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Chapter 145: 145 The Spiral Realm's Past

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145 The Spiral Realm’s Past

The old man answered all the questions of Xuanyuan Hong and the others sincerely.

Everyone was eyeing the Spiral Realm’s Second Heaven, but at the same time, they were also aware of the hidden risks.

It was how the world was, opportunity and danger coexisted.

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

“Sir, please lead the way.” Xuanyuan Hong bowed.

The people behind Xuanyuan Hong also saluted and wanted to see the so-called Second Heaven.

“Come, let’s go.” the old man nodded with a smile. He led Lu Ci to the back of the stone plate, followed by the others.

Their current position was close to the edge of the Spiral Realm, and the path was barren.

There wasn’t even a blade of grass here, let alone Beasts.

It was hard to imagine the entrance to the Second Heaven was here.

“It can’t be a trap, right?”

“Stop mumbling!”

The crowd was a little nervous.

Su Bai, who was following them, kept a distance of twenty meters from the main group so that he could react immediately if something happened.

Not long after, the old man reached out and said to everyone, “We’re here. This is the entrance to the Second Heaven. Are you ready, my young friends?”

Everyone’s eyes were a little dull because there was nothing in the place the old man pointed at. It was like a joke.


Seeing that everyone was confused, the old man raised his head and laughed, “The entrance was a secret of the Spiral Realm, so you can’t see it. But don’t worry, just follow me.”

After that, the old man and Lu Ci stepped forward.

In an instant, the two disappeared as if they had passed through a light screen.

The others looked at each other and immediately followed, disappearing into the light screen together.

Su Bai secretly asked Dream Wing to confirm that this was not an area created by illusion.

“He’s too passive.” Su Bai’s intuition as a soldier warned him not to step into it.

Su Bai’s intuition as a soldier warned him not to step into it.

‘Who was the old man? Why did he appear in the Spiral Realm? What was his relationship with Lu Ci?’

There were too many doubts for Su Bai to reach a conclusion.

However, the previous information at least explained one thing. The old man and Lu Ci had other plans for the group.

And because the old man was afraid of leaking the news, he killed the Beastmaster who left.

“Dream Wing, shield me with the Mirror of Illusion.”

Soon, Su Bai was covered by a thin curtain of shadow.

With Invisibility and a layer of Mirror of Illusion enveloped, it acted as double insurance.

After that, Su Bai entered the light screen without any hesitation.

Su Bai opened his eyes in surprise as he felt a wave of energy penetrate his body.

“It’s so beautiful! There’s actually such a place suitable for living in the Spiral Realm! It’s like a micro world!” someone exclaimed.

Xuanyuan Hong and the others were on a cliff. They looked down at the dense forest below, the birds flying in the sky, and the beautiful deer drinking water.

Looking further away, there was a huge lake that was divided into many small streams that flowed in all directions.

Just as that person had said, the Second Heaven was like a micro world, with hundreds and thousands of species of Beasts. They had already formed a balance and lived together in the Second Heaven.

“Well?” the old man asked. “Compared to the barren land in the First Heaven, this place is like the heavenly earth.”

“Sir, why…”

“You’re asking why the governors didn’t discover such a place?”

“That’s right.”

The current owner of the Spiral Realm was not the original owner but was jointly controlled by the governors of the major cities.

Even though they were all from large families, they had no way of knowing the reason.

There was definitely no main city that would not be tempted by such a vast world.

The old man laughed proudly, “The Spiral Realm was originally snatched away by that group of people. The fact that the Second Heaven has not been discovered for so many years shows that those governors are short-sighted!”

Although everyone was dissatisfied to hear that their governor was being slandered, their curiosity was piqued.

“Sir, what do you mean by that?”

“No rush. The road down the mountain is still long. I can tell you slowly.”

The old man was still the first to walk, and then he told the story to everyone.

The owner of the Spiral Realm was originally a Beastmaster from a small city.

During a mission, he coincidentally encountered an ownerless Spiral Realm and used the opportunities in the Spiral Realm to help his Beast improve greatly.

That Beastmaster went from Silver level to Gold level in a single leap.

Although his level wasn’t high, for a small city, it was undoubtedly an additional powerhouse.

Unfortunately, someone betrayed him and the secrets of the Spiral Realm were leaked.

It attracted the attention of the major cities around.

Under pressure, the governor of the small city forced the Beastmaster to hand over the Spiral Realm and the rest was history.

A Gold-level Beastmaster might seem impressive, but when faced with the combined forces of the other major cities, even a Platinum-level Beastmaster would have to bow their head obediently.

So that Beastmaster gave in. But, an accident happened on the day of the handover.

That Beastmaster directly opened up the Spiral Realm, instantly crushing the few powerhouses Beastmasters nearby to death.

Then, without waiting for the others to react, he entered the Spiral Realm alone.

“What happened after that?”

“After that…” the old man snorted coldly. “The governors of the major cities have suffered a double loss. How could they let this matter rest? So, they sent countless experts to create a hole in the Spiral Realm to find that Beastmaster.

“However, the Spiral Realm was, after all, in the possession of that Beastmaster, so the search was futile, and the Spiral Realm was taken away by force.”

That was the whole story.

However, this also meant that before one had the strength, having a treasure that would make others jealous would definitely attract a fatal disaster.

Everyone fell silent after hearing the whole story.

There was no doubt that their family was among the group of people who had tried to snatch the Spiral Realm back then.

“Don’t worry, I don’t know that Beastmaster. Although I sympathize with him, I’m not stupid enough to avenge him.” the old man laughed heartily.

Then, the old man pointed to the grave not far away and said, “Look, that’s the Beastmaster’s gravestone. When I accidentally came in years ago, I couldn’t bear to see his corpse exposed in the wild, so I buried him.”

There was not a single word on the gravestone. Since the old man didn’t know the name of the Beastmaster, he decided to keep it simple.

Everyone looked at the gravestone. Some people bowed respectfully, while others were full of disdain.

Su Bai was hiding in the shadows. Although he felt sorry for the Beastmaster the old man was talking about, it didn’t cause too much of a stir.

This was how the world was, the strong were respected!

Su Bai was more concerned about the purpose of the old man leading them into the Second Heaven.

It was impossible to say for that old man wished to vindicate that Beastmaster.

What was even more puzzling was the identity of this old man.

“We’re almost there.”

At that moment, the old man pointed to a place in the distance and said, “That’s our destination. You’ll know what it is when the time comes.”

Everyone’s spirits were lifted when they heard that.

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