashi Yahagi.

Unlike the small ones I have seen in the past, it has a tall cabinet-like structure, similar to that of juice vending machines.

I’m not talking about that one with the round handle that you turn after inserting a coin, but that one designed with a lever that you push down to retrieve the item.

On the red cabinet, the word “Microcosm” was written in white letters.


……Is that the company name?

When it comes to the gachapon at my store, it has always been associated with the Gnomes, but the new product this time has become popular among the adventurers as well.

Product name: French Perfume

Description: Comes with four types: Diamant, Emeraude, Saphir and Rubis. If one wears the Diamant (Lily Scent) perfume, they are more likely to be targeted by monsters. If one wears the Emeraude (Green Note Scent) perfume, monsters won’t approach them. If one wears the Saphir (Citrus Scent) perfume, monsters will be charmed by them. If one wears Rubis (Rose Scent) perfume, the wearer’s aroma will make monsters dizzy.

Price: 300 rims

The perfume comes in a very small bottle with a golden chain attached to the bottle.

When the lid was opened, each perfume gave off a strong smell.

[Hmmm, I can’t really tell if this product smells good or stinks.]

[However, it’s going to be useful in monster hunting.]

Guile, who had come to the store, immediately pulled out some coins from his pocket and pulled on the gachapon.

He had been short of money at the end of the year due to a screw-up they had, but recently, his monetary situation seemed to have gotten a little better.

What he pulled out was a Diamant, which makes the wearer easier to be targeted by monsters.

Perhaps the strong scent you have would taunt the enemies towards you.

[Hmmm, Diamant huh…… Oi, Grav, you’re the one who should try this on.]

[Ou, alright.]

Grav is the tank on Guile’s team.

He is a big guy with a large spiked shield, and he is known for his defensive capabilities using his big, stout body.

Diamant, with its characteristics of making the wearer more targeted by monsters, would be the perfect perfume for him.

However, whether the Lily Scent would suit Grav is another matter……

Grav removed the cap of the perfume and vigorously sprayed it onto his bald head.

[Oi, you’re putting too much on!]

[Really? Hehe, it smells so good!]

I think it stinks if you put that much perfume on, but Grav seemed to like it as he squinted his eyes, looking ecstatic.

Here, the tank emitting a strong fragrance of lilies was born.

Later, Grav would earn the not-so-fitting nickname “Tiger Lily”, but that’s a story for another time.

[By the way, Yahagi-san, what is French?]

Garm asked innocently.

[French are people who live in France. A country that’s very…… very far away from here……]

I did want to go to France before, but it was just too far away……

As the memories of my previous life surfaced in my mind, I couldn’t help feeling a bit sad.

[What’s the matter, Yuusuke? You look sad.]

Michelle looks at me with concern.

[It’s nothing.]


Michelle, seemingly something, comes up to me and whispers softly in my ear.

[I’ll give you a hug back inside the store when you close up shop.]

Michelle encouraging me even when she’s shy is just so precious.

[…….S’il vous plaît (If you please).]

My French is very upbeat today.

While the adventurers were flocking the French Perfume, in the Rondas Tower where political prisoners were held, a young man was similarly captivated by a bewitching scent.

It is Marco, a servant who has been captured by Titti’s perfume (Bondage Rose).

The Bondage Rose is a magic drug that has a charming effect.

In the past, Titti also used it to steal even her sister’s fiance.

Yes, the former King was also one of those who were charmed by Titti’s magic drug.

The night Titti gave him the perfume-soaked handkerchief, Marco couldn’t sleep at all.

Even after midnight, all he could think about was Titti.

Both his body and soul burning with heat, the throbbing sensation became too much. Eventually, he couldn’t resist, and he slipped out of his bed, just wanting to catch a glimpse of her.

Marco tried to sneak into Titti’s bedroom, but there were several soldiers guarding the corridor and door.

Since he would have been caught if he went through the front door, Marco ascended to the top floor of the tower.

Thankfully, the dark staircase was empty.

When he peeked out of the inspection window, he was shaken by the sheer height, but under Titti’s spell, Marco managed to endure it.

Then, using a rope typically used for repairing the other walls, he made his way down to Titti’s bedroom window.

Titti inwardly chuckled when she saw Marco hanging from a rope, tapping on the window of her room.

As she had expected, she got this man caught in her charms.

All that remains for her to do is to turn him into a slave who will do as he is told.

[What are you doing?]

Pretending to be demanding an explanation, Titti invited Marco into the room.

[My apologies, Queen Consort-sama. I know it’s rude of me, but I couldn’t stop myself from coming to see you.]


Starting to get teary-eyed, she asked Marco.

[It’s because I love you dearly.]

Titti tried hard not to burst out laughing.

(Ahh, that’s hilarious! This guy is being serious. He’s seriously charmed!)

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