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Chapter 132: 132 The A-Rank Challenge

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132 The A-Rank Challenge

The Sprite Fox had never encountered such a situation in the previous Spiral Realms.

But since it was in line with the rules, they could only wait for Su Bai to begin the challenge.

In the blink of an eye, two hours passed. The Beastmasters who were left behind were already rushing over.

This group of people was mostly covered in injuries.

Under the rules of the Spiral Realm, those who could persist until here were already considered outstanding.

There were even more people who had fallen behind and had not come.

Only two teams came to the challenge first. They saw Su Bai sleeping on the ground and a group of Sprite Foxes.

“Captain, there are actually people who arrived earlier than us!”

“Why is this guy sleeping on the ground? Don’t tell me you’ve been charmed by that group of foxes!”

“What are you all talking about? You’ll understand once you see what level the Sprite Fox is.”

“F*ck, it’s Gold-level!”

When the two teams saw this, they wanted to turn around and run.

This was too much of a scam!

Along the way, when they encountered Bronze-level Beasts, they had to weigh their options and avoid fighting if possible.

If they want to fight, they have to cultivate their Conductus to remove the rules of the Spiral Realm.

They were already in such a state when facing a Bronze-level Beast, let alone a Gold-level Sprite Fox!

If they were given ten times the courage, they didn’t dare to provoke the Beasts they shouldn’t.

“No wonder that guy fainted. He’s so pitiful.”

Some people were full of sympathy for Su Bai.

After being pinned down by a Gold-level Sprite Fox and losing consciousness, he was like a fish on a board!

However, they had overlooked Bearen behind Su Bai.

Bearen did not fight to its heart’s content after entering the Spiral Realm. It finally encountered the Mountaincrocs that could take a beating, but they were all killed by Whitey.

Right now, it only wanted to have a grand battle with the Sprite Fox.

But Su Bai didn’t give any instructions, so it could only stare at the Sprite Fox.

The Sprite Fox had been stared at for two hours, and it was also muttering in its heart.

‘Why did this bear look like it wanted to beat me up?’

“Ahem. There’s no need to panic, my fellow Beastmasters. This is the trial site for A-rank challenges.”

Seeing that the group of people was about to leave, the Sprite Fox immediately spoke.

“F*ck, a talking Beast!”

“An A-rank challenge point?!”

“The first challenge we are facing is an A-rank. Isn’t this too much?”

The two teams had put in a lot of effort before coming here. They knew that there were challenges for everyone to gain experience in the Spiral Realm.

Therefore, they were not surprised at all.

“It’s an A-level challenge. I bet the rewards will definitely be good!”

“Yes, indeed!”

“Captain, we must accept the challenge first, or else…” Someone spoke into his ear. “Before I came here, a senior who had participated in the Spiral Realm advised me to fight in the A-rank challenge if I could. Otherwise, someone else will do it before me. If I want to meet him again, it’ll all be up to chance.”

There were many C-rank and B-rank challenges in the Spiral Realm, and the difficulty was different.

However, for these Silver-Level Beasts, it was only a matter of time before they completed the challenge.

An A-rank challenge was completely different.

According to the information from the previous batch of Beastmasters who participated in the Spiral Realm, some of them hadn’t even seen an A-rank challenge before.

If the challenger failed, he would lose his qualification and could only leave the stage dejectedly.

The benefits the Beastmasters who succeeded in challenging others would receive made the others extremely envious.

Therefore, among the words they taught the younger generation, there was one that said, “It’s not like you’ll lose anything if you challenge it. What if you pass?”

“But we’re currently being suppressed by the laws of the Spiral Realm.”

The team leader frowned and said, “The Sprite Fox is a Gold-level Beast. The challenge is bound to be difficult. It’s impossible to challenge it while it’s safe.”

“What if someone else gets there first?”

That person immediately became anxious. He secretly pointed to another team and said, “Look at them. I don’t know what they’re discussing right now. What if they sneaked away…”

“That’s right, Captain. It’s fine if you fail the challenge, but what if you fail?”

“That’s right!”

The team members showed a strong desire to accept the challenge. As the team leader, after thinking about it, he couldn’t resist the temptation.

However, just as he was about to accept the challenge, the leader of the other team was one step ahead and sprinted to the Sprite Fox.

“O’ Sprite Fox, I’m willing to accept the challenge!”

“Teng Yuan!”

“I’m sorry. This is a rare opportunity. Please let me have a moment. Everyone, thanks for your care. We’ll get into this mess first and we’ll let you know what the problem is if we fail.” Teng Yuan sneered.

His words sounded pretty, but the meaning behind them was not necessarily the same.

The captain’s face was livid as if he had lost a fortune on the road. He gritted his teeth and threatened, “If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for being cruel.”

“What do you want to do?”

“If we fight, both sides will suffer!” Teng Yuan said vigilantly.

“So what?”

“Good! Since we’ve shed all pretenses of cordiality, then no one should even think about touching this challenge!”

The Beastmasters on both sides were daggers drawn, no one willing to give in.

After all, they all knew the value of the A-rank challenge.

The Sprite Fox felt a little tired as the situation changed.

It immediately stood up and said, “Let’s not fight like this. The challenge has already been initiated by Lord Beastmaster. You’re all latecomers. You can’t start the challenge.”

Everyone was speechless.

After quarreling for a long time, they almost fought.

In the end, they found out that someone else had already taken the challenge.

It was like playing a big joke on them.

“F*ck you, kid. How long do you want to sleep? If you want a challenge, hurry up!”

“You’re a dog in the manger!”

“Quickly wake up. If you don’t wake up, don’t blame us for beating you up!”

A second ago, they were ready to tear each other apart, but the next second, the two teams were on the same line.

Su Bai had already woken up on Bearen.

He was also waiting for a good show, but now he couldn’t watch the fun anymore. He immediately pretended to yawn, opened his eyes, and said, “What’s the matter?”

Upon hearing that, the two teams almost lost their heads in anger.

Not only did he refuse the challenge, he even had the face to ask.

“Are you going to accept the challenge or not? Do you dare to accept an A-Class challenge by yourself? Do you have any shame?”

“That’s right, if you know what’s good for you, then give up!”

“Everyone minds their own business. If you don’t want to get beaten up, then get lost!”

“That’s right!”

More than a dozen pairs of eyes were staring at Su Bai. They were all anxious.

The more time passed, it wouldn’t be long before other Beastmasters discovered the A-rank challenge.

At that time, it wouldn’t just be this group of people who would need to compete. There would be even more competitors.

“No rush, I’m not ready yet.”

“I’ll take the challenge when I’m ready.” Su Bai smiled indifferently.

“You son of a…”

The two teams glared at Su Bai with gritted teeth. Some of them were even ready to fight.

However, the Sprite Fox stood up and stopped the crowd, “Outsiders are not allowed to interfere with the challenger. Otherwise, I’ll be taking action later.”

Upon seeing that, everyone stood rooted to the ground.

“But he didn’t challenge it!”

“It’s the same even if you accept the challenge.”

“Where did such a ridiculous rule come from?”

“You can get the explanation of the rules set by the owner of the Spiral Realm.”

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