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Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Titti's Escape


Midnight, when all was quiet in Rondas Tower, Titti got up from her bed.

She went to the bathroom without putting on her shoes so as not to make a sound.

Thereupon, she climbed up on the toilet seat to retrieve a box containing escape tools from the ceiling.

Marco had taken great trouble to build this hiding place, and he had also purchased this escape set and brought it here.

Titti took out a hypnotic incense from the box and lit it up near the door.

In an instant, sweet smoke spread throughout the room, seeping out through the keyhole and gaps in the door, drifting toward the corridor.

After checking it out, Titti turned back to the bathroom.

Undressing on the spot, she shoved her undressed clothes into the ceiling where the box had been.

Without any hesitation, she removed her bra and exposed her beautiful skin.

Then, breathing heavily, she started wrapping a sarashi around her chest.

Since she was going to be dressed as a man, her large breasts would be nothing more than hindrances.

Her breasts had charmed many men in the past, but now, their size was a problem for Titti.

After she had finished wrapping a sarashi around her breasts, Titti checked the results.

Though her flattened chest was still plentifully bulging out, it doesn’t seem to stand out significantly when covered with a thick jacket.

She was about to swap out her panties for men’s underwear, but Titti’s hands abruptly stopped.

She was now wearing a luxurious pair of silk panties with black laces.

Although she had been forced to live a frugal life, they had not taken away her previous dresses and underwear.

Even though she had to dress up as a man, she reconsidered whether she should really completely dress up like one, down to her underwear as well.

Besides, if Marco comes on to her tonight……

Such a thought popping in her mind made Titti angry.

[I’m like an idiot!]

She didn’t like the fact that she was being mindful of Marco.

She’s considering her movements with that guy’s pleasure in mind?

Or perhaps, was it to keep him from being embarrassed?

No, what she found the worst was that she was thinking about sleeping with him in the first place!

Titti’s mind has been poisoned.

Still, she kept her panties on and put on a pair of trousers worn by a common man.

Titti was just thankful she doesn’t have the time to mull over all sorts of things.

She puts on a wig and finishes her get-up with nose glasses.

These nose glasses, which Marco bought at Dagashi Yahagi, are a disguise set consisting of round glasses, eyebrows, and a mustache.

They were originally guileless party goods, but for the current Titti, it’s a thin spider thread hanging down into hell.

After all the disguises were put on, she saw herself in the mirror as a surprisingly different person.

No one would recognize her now even if she walked down the street.

She doesn’t even seem to be in any danger of being recognized as a woman.

Holding her breath, she left the bathroom and opened the window of her room.

In this way, she left the hypnotic incense smoke escape, and now she opened the door of her room slightly.

The smoke seemed to have successfully made its way into the corridor, as the two guards watching over her door were lying on the floor.

Titti stepped over the guards and left the room.

Then, without even glancing aside, she hurried down the corridor.

On the way, she passed by the bedroom of her husband, the former King, but thoughts of him didn’t even cross her mind.

The former King is no longer in her thoughts anymore, he’s already a person of the past.

In the darkness, Titti made her way to the courtyard.

Whether it was the main or the back gate, it was locked and guarded by a large number of guards.

Even if she’s disguised, it wouldn’t be possible for her to break through those paths.

So, as she had originally planned, she hurried to a spot facing the courtyard wall.

Since she was carrying no candles, it was very dark and she had to grope her way through the darkness.

Still, Titti walked slowly, keeping a hand on the wall, before finally finding what she was looking for.

It was a rope hanging from the outside of the wall.

Of course, the one who had thrown it from outside the wall was Marco.

It also had nubs tied up at equal intervals for easy grasping.

Feeling the touch of the rope, Titti was relieved.

If she were to be asked, Titti honestly wasn’t sure until the very end whether Marco would come or not.

Using the special perfume called Bondage Rose, Titti charmed Marco.

However, its effect doesn’t last forever.

She was worried that the brainwashing would wear off by now.

Titti’s enchantment on Marco actually was starting to wear off significantly.

Then why was it that Marco still came to Titti’s rescue?

It was because of Yahagi Yuusuke.

Yahagi Yuusuke, thinking of Marco and Titti’s relationship, gave them dorachoco for them to eat, and that snack restored the relationship between the two of them, which was about to break down.

Not only that, it even encouraged them to take a half-step forward that neither of them would have taken otherwise.

Marco would never have had the courage to make advances on Titti.

With his character, he would have quietly backed away after helping her out.

Titti, on the other hand, would have taken no notice of Marco.

The servants in the tower were useful pawns but when she was done using them, they would be no different than the pebbles on the side of the road.

However, that single dagashi has made Titti take an interest in Marco.

To signal Marco, Titti tugged the rope twice.

Thereupon, she received a quick tug back from the other side.

As he had promised, Marco was on the other side of the wall.

Freedom was at hand.

Titti fiercely clung to the rope and began climbing up the wall.

Once she landed on the ground, Titti hugged Marco.

[Ahh, Marco.]


She held no romantic interest for him, but Titti thinks this hug is a kind of thank-you for saving her.

She is rewarding her obedient pet, that’s all there is to it.

Since they’re in a hurry, they can skip the kiss.

Even though she was trying to make herself look teary-eyed from their reunion, she thought about such a thing calmly in the corner of her head.

However, as Titti gazed at Marco with a rehearsed expression, she was taken aback.

Marco, whom he hadn’t seen in a while, seemed to have grown a little more robust.

His face is also much wilder than before.

His arms were unexpectedly rough to the touch, and Titti felt a slight tingle in the pit of her stomach.

[Is something the matter?]

[It’s nothing.]

Considering he ventures into the dungeon day and night to battle monsters, it’s not surprising that Marco had become more rugged.

Moreover, he’s fighting with more vigor than the average adventurer.

All of this was to make his new life with Titti a fulfilling one.

The anxiety about pursuers, the anticipation towards a new life, the joy of freedom————- It appears that those weren’t the only reasons for her racing heartbeat.

She doesn’t understand it herself, but Titti is the kind of person who doesn’t think much about all sorts of things.

She decided to stop using her head and concentrate on moving her limbs.

[Let’s hurry.]

[This way.]

Within the darkness, their shadows seemingly cuddling close together, the two walked closely side by side.

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