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Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Chuutaro


It’s been about an hour since Titti left.

It is cold in the dimly lit dungeon, and with my top half naked, I feel as if I might catch a cold.

I have to quickly do something……

I tried cutting the rope by rubbing it against the raggy stone wall, but it’s not going well.

I probably did manage to cut it somewhat, but with my hands tied behind my back, I can’t even check.

[Ahhh, I’m starving.]

It was almost lunchtime.

If my hands were free, I could eat some of my shop’s goods, but with my hands tied behind my back, that’s not possible.

I heard how monsters seldom spawn in small rooms like this, but is it true?

If they really spawn, I can’t put up any resistance with my current state.

I’ll have to cut this rope as soon as possible……

[Chuu chuu.]


I jumped wide in surprise at the sound of a squeak, but what appeared was a small Dungeon Mouse.

It seems to have entered this room through a hole in the wall.

Although it is considered a monster, they aren’t much different in size from common mice.

These mice don’t attack people out of the blue, so I don’t have to worry about being helplessly attacked, but they do bite people’s fingers when they sleep.

I don’t want to catch some strange disease after getting bitten by them.

[Shoo! Shoo!]

I chased the rodent away with my foot before I went back to cutting the rope.

After rubbing the rope for a while, I tried to pull it apart with greater force.

[Hnnngh! Pfuaahh…… Still no luck huh.]

That freaking Titti, she just had to prepare an unnecessarily sturdy rope.

Breathing heavily for a moment, I tried rearranging my thoughts.

At that moment, the back of my hand touched something bulging in the back pocket of my pants.

What’s this?

Ahh, it’s the leftovers from the kibi dango I fed Merle.

I was about to eat it when Titti came over and put it away, wasn’t I?

Hmm…… Kibi dango?

…………That’s right, with this, couldn’t I tame that Dungeon Mouse!?

Making an effort to bend and contract my arms, I grabbed the kibi dango from my pocket.

Then, I gently called out to the Dungeon Mouse that I had cruelly shooed away earlier.

[Oi, Chuutaro, I’m sorry about earlier. Come here, I’ll give you something good.]

I tore a bite-sized piece out of the kibi dango and held it out to the Dungeon Mouse.


It seemed wary since I had just chased it away with my foot.

[It’s alright, Big Bro isn’t scary, okay? Here, it’s delicious, you know?]

I softly called out to it, using a voice for coaxing cats.

Let’s just put aside whether a voice for coaxing cats can be understood by a mouse.

I’m also desperate here too, okay?


Rather than my actions, the Dungeon Mouse seemed to be attracted by the kibi dango and came closer to me.

It turned its pointed nose upward and repeatedly sniffed the kibi dango’s scent.

[That’s right, you should try some. It’s tasty, you know?]

[Chuu chuu……]

The Dungeon Mouse still seemed wary, but it seemed like it couldn’t resist its appetite anymore, as it finally bit into the kibi dango.

[Alright, you’re doing great. There are still more of those, okay?]

While leaning my neck so much that it hurt, I watched the Dungeon Mouse chomp down on the kibi dango.

Soon, the Dungeon Mouse, its stomach full, sat there and stared at me, not running away.

It seems I’ve successfully tamed it.

[Good, from now on, you’re no longer just a Dungeon Mouse. You’re my servant, Chuutaro. You understand?]


Ohh, it answered.

Humans are beings who view things as they are convenient for them, and even this Dungeon Mouse that I find repulsive seems cute as soon as it can communicate with me.

I’m a kind guy, so I’m not going to ask it to exterminate demons with me.

All I want is for it to somehow help me out with this rope.

[Chuutaro, I’m going to give you your first task: bite off the rope tying my hands with your teeth. Can you do it?]


Chuutaro replied with a single squeak and immediately jumped on the rope that bound me.

I could feel furs crawling around my wrist for a moment, then the rope snapped and I was freed.

[Great job, Chuutaro! Here, I’ll give you all the rest of the kibi dango.]

After generously sharing my kibi dango with it, I sat down on the ground.

I had wasted a lot of time since Titti left.

Where the heck is she now?

Today was the day Michelle was coming back from the deepest part of the dungeon.

However, if the two of them don’t make contact, it should still be possible to prevent a catastrophe.

Taking out a magical stick, which increases a person’s magic power by 30%, I poured the multicolored chocolate beads into my mouth all at once.

[Crunch, crunch, crunch…… Gulp. Alright, Clairvoyance preparations, ready!]

Using my other special skill “Clairvoyance”, I can easily locate Titti’s whereabouts.

I set the keyword to Titti and began my search!

Thereupon, my vision quickly shifted to Yahagi Onsen.

She’s back at Yahagi Onsen huh.

Wait, this is bad. Michelle’s already at the entrance!

Panicking, without even bothering to put my shirt on, I hastily pulled out my most powerful Monster Card.

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