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Chapter 117: 117 Encountering the Salvation Sectist Once More

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117 Encountering the Salvation Sectist Once More

After the squad members were assigned their positions, they were ready to break through.

“Su Bai, don’t fall behind.” Feng Hai chuckled and walked to the front of the group.

Su Bai followed him.

The other members were also ready, no longer as relaxed as before.

“Let’s go, Firebird!”

After getting permission from Captain Huo Hua, Feng Hai immediately took action and led his squad straight to the center of the vine tree.

At the same time, the moment they stepped into the area, vines rose from the ground and launched a fierce attack on the squad.

Feng Hai’s Beast, the Firebird, had strong fire attacks but couldn’t kill the vines immediately. Under Su Bai’s instruction, Bearen cut the burning vines.

The entire process was much faster and smoother than when Bearen was alone.

“Not bad! It seems like our Beasts are quite compatible,” Feng Hai said in surprise.

Bearen’s thunder element and the Firebird’s fire element destroyed all the vines that were attacking.

Soon, the squad reached the middle section, less than 100 meters away from the vine tree.

As an experienced person, Su Bai shouted, “The vines here will be more active. Everyone, be careful!”

Hearing that, everyone immediately slowed down.

“Are you the captain, or am I the captain?” Huo Hua asked, stunned.

The vines wriggled back and forth from the ground, and the number of vines instantly rose to 30 to 40, constantly approaching the squad.

Even Beastmasters experiencing it for the first time felt suffocated by such a strong sense of pressure.

“Lightning Armor!”

At that moment, Bearen activated its armor and stood before Firebird.

With this stance, it was obvious that Bearen wanted to use force.


Bearen’s domineering aura was revealed. It grabbed the vine with one palm and pulled it up by the root with its brutal strength.

Immediately after, Firebird changed its target to the vines approaching Bearen, delaying their attack speed.

Then, when Bearens reacted, it would kill the vines one by one.

Feng Hai and Su Bai’s cooperation was tacit, smooth, and natural.

With Huo Hua’s help, the squad had a smooth journey and encountered no problems.

This was the strength of the Beastmasters in the vanguard.

Even if Su Bai had no experience dealing with it, he could make the proper judgment quickly.

“We’re here! Su Bai, hurry up and destroy the minor magic formation!” Huo Hua shouted.

Right now, they were close to the vine tree. The surrounding vines had an unprecedentedly strong desire to attack. The squad members formed a semi-circle so Su Bai could destroy the vines immediately.

“Be quick. I’ll leave this place to you.” Feng Hai said. After that, he immediately supported his other squadmates.


After that, Bearen and Whitey attacked the vine tree together.

This vine tree was much bigger than the one he had before. Su Bai took a look at it when it was cut open.

He found no Beasts inside, but there were many remains.

‘Tsk, tsk, I thought I could have another bargain.’ Su Bai thought.

But it didn’t matter. It was already beyond Su Bai’s expectation that he could get a top-notch illusion-type Beast in Howl City.

Su Bai immediately ordered Bearen and Whitey to uproot the vine tree.

While they were wreaking havoc on this side, Huo Hua and the others were facing wave after wave of attacks from the vines on the other side. They had a difficult time dealing with the attacks.

The number of vines there was a lot. They came wave after wave, as turbulent as the sea.

However, Squad Nineteenth’s overall strength was strong enough to hold on for more than ten minutes.

Just as everyone was commanding their Beasts to fight, a thin vine suddenly reached the feet of the squad.

“Captain, you have to be careful when we go back.”

“What are you trying to ask?”

“Aren’t you afraid the other squads will try to take him away?”

Feng Hai raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Huo Hua’s brows were tightly knitted together. He felt that Feng Hai’s words were not without reason.

If the other teams in the striker units knew that Su Bai could make the deputy commander of the Seventh Legion and the deputy commander of the Ninth Legion fight to the death, they might do something.

However, they were on a mission. Huo Hua glared at him and scolded, “Focus, don’t be so flippant all day. If you continue like this, you won’t be able to keep your vanguard position.”

“So be it. I’m not suited to be a vanguard, and it’s all because you forced me to.”

“What did you just say?”

“No, no, no, I didn’t say anything.”

Feng Hai laughed awkwardly, then shifted his gaze to the front.

Behind him, Su Bai was breaking the roots of the vine tree, and the squad in front was stopping the vines from approaching. Everything was going on in an orderly manner.

But at that moment, a muffled sound suddenly rang out. Feng Hai immediately looked in the direction of the sound.


Huo Hua’s abdomen was already soaked in blood, but not a single drop of blood had fallen to the ground.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that a thin vine had crept up Huo Hua’s feet and pierced his abdomen.

“Shut up!”

Huo Hua endured the pain and gritted his teeth. “Don’t lower the morale of the military. This small injury is nothing!”

After Huo Hua finished speaking, he grabbed the vine and pulled it out of his abdomen.

Feng Hai, beside him, could not bear to look at it.

Although Feng Hai had never been serious, he still respected Huo Hua.

“Huff…” Huo Hua took a deep breath, and a cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He continued, “Act as if nothing has happened and act according to the original plan.”


“Are you disobeying a military order?”

“No, sir.”

Feng Hai looked behind him worriedly. If he told them about the squad leader’s injury, it would definitely cause the squad to be nervous and make a mistake.

It would be an ominous development for the Nineteenth Squad.

Luckily, Su Bai came back with good news. The root of the vine tree was broken, and Bearen broke the slab with a minor magic formation with one palm.


Su Bai turned around and walked to Feng Hai and Huo Hua. At the same time, he noticed the blood on the captain’s abdomen.

“Don’t worry, it’s a small problem. Now that we’ve destroyed the slab, it’s time to retreat,” Huo Hua forced a smile.

“Yes, sir!”

Su Bai realized that the situation was a little strange. He immediately rushed to the front of the squad with Bearen and took over the most stressful position with Feng Hai.

Without the minor magic formation, the vine’s life force rapidly declined.

The Nineteenth Squad had escaped from danger without much effort. Just as everyone was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Huo Hua suddenly collapsed on the ground. He clutched his stomach tightly and looked like he was in pain.


The squad members who didn’t know what was happening saw this scene and were instantly stunned.

They had been so focused on their surroundings that they did not notice when Huo Hua had been injured.

“Quiet down!”

However, at that moment, Zhu Di, who was in charge of bringing up the rear, said, “Captain, we just left, and the Salvation Sectists came over. It seems like they didn’t notice us.”

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