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Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Annoying!


Cecilia and I stepped into the inner areas of the 1st Underground Floor.

[According to the map, we should be there soon, right, Cecilia-san?]

[Yes, just down this hall, turn left and go about 400 meters.]

There we would arrive in a small room, the target of our current trek.

In that room, there is a small red moss growing in the corner of the room, which is apparently a material for Reinforcement Potions.

Up to this point, we had three encounters with monsters.

All of them were weak monsters though, so I defeated them with only my 8-shot pistol.

If things continue as they are, it seems like there will be no need for me to use my Monster Card.

I had prepared an SSSR card just in case, but my fears seemed to be unfounded.

After turning a corner and walking for a while, a rusty iron door appeared in front of me.

[We arrived. It’s this room, right?]

[Yes. Let’s cautiously get in. I will back you up with magic.]


With a pistol at the ready, I kicked the door open with a slam by my foot.

I feel like a detective forcing my way into a closed door.

Inside the small room though————-

[No sign of enemies! I’ve confirmed it’s safe. Arehh?]

There’s something I’m not quite used to seeing in the room.

There’s a blanket on the floor, something that someone may have accidentally left behind.

Well, that’s what I would have thought if I didn’t see other stuff like ropes and lanterns. It seems like some people had made preparations to turn this room into lodging.

[Did someone stay in this place?]

That would be reckless.

Nights in the dungeon are extremely dangerous.

Monsters are strengthened at night, and monsters in the deeper levels also come up in the higher floors.

[For someone to stay overnight in a place like this, they would have to be quite capable or else it would be dangero……]

As I bent down to investigate further, something blocked my nose and mouth.

[ ! ? ]

This is….. a handkerchief?

It kinda…… smells sweet……

As such a thought crossed my mind for a moment, I lost consciousness.

I woke up shivering from the cold.

My head kinda hurts.

I wonder if I caught a cold…… Wait, why the heck am I naked!?

Moreover, I’m tied up!

Eh? Eh?

Did Michelle wake up to a new fetish and she went on a rampage!?

Come to think of it…… This place…… isn’t this the dungeon?

That’s right, I was supposed to be in a small room on the 1st Underground Floor with Cecilia-san.

Unnn, I’m starting to remember what just happened……

[You’re finally awake.]

There was an unfamiliar woman in the dimly lit room.

Could she be Cecilia-san?

In any case, the upper half of Cecilia-san’s body was naked, exposing her large, white breasts.

I involuntarily turned away.

[Wait, what’s going on here? I don’t understand.]

[Ara, you don’t remember? Even though we did a lot of good things together.]

Good things?

No way, we did that all the way!?

……Nah, doesn’t look like that’s the case.

I’m naked, but that’s just my upper body.

The lower half of my body is still properly clothed, and there’s no sign that I have been undressed.

I sighed with relief.

[Fufu, don’t you think it’s too soon for you to be relieved?]

As the woman put on her bra, she provocatively taunted.

[Arehh, you are……]

[Yes, you remember now? I’m the former Queen Consort, Titti.]

There’s no way I’d forget that flashy appearance of hers.

It was Michelle’s little sister, Titti.

[What are you doing this for? Why did you tie me up?]

[You don’t have to be that flustered, I’ve already done what I have to do after all. Our photo shoot is over.]

Saying this, Titti enchantingly smiled.

Three cyanotype photos are tucked between her white fingers.

Those photos don’t seem to have been exposed to sunlight yet, and the cyanotype paper is still black.

What in the world is in those photos?

No, with the current situation, I think I can sort of guess what it is……

[I’ll ask just to make sure, but what photos did you take?]

[It’s quite uncouth to ask such a thing, don’t you think? It’s our act of lovemaking these photos depict after all.]

[Tsk…… You really thought of something vile.]

Titti sharply raised her gaze and walked over to me.

Thereupon, she poked the tip of my nose with her finger.

[Well, all of this is your fault!]

[The heck did we do? All we did was brush off the sparks coming our way. It’s the present King who has brought you two to ruin!]

[Shut up, shut up! Besides, you called me ugly!!!]


Ah…… That really did happen huh, unnn.

[Yeah, I said that, what of it? Isn’t that because you did those horrible things to Michelle?]

[You gotta be kidding me! I’ve been called “evil” and “sly”, all sorts of things before, but that was the first time I’ve been called ugly! That’s the worst insult I’ve ever heard my whole life!]

Is that so?

[And you want to get revenge on Michelle by dragging me into this?]

[That’s right. What do you think will happen if I show this to Sister Michelle? Ahahaha!]

Titti triumphantly laughed.

[You…… sure are annoying.]

[I don’t want Michelle’s boyfriend to tell me that! Of all the people in the world, you’re dating the most annoying woman in the world!

[Michelle isn’t that annoying. She may have that quota of 30 kisses a day and 60 minutes of baby playtime, but she’s not as troublesome as you are!]

[Like heck I’m gonna let that sh*tty joke slide! Ahh, geez, I’m not gonna deal with this!]

Titti put on her jacket and turned to leave.

[Oi, stop right there! Don’t show that picture to Michelle!]

If she does that, Michelle will go berserk with jealousy.

[Of course, I’m gonna show it to her. Why do you think I would strip in a cold place like this? You should just sit there and wait for this country to be destroyed.]

[That’s not all that’s happening!]

[Yeah, a big rift certainly would open between you, wouldn’t it?]

[That’s not it! Does Marco know what you’re planning? If Marco sees something like that……]

Hearing my words, Titti flinched.

It seems like Marco had nothing to do with her plan.

[Marco will get sad, you know?]

[H- Hmph, what does it matter? Marco will forgive me no matter what I do. That’s the kind of man he is after all!]

Titti sulkily turned her head away.

Arehh, perhaps, does she actually care about Marco?

I thought she was just using him, but it seems that their relationship wasn’t just like that.

[You…… You’re being serious about Marco……]

[Like heck that’s the case! He’s more like a pet. I’m just being affectionate to the dog attached to me. A dog who I’ll throw away when I get tired of it. Besides, I won’t need to worry when Marco isn’t going to see it. We’ll be out of this country by the time Michelle unleashes her Maximum Magic.]

Titti snorted in dismissal before leaving the room.

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