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Chapter 80

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Even in Dagashi Yahagi, there are also products that don’t sell well.

A typical example would be these plastic sunglasses.

Product name: Wide Sunglasses

Description: A stylish item that is on the cutting edge of fashion. They allow the wearer to see very well.

Price: 300 rims

It states that it’s the “cutting edge of fashion”, but to be honest, it looks cheap and tacky.

Well, value and trends change depending on the era and place, so I thought there might be a chance it would sell, but there was absolutely no demand for it in this world either.

[If I were to wear something like that, I’d be treated like a weirdo.]

[What she said. As expected, that’s just embarrassing.

Neither Merle nor Mira seemed interested in it.

[I don’t think I can wear them either. It’d darken my vision and I won’t be able to see very well.]

Michelle’s argument is valid.

Inside the dungeon, it’s already dimly lit as it is.

If she had to wear something like this, her vision would become even worse.

It would be impossible to fight a battle with it.

The description says you can see very well with it, but that’s not true.

At first, I was excited when it appeared, thinking that it was something like night vision goggles, but they were just cheap sunglasses.

Merle puts the sunglasses on herself.

[Yep, really can’t see anything in it. Moreover, when I press this button here, a bunch of incomprehensible characters appear. It’s distracting, and I don’t think I can focus on hunting with it.]

What does she mean by “incomprehensible characters”?

I didn’t know that.

[Where’s that button?]

[Look, here.]

There’s indeed a small protrusion on the edge of the glasses’ right frame.

[It’s really here. It was so small that I didn’t notice it at all.]

I put on a pair of wide sunglasses and pushed in the protrusion.

[Hmm? No letters are appearing though. What’s going on, Merle——— Wait, whoa!?]

Gender: Female

Total Combat Power: 128 (78 PATK, 50 MATK)

Excels in Physical Combat with a good command of Body Reinforcement Magic

Height: 158 cm

Three Sizes: 82-57-83 cm

At first, nothing was shown, but the moment Merle came into focus, various information was projected!

The language used for this was a mixture of Japanese and English, with numbers written in Arabic characters, so Merle had no idea what she was seeing……

[What’s the matter, Yuusuke?]

[W- Well……]

[Something seems to be strange.]

[T- That isn’t the case, Mira.]

Thereupon, Mira’s information popped into my vision……

Gender: Female

Total Combat Power: 119 (24 PATK, 87 MATK)

Excels at Water and Wind Attribute Magic

Height: 164 cm

Three Sizes: 90-58-92 cm

(T/N: Yes, there’s an error with the numbering in Mira’s TCP, dunno which number is wrong.)

This thing is now turning out to be quite a dangerous item.

As I was pondering this in a daze, Michelle grumpily called out.

[Hey, why are you staring at Mira!?]

[Hwah! Wait, that’s not it!]

Gender: Female

Total Combat Power: 1324 (542 PATK, 782 MATK)

Proficient in All Kinds of Magic. Capable of Using Dark-Attribute Magic. An Expert in Saber Techniques.

Height: 169 cm

Three Sizes: 95-56-87 cm

A dynamite in all sorts of ways!

[Seriously, what’s going on with you, Yuusuke?]

[Well, I was just thinking how useless of a product this is. I’m not gonna sell these anymore, so I’m gonna put them away in the closet.

I stood up holding the box with the sunglasses in it.

I think this is a product that shouldn’t be released to the world.

Vowing to return it back to the public if it’s possible, I sealed it up.

It was morning when Marco arrived.

He seemed unfamiliar with combat, so I breathed a sigh of relief seeing he was alive.

His armor and clothes have several new scuffs on them, indicating that he had been through many battles.

All those battles turned his equipment into tatters, but strangely enough, I can’t see any signs of injuries on his body.

Did he pay a healer to cast their magic on him?

Recovery Magic is expensive, but it may have been that his earnings were good enough to cover it.

[Thank you for the help the other day. Thanks to Yahagi-san’s snacks, I survived.]

[I’m glad to hear that. Are you going hunting again today?]

[Yes. I will be heading out after this. I’m here today to buy Morocco Yoguls and Large Round Candies. I also heard about a food that increases sensitivity?]

[You’re talking about squid skewers. They’re in that pot over there.]

Just as rookies accumulate more experience, they also find the right products for them.

Of course, there are some cases where people just buy their favorite snacks and toys regardless of their effectiveness.

[Five Morocco Yoguls, three Large Round Candies, a Squid Skewer, for a total of 160 rims.]

[Here you go. Ah, that’s right……]

After paying the bill, Marco fumbled in his pockets.

[After I ate a snack yesterday, I found this in the packaging……]

Marco pulls out a Chocolate Bat wrapper.

Don’t tell me……

“It’s a Home Run! Hand it over to the shop staff and exchange it for a prize, okay?”

I- It finally came out.

[Congratulations! Your prize is the Legendary Nail Bat.]


[Oh my.]

Instead of Marco, who looked dumbfounded, seemingly not having any idea what was going on, the ones who expressed their surprise were Merle and Mira, who had come to the store.

[Umm, what is this Legendary Nail Bat?]

The excited Merle explained on my behalf.

[It’s a treasure that deals a fixed 300 damage to any enemy. I’ve been aiming for it for a long time, but I never expected others would beat me to it…… Uuuu……]

[Don’t cry about stuff like that, Merle.]

[You won’t know how I feel, Yuusuke-san. Do you know how much I spent on Chocolate Bats?]

If I’m not mistaken, she should have already bought more than a hundred of them.

Well, each one costs 30 rims, so even if she bought a hundred, it would just be 3000 rims.

[With that, you can hunt as many Giant Coconut Crabs as you want.]

Mira said with a smile.

[Giant Coconut Crabs? What kind of monsters are those?]

Merle, looking annoyed at the relaxed conversation between Marco and Mira, interrupts.

[You sure are clueless about everything, aren’t you!? Giant Coconut Crabs are monsters with unusually high defenses. On the other hand though, it moves slowly and can be hunted relatively safely. However, its shell is abnormally tough, so it takes a long time to kill one. That’s why people usually ignore them, but with that nail bat, you should be able to take them down with a single blow.]

[A single blow!?]

[That’s right. The average drop of a Giant Coconut Crab is 300 rims. You can tell now how amazing of a treasure that is, right?]


While Marco still didn’t seem to feel like everything was real, I handed to him a shiny nail bat shining with a silver gleam.

[It should also come in handy not only for the Giant Coconut Crabs, but for regular hunts as well. Maybe you can even help someone special with it.]

[……Yes! Thank you very much!]

A smile that he had never shown before appears on Marco’s face.

[That’s right, you’re a solo adventurer, right? In that case, team up and hunt with us!]

Marco was flabbergasted by Merle’s sudden suggestion.

[Eh, even if you suddenly say to team up with you……]

[The heck are you talking about? Giant Coconut Crabs spawn on the 3rd Underground Floor. Even if you have that Legendary Nail Bat, it’s still dangerous to go there on your own.]

That’s true.


If he just goes there on his own, I have a feeling that Marco, who isn’t accustomed to the dungeon, would end up in danger.

He would have much to learn if he teamed up with Merle and Mira.

[Marco, these two are adventurers you can trust. Even if it’s just for today, why don’t you try out teaming up with them as a trial?]

[If that’s what Yahagi-san says, then I will be in your care.]

If he works with the two of them, I can rest assured that Marco will be in good hands.

I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

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