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Chapter 160: 160 A Brutal Growth

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160 A Brutal Growth

Near the town of First Heaven, the Beasts were retreating.

Although the younger generation of Beastmasters didn’t know the reason, they knew they had won the battle!

“We’ve won!”

“A bunch of trash, I’m not satisfied yet!”

“That’s great, we’ve finally made it!”

“Hahaha, victory!”

Instantly, the entire town was filled with cheers. But what followed was a sense of sorrow.

Some of them squatted on the ground and looked at the bodies of their teammates who were still alive in the past. They couldn’t help but cry.

The emotions that had been suppressed for a long time burst out at this moment like a flood.

In that battle, it was also the first time most people experienced a life-and-death battle.

They had never clearly experienced the brutal killing. This was a feeling that they could not experience from reading books.

However, it was also because of this disaster that made every young lad and lass’s eyes more determined and fierce.

Growth was often that cruel and simple.

“We did it.” Xuanyuan Hong’s body was covered in blood, and his arm was wrapped in bandages.

He looked at the wreckage of the town and realized that he gained a lot from it.

Soon, everyone, led by Xuanyuan Hong, began to quickly organize the rescue of the injured and the construction of a temporary residence.

In the town of the Spiral Realm, an unusual scene took place. Everyone stopped fighting and expressed their willingness to help one another.

In the real world, all the governors of major cities in the meeting hall were full of praise when they saw that scene.

“What a good generation of young people.”

“That’s right. After this battle, it’s a real experience for them to grow.”

“But it’s still too early. They shouldn’t have gone through that. It’s us…”

This cruel disaster allowed the young Beastmasters who survived to grow up, but those who died were unable to leave the Spiral Realm.

“Pass my order, those who died in the line of duty will be given a generous pension. At the same time, we will also present a Medal of Bravery of the Great Ming City!” the governor said in a deep voice.

As for the aftermath of the incident, no one had any objections.

The Medal of Bravery had always been awarded to those who died in the line of duty, and they, who had died in the Spiral Realm, were worthy of receiving it.

“But why did the Beasts suddenly retreat?” one of the higher-ups voiced his doubts suddenly. “Could it be that they’re preparing to go back and recuperate? After all, their weakness has been discovered, so they’re preparing for an even fiercer counterattack?”

“How much longer will it take for the Spiral Realm’s passage to open?!”

“We can’t delay any longer!”

“That’s right, Mr. Governor of Great Ming City, give us the time.”

“That’s right!”

“If you are really not capable enough, we can also help.”

“We can’t let them stay in the Spiral Realm any longer. We have to stop the trial!”

The imposing manner of the crowd pressing forward made the Great Ming City’s governor break out in a cold sweat.

However, not responding was not a good idea. Just as the governor of the Great Ming City was about to tell the truth, a Beastmaster suddenly barged in, overjoyed to report the latest developments.

“Everyone, I …”

“Mr. Governor, the latest news is that the Spiral Realm’s passage has been opened!”


The Great Ming City governor’s heart was finally at ease, and his eyes flashed with a bright light as he shouted, “Hurry up and bring them back!”

The entire Great Ming City was busy with the matter of the Spiral Realm.

When the youths in the Spiral Realm saw the reinforcement team arrive, everyone immediately let down their guard, and their tense mood completely relaxed.

The soldiers would take over and handle the tragedy on the scene in an orderly manner.

As for the younger generation of Beastmasters, they were brought to the square in the real world.

In a certain corner of the crowd, Huo Hua kept checking on Su Bai from head to toe. He let out a sigh of relief after making sure Su Bai was safe.

“I’m glad that you’re fine.”

Although Su Bai had already been through the battle of Howl City and had far more experience than the younger generation, in Huo Hua’s eyes, Su Bai was no different from them.

Su Bai and the younger generation of Beastmasters were still underclassmen whom the people had placed their hopes on.

“What’s the specific situation this time?” Su Bai asked.

“It’s a blessing in disguise.” Huo Hua forced a smile. “Forty-seven people died. The rest are fine. As for the trial, we’ll conclude the results as usual.”

The Spiral Realm trial was of great significance to the various major cities. Even if they suffered such a bumpy process, they would not cancel it because of it.

“Right, Speaking of which, I’ve also heard something else.

“I heard that the governor of Great Ming City personally led his men to look for the Beasts that attacked the town, but they couldn’t find them after a long time,” Huo Hua whispered into Su Bai’s ear.

“Not only that, the leader who was in charge of forcibly opening the passage to the Spiral Realm also said that it would take at least two days to complete at the beginning. In the end, there were unpredictable changes in the Spiral Realm, and it suddenly became smooth.

“Don’t you think it’s strange?

“It is indeed strange. But it doesn’t matter,” Su Bai said with a smile.

“That’s true, it’s fine as long as you survive.” Huo Hua shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

The matters of the Spiral Realm were left to the group of important people to deal with, and Huo Hua didn’t need to worry about it at all.

But it was totally different for Su Bai.

The group of Beasts had all returned to the Third Heaven, and the broken barrier had been repaired under Su Bai’s leadership.

The passage to the Third Heaven was even simpler with Su Bai’s help.

After all, the Spiral Realm was like his Beast Space, and opening it was not easy.

So what Su Bai was most concerned about was whether the people from Great Ming City would discover the secret of the Spiral Realm.

Fortunately, even in the real world, Su Bai could still control all the information in the Spiral Realm. At least for now.

The team in charge of the investigation was now running around like headless chickens.

Judging by their current state, it was impossible to find the secret of the Spiral Realm in a short time.

In the square, the relaxed crowd enjoyed a long-lost peace.

But very quickly, the Great Ming City’s governor rushed over and stood on the stage to announce the end of the Spiral Realm trial.

“As the host of this year’s event, I can’t push aside the tribulations that you have experienced in the mystery land.

“Therefore, I announce that Great Ming City will forfeit from this year’s Spiral Realm settlement!”

Upon hearing the announcement, the crowd suddenly went into an uproar.

The people who had experienced the attack in the town were still dissatisfied at first, especially the Beastmasters who had already sacrificed their teammates.

But now, the Great Ming City Lord was actually willing to forfeit themself from the Spiral Realm trial.

To a governor of a major city, it was equivalent to giving up the city’s development for the next five years.

The other major cities would definitely catch up to them because of this, and then they would be left behind.

Everyone couldn’t help but admire the Great Ming City governor’s courage.

Very quickly, the staff had set up a temporary site and began to turn in the Beast-cores they had obtained in the Spiral Realm one by one.

As expected, the first wail was heard.

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