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Chapter 131: 131 Gu Yan’s Decision

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131 Gu Yan’s Decision

“This fellow has really learned the third tier of Conductus!”

In the hall, Great Ming City’s vice governor, Nuo Wa’s expression was grave.

It was only a suspicion before, but the battle to kill the Mountaincroc confirmed everyone’s suspicions, and it was even unexpected!

“Although Mountaincrocs are lazy, they have an extreme defensive advantage. Ordinary Silver-level Beastmasters would need quite some time to kill one.”

“That’s right, this young man is not simple.”

“More than 30 Mountaincrocs were killed in half an hour…One per minute?”

“Gu Yan, you’re really good at hiding things. We’ve never heard of this young man named Su Bai.”

The crowd was in a heated discussion, sighing that Su Bai was definitely a strong competitor this year.

As the governor of Los Monstaria, Gu Yan smiled indifferently.

Then, he beckoned his subordinates over and whispered a few words.

Soon, Su Bai’s image on the big screen changed to other Beastmasters.

“You’re so petty, you’re using your tricks so quickly.”

“That’s right, it’s not like I’m going to steal your people.”

The surrounding governors all shook their heads, secretly disappointed.

This was a privilege that every main city had. They could restrict a member of their main city from being broadcasted live.

It could be considered protecting the Beastmaster’s personal information.

After all, in this world, a Beastmaster’s methods were equivalent to a trump card.

With all his trump cards seen, it would be as easy as flipping his hand to counter it.

Gu Yan had heard of Su Bai’s name three months ago and even learned about the battle of Howl City.

Gu Yan’s thoughts were originally unstable. But he had become determined at that moment.

‘Su Bai, don’t let me down. The future of Los Monstaria in the next five years depends on you.’

Gu Yan looked at the big screen, deep in thought.

This was a gamble, and whether Su Bai could succeed or not depended on whether Gu Yan’s vision was right.

On the other hand, Su Bai was riding on Bearen’s shoulder and charging forward.

Of course, Su Bai didn’t know that the governor, Gu Yan, had already given him such an important task. Even if he did, he would have just laughed it off.

They stopped and walked for the entire morning.

Su Bai didn’t see any other Beastmasters except for the Beasts.

He was already far ahead in his progress.

Su Bai was also happy and relaxed as if he was on an outing.

Su Bai sat on Bearen’s shoulder and took deep breaths to train. He was already showing signs of breaking through to the fourth tier.

If the people following behind him found out about this, they would probably vomit blood on the spot.

They had studied so hard and were still a long way from the second tier, but Su Bai had left them so far behind that they couldn’t even see the tail lights of the car.

There was no map to the Spiral Realm, but Huo Hua had told him.

There was another way to obtain the map, but Su Bai had to find this method himself.

About half an hour later, Su Bai ran into another group of Beasts, but they were obviously different from those lazy ones.

Name: Sprite Fox

Level: Mid-6 Gold

Potential: Mid Gold

Talent: Hallucination (Outstanding)

Element: None

Nature: Gentle

Skills: Sprite Look (B-Level), Swift Move (C-Level), Sprite Tail (A-Level)

The Beast was regarded as the typical illusion-type Beast, but they were also very precious.

The Sprite Fox in the lead was the highest level, Mid-6 Gold level and it had four tails behind!

The Sprite Fox was a Beast that was growing in stages. The more tails it had, the stronger it was.

To be able to grow four tails at the Gold level, one would already be considered one of the best in its group.

But different from other Beasts, they were not hostile to Su Bai. On the contrary, they bowed their heads politely.

“Welcome, Lord Beastmaster.”

The leading Sprite Fox spoke in human language.

“You can talk?”

Su Bai was quite surprised. There were many Beasts that could speak human language, but it was rare for Gold-level Beasts to do so.

Unless, the Sprite Fox was not a wild one.

“Lord Beastmaster, please don’t laugh at me. I was originally Lord Lin Feng’s Beast.”

The Sprite Fox explained its background politely.

A hundred years ago, Lin Feng had taken the Sprite Fox in as his Beast. After many trials and tribulations, it had given birth to four tails. At the same time, it had fully unleashed its potential.

After that, Lin Feng died battling his enemy in a battle. The Sprite Fox wasn’t.

It didn’t surrender to any other Beastmasters after that and entered the Spiral Realm by chance.

“This is the challenge point. You will receive a reward after completing the challenge.”

“Interesting.” Su Bai nodded.

There were challenge points set up in every part of the Spiral Realm, especially for the Beastmasters who entered to train.

The team led by the Sprite Fox was undoubtedly specially prepared for the Beastmasters who specialized in illusions. The challenge was also an A-rank, a rare challenge.

“Are you alone, Lord Beastmaster?”

“That’s right.”

“I’ll give you a piece of advice. The challenge is related to illusions. I’m afraid it’s difficult to complete it alone. It’s safer to find a companion to challenge it with.”

The Sprite Fox, who had lived for more than a hundred years, spoke gently.

“There’s no way to succeed without an illusion-type Beast?”

“That’s right.”

“That’s easy. I have an illusion-type Beast and I’m willing to accept the challenge!”

“Then please summon the Beast, my lord.”

“It’s not convenient for it to come out at the moment.”

Su Bai smiled, sat cross-legged on the ground, and leaned on Bearen.

Currently, in the Beast Space, Dream Larva’s cocoon had not moved for a long time. However, after entering the Spiral Realm, there was actually a faint movement.

A tiny crack appeared on the temporarily white cocoon thread.

He made a bold guess that the Dream Larva would break out of the cocoon soon.

As for what it would turn into, to be honest, Su Bai had no idea.

During his time in the military camp, he had also flipped through all manners of books, but none of them had any information related to the Dream Larva species.

There was no helping it. The Dream Larva was extremely special, to begin with.

The relevant records were only a few words, and there was no need to think about the direction of evolution.

There was nothing. It was because of that, Su Bai was looking forward to the transformation of Dream Larva.

Now that he had found an A-rank challenge, it happened to be related to illusions.

It felt like a free lunch to Su Bai. There was no reason for him to not want it.

He could roughly guess that the cocoon would be broken at least today, so Su Bai didn’t mind waiting.

“Since Lord Beastmaster is willing, we have no right to refuse.”

The Sprite Fox jumped back lightly, and the other Sprite Foxes were already in position. The illusion skill was about to be activated.

However, Su Bai was still sitting on the ground without moving.

“My Lord, what are you…” The Sprite Fox was puzzled.

“There’s no rush. I only agreed to the challenge, but I didn’t say when.”

“W-Well, that’s within the boundary of the rules.”

“Is there a time limit?”

“12 hours. Exceeding this period will result in elimination.”

“Then let’s wait and see.”

Su Bai stretched, lay on the furry Bearen, and closed his eyes.

That caused the Sprite Fox to be at a loss.

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