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Chapter 144: 144 The Mysterious Old Man

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144 The Mysterious Old Man

Xuanyuan Hong and the others did not dare to be careless in the face of the Beasts that had appeared out of nowhere, but they did not want to let Lu Ci go either.

They immediately chose to surround and attack.

“Lu Ci, when I catch you, I’ll definitely crush your bones!” Zhu Hong angrily rebuked.

Facing the provocation, Lu Ci laughed wildly. His laughter made everyone’s scalps tingle as if he had gone mad.

“Be careful, these Beasts are not weak. We have to work together to have a chance. Give it your best shot!” Xuanyuan Hong said softly.

The others looked at each other and understood that they couldn’t be careless.

Lu Ci was actually not weak. However, due to the special characteristics of the Phoenix Eagle, it did not share its strength with Lu Ci.

As a result, Lu Ci’s physical fitness was much worse than the others.

However, one should not underestimate Lu Ci’s strength.

“Surround and attack him!”

“I’ll hold off this group of Beasts!”


Everyone came to an agreement. The Beasts that were accompanying them started to move.

A strange white light flashed.

Lu Ci was still extremely crazy as he shouted, “Ignorant fools. Crush them!”

A few Beasts moved out instantly and fought with the crowd’s Beasts.

The moment the battle started, Xuanyuan Hong and the others finally realized that these Beasts were all at the High-Silver level! That explained why the Beasts were able to save Lu ci so easily.


After a few rounds, one of their Beasts died on the spot.

The Beast was bitten into bloody pieces and blood splattered everywhere. The man spat out a mouthful of blood after suffering the backlash.

At the same time, the others were not having a good time either. In the beginning, they could still resist for a while.

However, when the Beasts reacted, the Beastmasters completely lost the initiative and could only resist with all their might.

“Don’t waste your energy. By the way, you seem to have some teleportation metal cube with you, right?” Lu Ci laughed hideously.

Everyone’s expression changed and they immediately reached into their pockets.

“What’s going on? Why is it gone?!”

“Impossible! When was it stolen?”

“Thief, I dare you to try and kill us!”

Everyone’s reaction was extremely strong. The metal cube that could teleport them out of the Spiral Realm was their last resort.

But now, it had completely disappeared.

“Hehe.” Lu Ci sneered. Then, a black shadow appeared beside him.

It was the Nether Ghost that could travel between reality and illusion.

The Nether Ghost’s advantage did not lie in its combat ability, but in its ability to turn into an illusory state and wander around the world.

It can only be dealt with by a special method. Otherwise, there was no way to create a wall to block the Nether Ghosts.

The moment they saw the Nether Ghost, everyone already knew what had happened.

Without a last resort, the only thing left was to risk their life!

“Lu Ci, go to hell!” Xuanyuan Hong charged forward with all his might, accompanied by his Beast.

However, it was too late. Xuanyuan Hong was stopped by a large Beast.

Just as Xuanyuan Hong was about to fight to the death, a voice suddenly rang out.


A hoarse voice sounded, and everyone turned their heads.

It was an old man over 70 years old, sitting on the back of a huge Black Tortoise, facing the crowd.

“Who are you, sir?” Xuanyuan Hong broke out in a cold sweat.

It was not a good sign for an individual who was not a trial-taker to appear in the Spiral Realm.

“Don’t you want to enter the Second Heaven? I can take you there. You don’t have to blame that young friend. I asked him to bring you all here.” The old man chuckled.


“I knew you. You’re with him!”

The others’ hearts skipped a beat. Lu Ci and a few Beasts were hard enough to deal with. Now, a mysterious old man had suddenly appeared.

“All of you are so hot-blooded, why don’t you all listen to me?” The old man was calm and said slowly. “The Second Heaven does exist, and this is the entrance. Lu Ci didn’t lie to you.”

“However… His methods are indeed a little extreme.”

“It’s more than extreme! Judging from his momentum, he’s obviously going to use us as a sacrifice!” the crowd shouted indignantly.


Hearing that, the old man laughed. “Hahaha, there’s no need for sacrifices to enter the Second Heaven. All we need to do is find the entrance.”

The sudden change made everyone even more cautious.

They could not guarantee that the old man was telling the truth.

“If I wanted to kill you, I would’ve done it long ago. Why would I waste my time with you?”

“Sir, are you saying that you are bringing us into the Second Heaven?” Xuanyuan Hong asked politely.

Any Beastmaster could never resist the temptation to take control of a Spiral Realm. But it was obviously a trap!

“Whether you want to enter or not, it’s up to you, my friends. I won’t stop you from leaving.”

The old man’s words made everyone fall into silence.

But soon, someone raised his hand and chose to leave.

He was the Beastmaster whose Beast had died in battle. Since he had lost his Beast, he had lost the ability to protect himself.

It was a wise move to withdraw at this time.

“Everyone, I’m not blessed enough to enjoy this opportunity. Let’s meet again if we’re fated to.”

After he finished speaking, he left without turning his head.

Seeing the Beastmaster left, the old man stroked his beard and asked, “Is there anyone else who is leaving?”

“We need some time,” said Xuanyuan Hong. After that, he pulled everyone to the side and began to discuss.

Just then, Su Bai noticed something was wrong. He sent Whitey to leave the round-plate floor and catch up with the leaving Beastmaster.

At that moment, Xuanyuan Hong and the others finished their discussion.

“Sir, I’m being frank here. We have no reason to believe a stranger’s words, and we have no reason to hand ourselves over to the unknown Second Heaven.”

Xuanyuan Hong’s words were clear. Everyone had lost their last resort. They didn’t dare to take the risk of believing an old man’s words, and they didn’t dare to step into the Second Heaven.

The situation had changed too quickly.

Just a second ago, they were still trying to force Lu Ci to tell them the method to enter the Second Heaven. Now, the old man was willing to bring them in, but they were backing out.

“Hmm, you’re not wrong.” The old man nodded and waved at the Nether Ghost. “Return the things to them.”

The Nether Ghost immediately disappeared and waited for a moment.

The metal cubes that had disappeared from everyone’s pockets returned.

“I still have one more thing to ask.”

“I’m listening.”

“Can the metal cube be used in the Second Heaven?”

Xuanyuan Hong’s expression was solemn.

He was trying to observe the old man’s words and actions. If there was anything wrong, he would immediately turn around and leave.

“Of course.” the old man smiled. “This is a treasure refined by countless Beastmasters using spatial-type methods. The rules of the Spiral Realm can’t restrict it at all. Don’t worry about that.”

Xuanyuan Hong nodded, weighing the pros and cons.

Just then, Whitey returned to Su Bai’s side and its tender voice sounded in his mind, “That Beastmaster is dead. He was cut in two by a Darkboa.”

Su Bai was a little surprised.

On one hand, the man’s death proved that the old man’s words were false, but more importantly, the man’s death was exactly the same as the body found in the pool!

As for how the Darkboa used the cutting attack, it was not the time to investigate.

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