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Chapter 118: 118 The Magic Formation’s Third Phase!

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118 The Magic Formation’s Third Phase!

“Are you certain?”

“Yes, sir. I’m sure!”

Huo Hua endured the pain and crouched down.”They haven’t discovered us. This is an excellent opportunity!”

“An opportunity?” Feng Hai was stunned for a moment. “Captain, you’re already in this state. Why are you talking about an opportunity? Hurry and go back to treat your injuries. Although you can stop the bleeding temporarily, once…”

“There’s no time!”

Huo Hua’s expression was serious as he said, “The minor magic formation has been destroyed, so they will take action. We might be able to follow the Salvation Sectist to their base.”

Hearing that, the crowd had a general idea of what Huo Hua meant.

This was indeed a once-in-a-thousand-years opportunity.

As long as they could find the Salvation Sect’s base in the danger zone, they could follow the clues to the major magic formation.

The military’s biggest headache did not know where the Salvation Sect had placed the major magic formation. The crisis could be resolved quickly as long as they could find it.

“I’ve already thought it through.” Huo Hua looked down and smiled. “Su Bai will be the temporary captain of this operation. Zhu Di, you will be the deputy captain and assist Su Bai.”


No one could believe their ears.

Huo Hua had let a newbie who had only been here for less than a month be the temporary team leader. Even Zhu Di thought that he was hallucinating.

Even Su Bai himself was surprised, but he didn’t object.

Time waited for no one, so Huo Hua quickly assigned them other tasks.

The small squad split into two groups.

One group was led by Su Bai and Zhu Di, with the other five people escorting Huo Hua back to the camp.

They were now in the depths of the danger zone and could be attacked by the Beasts at any time.

“Su Bai, you have to be careful.” Feng Hai reminded sternly.

Feng Hai had been assigned to the escort team, but he was still worried about Su Bai.

“Don’t worry, I have Zhu Di to assist me.” Su Bai nodded and smiled.

Then, the two groups separated.

“I found them. They’ve already started moving.” The scouting Beastmaster in the squad reported, “There were only two of them, and they walked a little fast. They must have noticed that the minor magic formation was destroyed but didn’t find us.”

“Yes. Let’s follow them.” Su Bai nodded and said, after some thought.

No matter where the Salvation Sect’s Beastmasters went, they would at least be able to find a stronghold.

Su Bai led the squad and followed them closely, but he was afraid of alerting the enemy, so he chose to have the scouting Beastmaster’s Beast keep an eye on them.

They kept a distance of at least two hundred meters.

Half an hour had passed, and they had never stopped. There were even a few times when they had taken the same path twice. Their anti-detection awareness was relatively high.

“They’ve stopped.” The scouting Beastmaster’s latest report. “They’ve stopped by a pool. It looks like they’re resting.”

“What do we do?” Zhu Di tilted her head and looked at Su Bai.

There were only two possibilities for the other party not returning to the base.

The first possibility was that the other party had already noticed they were being followed, so they were stalling for time.

The second possibility was that their original decision was influenced by the anti-detection was high, so he had not returned for a long time.

Based on Su Bai’s information, more was needed to determine its possibility.

“I’ll go and gather some information. You guys wait here.” Su Bai said.

Their goal was to find the base of the Salvation Sect, and now that they were in a deadlock, they needed more information before they could take their next step.

Otherwise, they would only be on the passive side.

On the battlefield, it was always a disadvantage to be passive.

“No, what if you’re discovered?” A team member objected.

“Are you sure about this? We’re not short on time right now, so we don’t need to take too much of a risk.” Zhu Di asked.

“Don’t worry. We’ve been in a passive situation. If we fall into the ambush of the Salvation Sect, we have to take the initiative to attack to seize control.” Su Bai smiled calmly.

“Understood. Be careful,” said Zhu Di.

As the deputy captain, Zhu Di knew how dangerous it was to get too close.

But as Su Bai said, they followed him in the same dangerous situation without thinking.

Then Su Bai began to approach the pool. When he was less than a hundred meters away, he summoned Dream Larva from his Beast Space.

“Use Invisibility!”

The A-Level skill took effect, and the Dream Larva disappeared with Su Bai.

Su Bai wouldn’t dare to get close to the rescue party’s Beastmasters if it wasn’t for the Dream Larva.

Su Bai gradually got closer to the two people by the pool using the invisible state.

“F*ck, I’ve been tired of living these few days.” A thin and weak Beastmaster by the pond complained. “When will these days of running around come to an end?”

“Enough nonsense!”

The man in the bamboo hat opposite him scolded, “The minor magic formation that we were responsible for guarding is gone, and you can’t escape responsibility!”

“You can’t blame me for this. You clearly had a stomach ache too.”

“Nonsense, I have to report this to the elders.”


The emaciated man suddenly quivered and asked weakly, “The minor magic formation is gone. Will we be disposed of?

“I heard that two days ago, someone dozed off, causing the minor magic formation to become unstable and break down. He was then fed to the Beasts.”

Just the thought of that scene was enough to make one’s hair stand on end.

“Ha, that fool did bad things and wanted to escape, so he was dealt with by the elders. If you want to escape, you can try.”

“I don’t dare to!”

The emaciated man swallowed his saliva and said, “I heard that the commotion this time is quite big. I wonder how the young lord is doing. What kind of scale will the magic formation’s third phase be? It should be soon, right? ”

“If you want to live, don’t say such things.”

“I know. You’re really a taciturn person …”

The emaciated man didn’t ask for a rebuff and continued to rest against the tree trunk.

However, in an open space less than three meters away from him, Su Bai pricked up his ears and heard everything.

From the content of the discussion, the squad’s whereabouts were not discovered, and at the same time, there was an unexpected gain.

“The magic formation’s third phase… And a young lord…” Su Bai narrowed his eyes and started to retreat quietly.

‘There was no doubt that the magic formation they were talking about was the major magic formation. Then, the third phase … It just meant that Howl City’s current crisis was the second phase!’ Su Bai thought.

Long ago, Howl City had already discovered the situation of the Beasts falling into a rampage. Then the vines suddenly wreaked havoc on the plains.

Clearly, there was a clear boundary between the two phases.

The current situation was only the second phase of the magic formation.

Su Bai couldn’t imagine what kind of purgatory Howl City would become.

From what the emaciated man had said, the third phase of the magic formation was about to be completed.

This was definitely important information.

As for who their young lord was, Su Bai was not interested and had no way to find out.

After Su Bai backed off for more than 100 meters, he immediately ran toward the squad.

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