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Chapter 161: 161 The Trial Is Over! Revealing the Final Score!

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161 The Trial Is Over! Revealing the Final Score!

“Southcrypt City’s results are ready. With 11 Iron-grade Beast-cores and 2 Bronze-grade Beast-cores, they scored a total of 15 points!” The judge stated.

Southcrypt City’s name appeared on the huge screen in the square.

The eye-piercing 15 points made the governor of Southcrypt City’s eyes go black, and he almost fainted on the spot.

15 points were considered an extremely low score in history.

If Great Ming City had not forfeited, it might have been recorded in dark history.

“How tragic …”

The Beastmasters present couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath.

They kept praying in their heart that their major city would not end up in such a state.

“Ahem, actually, you don’t have to worry too much.” a governor stood up and said. “The Spiral Realm trial has only been going on for a few days. It’s even more difficult than the previous years. It’s reasonable if the outcome is not desirable.”

It was understandable. Everyone was clear that after experiencing the Beast attack, their results would definitely not be good.

However, this contest was about the development of the major city in the next five years. It wouldn’t be as easy as they said.

“North City’s results are ready. With 41 Iron-grade Beast-cores and 6 Bronze-grade Beast-cores, they have scored a total of 53 points!”

“Howl City’s results are ready. With 36 Iron-grade Beast-cores and 11 Bronze-grade Beast-cores, they have scored a total of 58 points!”

As the announcement was made, the terrible results made the various governors and higher-ups feel complicated.

The average score this year was definitely the lowest in history!

“Snowton City’s results are ready. With 87 Iron-grade Beast-cores, 26 Bronze-grade Beast-cores, and 12 Silver-grade Beast-cores, they have scored a total of 175 points!”

“What the f*ck?!” The crowd trembled when they heard the Snowton City’s results.

A total of over 100 points! The second place only had 76 points, but Snowton City was ahead by 99 points!

“F*ck! When did those guys in Snowton City kill so many Beasts?”

“This group of people acted as a group on the first day.”

“As expected of the winner of the previous trial. The other major cities can’t compare to their mobility and cohesion.”

“It’s over. The Snowton City is the winner again this year.”

“That’s too heaven-defying! 175 points!”

Everyone looked at the scores of the Snowton City and then at their own team. It made all the governors feel despair.

“I’m flattered, everyone.” said the governor of Snowton City. He was all smiles, squinted his eyes, and cupped his hands to the other governors beside him.

“This year’s first prize is taken by me, it’s a bit of an unfair victory,” Snowton City’s governor added.

The other governors were filled with anger.

On the other hand, Huo Hua nudged Su Bai with his elbow and asked, “Kid, how’s your gain? Let me prepare myself, I have got a weak heart.”

This was a major event in the major cities. The young Beastmasters in Los Monstaria all had complicated expressions.

Clearly, they weren’t very confident in themselves.

Even Xuanyuan Hong, the genius of one of the eight great families, couldn’t hide his sadness.

“It’s alright.”

“What the hell do you mean by it’s alright?” Huo Hua’s mouth twitched. “Forget it. I don’t have high expectations. I just want it to be a little better than the previous year’s, or at least maintain our record.”

When Huo Hua’s words got out, the expressions of the surrounding Los Monstaria Beastmasters changed even more. Huo Hua felt hurt even more.

Very quickly, the major cities looked as if they had been sentenced to death. It was finally Los Monstaria’s turn.

The governor of Los Monstaria, Gu Yan, couldn’t bear to watch and left the square alone. He returned to the lounge, deep in thought.

“3 Iron-grade Beast-cores, 3 points.”

“2 Iron-grade Beast-cores and 1 Bronze-grade Beast-core, 4 points.”

As the Beastmasters of Los Monstaria handed in their Beast-cores one after another, their points were slowly increasing.

Huo Hua’s heart almost stopped.

“15 Iron-grade Beast-cores, 3 Bronze-grade Beast-cores, and 1 Silver-grade Beast-core, 24 points.”

But fortunately, Xuanyuan Hong’s appearance did not disappoint.

It directly increased the accumulated points by a large amount.

Even so, most of the Beastmasters’ points had stopped at the awkward position of 55 points because of their poor results or no results at all.

“Anyone else? If there’s no one else, we’ll announce the total score,” the inspector raised his head and asked.

“Yes, we have!”

Upon hearing that, Huo Hua immediately looked at Su Bai beside him with excitement.

Huo Hua had placed all his hopes on Su Bai. As long as Su Bai could get 17 points, Los Monstaria’s results would be better than last year.

“Su Bai, you can do it!” Ye Lin clenched his fists tightly. The anticipation in his eyes was no less than Huo Hua.

“The rest is up to Su Bai. I wonder how many Beast-cores he has.”

“How many can a lone wolf have?”


“Speaking of which, have any of you noticed Su Bai when the Beasts invaded the town?”

“I’ve not seen him.”

“Me too.”

“Then … oh no. This guy can’t be hiding, right?”

Most of them had never dealt with Su Bai, and the descendants of the eight great families even scoffed at him.

They were still brooding over the fact that they had been rejected when they had invited Su Bai to form a team.

“Shut your mouths. You won’t die if you say one less word.”

Suddenly, Xuanyuan Hong, who had been silent, spoke up for Su Bai.

The confused crowd was stunned.

“Please hand over your Beast-cores.”


On the other hand, Su Bai had already walked to the counter and was ready to hand in the Beast-cores.

Although everyone was not expecting much, they still stretched their necks to see what Su Bai had gained.

The crystal clear Beast-cores fell on the table.

The inspectors quickly counted.

However, as he counted, he realized that the number of Iron-grade Beast-cores had exceeded a hundred!

“Is that true?!”

Huo Hua and the others stared at the pile of Iron-grade Beast-cores on the table, as if they were in a dream.

“Still 20 points away from first place.”

Su Bai looked at the big screen on the square, immediately took out 10 Bronze-grade Beast-cores from the Beast Space, and put them on the table.

Such a simple action almost caused the eyes of the surrounding people to pop out.

“Have you confirmed that that is all?”

The inspector didn’t expect that there would be an individual Beastmaster this year who was able to offer such a huge sum.

“Indeed, just to be safe.”

After thinking for a while, Su Bai took out another 20 Bronze-grade Beast-cores and put them on the table. Then he asked, “I can take with me the remaining Beast-cores, right?”


The inspector was much less shocked than Huo Hua and the rest.

If it was counted according to the previous years’ regulations, this amount of Beast-cores would not even be worth looking at.

However, this year’s situation was abnormal, so it was understandable that everyone’s gains were small.

Even those from Snowton City, the number of Beast-cores was contributed by everyone.

But Su Bai contributed 160 points by himself!

The descendants of the eight great families looked as if they had a stomach ache. Their faces were unsightly.

But Huo Hua was different. He held Su Bai tightly with his strong arms and was overjoyed.

“I knew you could do it!!!”

After the counting ended, the judge’s words echoed throughout the square.

“Los Monstaria’s results are…”

In the noisy square, no one cared about what he said. They were all immersed in their own trivial matters.

When someone finally reacted, he looked up at the big screen and shouted in shock, “F*ck, who scored 215 points?!”

“Impossible! It must be fake!”


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