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Chapter 79

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Dagashi Yahagi is located beside Yahagi Onsen on the 2nd Underground Floor.

Since he made it this far in one piece, Marco must at least have some combat experience.

[How much combat experience do you have, Marco-san?]

[I trained for two years in the military service. Ah, but I don’t have any actual combat experience.]

[No actual combat experience? Then, you did well managing to reach our place.]

[I followed the other adventurers early in the morning. Since they’re all heading to the onsen, I was able to get here without getting lost.]

In other words, he got here in the morning commuter rush.

[You battled a monster before?]

[I had fought a Giant Worm.]

Marco puffed out his chest.

Oi, oi, that’s a monster that even I can hunt.

This is bad. It’s like that situation where a rookie has been following behind a veteran and accidentally ended up on the 3rd Underground Floor.

[Marco-san, do you know your way back?]

As soon as I asked this, Marco’s face turned pale.

[No, well…… I think I can sorta……]

Suppressing the urge to sigh, I handed him the map of the dungeon.

[This is……?]

[It’s a dungeon map from my place. The maps for the 1st and 2nd Underground Place are free, so you take them with you.]

[T- Thank you very much!]

Marco bowed deeply and thanked me, then started to check the map.

He’s probably checking the places where Army Ants spawn.

[Can you make it back above ground by yourself with that?]

[Yes, as long as I have this, I think I can manage. Thank you for your kindness.]

The path isn’t complicated, so I also think he can manage with the map.

[Then, have a safe trip out there. However, there’s something I would like to recommend.]

[What is it?]

[Take a look at this.]

Product name: Yahagi Set A

Description: An assortment of dagashis. Popular products in one bag. Contains a 10-Rim Gum, a Large Round Candy, a Moroccan Yogul, a Calpas, a Chocolate Bat, an Umaibo, and a packet of Lettuce Taro.

Price: 100 rims

This is a special set that is available only for porters.

It’s a little cheaper for porters who don’t have much money.

Incidentally, in Yahagi Set B, the Chocolate Bat is replaced by a Jumbo Cutlet.

The Chocolate Bat is a boon to porters as it restores stamina.

Also, even though it’s only for 3 seconds, the Jumbo Cutlet allows the consumer to use Power Boost.

Even porters with low combat power have a chance to hunt monsters.

[This bag is filled with useful snacks. I originally only sold these to porters, but if you want, how about buying one?]

I explained the effects of each snack.

[That’s wonderful. I’d love to have one.]

After buying a Yahagi Set, Marco immediately popped a large candy ball into his mouth.

This would increase his speed.

With that, he shouldn’t be instantly killed if he met a monster.

[Take care of yourself, okay? You go left in the first fork after coming out of the onsen. Go left, then right, then left, and then you should arrive on the main path.]

[Thank you very much. I’ve really been in your care.]

As I watched Marco’s back as he left, I earnestly hoped that he would somehow survive.

Just as the date was about to change, Marco snuck into Titti’s room.

[Ahh, thank goodness. I didn’t see you today, so I got worried.]

Crossing her arms in front of her chest, Titti looked relieved.

It was as if there was a bewitching aura emanating from her loose-fitting loungewear.

[I was off work, so I went to the dungeon. Please take this.]

Marco held out a small leather purse.

When Titti looked inside, she found 5600 rims.

(Is this all he has?)

Titti clicked her tongue in her mind.

It wasn’t enough money to buy disguise clothes, to bribe the soldiers guarding the checking stations, or to pay for living expenses at the place she was running away to.

Titti regretted her decision, thinking that if she’s gonna ensnare a man anyway, she should have chosen a better man, but she didn’t show it in her face.

[Thank you, Marco. I’m causing you trouble all the time.]

[What are you talking about? If it’s for Titti-sama, I will……]

[Geez, have you forgotten again? I told you not to call me Titti-sama, just simply Titti.]

[U- Unnn……]

Titti held Marco’s rough hand in her clear, white hands.

[If we can save up a little more money, we’ll have our future together. I know it’s hard, but let’s do our best.]

[Unnn. Guh……]

Thereupon, Marco’s face twisted and he held his arm with his free hand.

[What’s wrong?]

[I got hurt in a fight with a monster.]

[Let me see.]

Marco stripped his shirt off and showed her a blood-stained bandage wrapped around his left arm.

[It’s no big deal. The blood has already stopped……]

[Don’t say stupid things.]

Titti quickly deployed her Recovery Magic.

(I may not seem like it, but I’m the type to take good care of my toys. Well, I throw them away when I’m done with them though.)

Marco felt like he was in heaven as he was enchanted by Titti’s magic.

Being treated kindly like this makes him feel like it wouldn’t even matter if he were to die in the dungeon.

[Now, that’s better. Don’t push yourself too hard, okay?]

[I’ll be fine. A very kind merchant had been helping me recently.]

[That’s great. What’s his name? The one who saved my future husband, I mean.]

Marco’s head floated like vapor at Titti’s words.

[I- If I’m not mistaken…… Errr…… I think he’s called Yagi-san……]

[Ufufu, it doesn’t matter whether he’s called Goat-san or Sheep-san. We should be grateful to him.]

(T/N: Yagi means goat.)

Titti hated Yahagi Yuusuke, but she didn’t know that he runs the Dagashi Shop in the dungeon.

She was insulted “ugly” when they first met, and she was then immediately imprisoned soon after.

She wished he could have just stolen money from that merchant, but she thinks it’s still too much to ask Marco to go that far.

If she were to allow Marco to have his way with her body and become pregnant……

Marco, with how earnest of a man he is, might even be willing to commit a robbery for the sake of the baby.

But then…… Titti had second thoughts.

(Letting this dimwit hold me in his arms? My pride won’t allow me that……)

No matter how her actions may have been lately, Titti’s thoughts were still as ugly as they were before.

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