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Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Cyanotype Photography


The weather has completely felt like spring.

Along with the change of seasons, a new product has been trending at Dagashi Yahagi. Following Mobile Force and Surprise Mountain Chocolates......

This item has become the next big craze.

Product name: Cyanotype Camera

Description: A tool to transcribe people and scenery on special paper.

Price: 100 rims (one per box)

It’s said that Cyanotype Photos were sold in ancient dagashi shops.

As it’s a toy from Grandma and Grandpa’s generation, I have never seen the real thing either.

They were apparently substitutes for a film of a character on photosensitive paper, and when that film was exposed to sunlight, the picture on the film would be transferred to the paper.

However, the Cyanotype Camera sold in Dagashi Yahagi is completely different from that.

To put it bluntly, they feel just like ordinary cameras.

The product is about the size of a caramel box.

The box is held between the fingers, and when the paper protruding slightly from the right side is pulled out, a hole opens in the front part of the box, exposing the special paper inside.

At that point, the scenery in front of the hole is transcribed.

Well, it’s similar to Polaroid Cameras or the earliest versions of instant cameras sold on the market.

However, the paper here must be exposed to sunlight to be developed.

The size of the photo is about 5 x 3 cm.

It’s much larger than purikura photos, but when you compare it to regular photos back on Earth, it’s a bit small.

Such Cyanotype Cameras are very popular.

It’s popular not only with young rookies, as middle-aged and elderly veterans line up at the shop for it.

It seems that carrying around photos of family and loved ones has become a trend.

It also seems that taking pictures of the monsters you fight in the dungeon is becoming a popular pastime, and there is even talk of a growing demand for porters who are good at taking pictures.

Incidentally, it’s Michelle who buys the most Cyanotype Cameras.

She buys several boxes of them, and before I know it, she’s taking pictures of me.

[What are you even gonna do with all those pictures?]

[I decorate them on my wall. So that I won’t get lonely......]

The other day, I went to Michelle’s house to visit her, and her place looked quite dreadful.

There were lots of pictures of me crammed on a single wall.

It’s like one of those walls from a psycho-horror movie I saw from my previous life......

You know, the one with the stalker as the protagonist.

[Thanks to this, it makes me feel at ease even when I’m alone.]

Well, I can only feel uneasy here though!


I wouldn’t have dated Michelle if I’m worried about something like this.

After Michelle, it was Baron Essel who was the next one to buy most of these.

[Yahagi-dono, this is exactly what I needed. I’d like to acquire 20 sets of these every day! Please!]

From what I heard, they’re apparently needed for military purposes.

They are to be used to take pictures of the border areas and to plan their operations.

The great thing about Baron Essel is that he doesn’t use his authority to forcibly take them away, but rather bows to me.

I was also indebted to him, so I willingly agreed to allocate Cyanotype Cameras for him.

[Even so, it’s amazing how you can actually use 20 boxes of these every day.]

[That is, well, because His Majesty......]

To my dismay, it seems that King Bartos uses more than half of them.

The reason for this is apparently that he takes pictures of his beloved concubines.

That perverted King, I wonder what kind of pictures he’s taking......

Speaking of which, I’m not the only one making money from Cyanotype Cameras.

Sanaga-san, the blacksmith, is also busy selling related products.

When Cyanotype Cameras first started appearing in the shop, I advised Sanaga-san to make a selfie stick.

Sanaga-san, who had greatly increased his sales by making Mobile Force weapons, followed my advice.

And then, he succeeded in developing a selfie stick that opens the box using a lever located near the holder’s hand.

I was given a prototype, and it was really well made.

Thanks to it, I was able to take some lovey-dovey pictures with Michelle.

......Guess I can’t really criticize the King huh.

Just like that, Dagashi Yahagi is thriving again today.


That voice should be Mira’s.

What’s she making a fuss about outside the shop?

I stopped cleaning and went outside to see everyone from Team Harukaze.

[What’s up, Mira?]

[I’m thinking of using a glider to send photos to my family’s home. While we’re at it, please come join the picture.]

Mira’s parents would be delighted to see their daughter in such good health.

Even though I’m a bit embarrassed, I joined their line-up.

It was Sanaga-san who took our picture.

[Come on, guys, smile more! I’m gonna take it now——-]

The sound of paper being peeled off acted like the sound of the shutter back in my previous world.

My store’s products are connecting everyone’s hearts.

Thinking of this made my heart feel as warm as spring.

After snapping the shot, Marco asked me.

[Umm, are there still any Cyanotype Cameras in stock?]

[We’ve sold all of today’s stock. Sorry.]

[I see......]

[What’s the matter? You don’t look well.]

Did he really want to buy Cyanotype Cameras that badly?

[Actually, we’re finally going through with that plan tonight.]

[Cecilia-san is finally......?]


We both lowered our voices in our conversation.

That madam would apparently be slipping out of the mansion tonight.

[I thought I’d take a picture to commemorate our new beginning......]

[In that case, I’ll sell you one of mine. It’s something Michelle asked me for, but I’m sure she’ll understand if I explain to her what’s going on.]

[Is that alright? Thank you very much!]

[In return, show me a picture of that Cecilia-san the next time we meet. I’d like to see what kind of person this woman that Marco considers the most important person in the world looks like.]

[That is...... Someday, if there’s an opportunity......]

Oya, it doesn’t seem like Marco wants to show me.

Even if she’s a wonderful person, it seems like Marco isn’t the type to show off his girlfriend.

But then, Cecilia-san is someone planning to run away from her husband to hide at Marco’s place.

Marco is probably just being wary of various circumstances.

This is what I thought at that time.

Little did I know that these Cyanotype Cameras would eventually be used for something unimaginably sinister.

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