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Chapter 190: 190 Making Use of Others Is Always Beneficial

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190 Making Use of Others Is Always Beneficial

Whitey was not threatened by the Lock Skill. However, it posed a significant threat to a Beast like the Firebird, which relied heavily on its abilities. Furthermore, in battle, the Lock Skill was very effective!

Su Bai drove the car back to Great Wilderness City and lay on the bed to rest.

A bold idea suddenly popped up in Su Bai’s mind.

‘If I catch those Cloudflies and raised them in the Spiral Realm’s Second Heaven, wouldn’t it be able to let Whitey replenish its Lock Skill at any time?’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai couldn’t help but pat his head and praised himself, “I’m such a genius!”

If the Cloudflies were to find out, they would probably be so angry that they would run away overnight.

However, it was already late at night. It would not be too late for Su Bai to go again tomorrow. It was always nice to take advantage of others.

The next day, Su Bai went to the Mission Center to collect the rewards.

“You’ve completed it so soon?” It was the same staff member from yesterday. She looked at the 100 corpses of the Cloudflies in the small box, her face full of surprise.

Although Su Bai’s team was already B-level, the points he had were all divided among other teams.

In other words, this was the first time Su Bai had accepted a mission to hunt down Beasts. Moreover, the difficulty of the mission was not low.

“Yeah. We’re just lucky.” Su Bai smiled. Then, he accepted a normal C-class mission.

It was currently off-season so as soon as a B-class mission appeared, countless people would fight for it.

Su Bai was lucky yesterday. In addition to the troublesome mission of hunting the Cloudflies, he had picked up a missed opportunity.

For Su Bai and Bing Qingqing, a C-class mission was as easy as it could get.

Su Bai didn’t even need to do anything. He could leave it to Bing Qingqing to complete it alone.

At night, Su Bai immediately put his bold idea into action. He directly abducted a large group of Cloudflies into the Spiral Realm’s Second Heaven.

When the Cloudflies had just arrived at a new environment, they were restless, flying around and even attacking other Beasts.

It was not a small scale. There were more than 300 of them, and the Cloudflies reproduce very quickly. In almost three days, they would hatch multiple eggs, and then in three days, they would become adults.

Naturally, the Cloudflies’ lifespan was also extremely short, only a little more than seven days. They were replaced in a week.

Su Bai had spent a lot of effort to find a habitat for the Cloudflies to stay.

Finally, Su Bai found a swamp in the Second Heaven and let the Cloudflies adapt to the environment.

To better ensure the Cloudflies’ safety, Su Bai divided the swamp from other areas and deemed it forbidden. In case the Cloudflies were attacked by other Beasts.

Seven days later, the Cloudflies had already completely adapted to the environment of the Second Heaven swamp, and their numbers had also doubled.

At night, the scenery of the swamp was completely new. Specks of starlight shone on the swamp, creating a new beautiful scenery.

In the blink of an eye, another 20 days had passed.

In this month, Su Bai’s team had gained a firm foothold at the border of the Great Wilderness. They had completed seven B-class missions and more than forty C-class missions.

Su Bai didn’t care much about the Beast-cores, but the team’s points were a pleasant surprise.

The points from the Ancient Gale and Homecoming Heroes, together with Su Bai’s own team completing the mission in a month, had reached 3,900 points.

Su Bai’s team was only 6,100 points away from becoming an A-level team!

Based on the 2,000 party points earned every month, it would only take three months for Su Bai’s team to reach that goal.

At the same time, Su Bai’s Beast’s strength had improved a lot.

Bearen had been fighting everywhere in the Second Heaven. It was also very hardworking in its missions and had already advanced to the Upper-8 Silver level.

However, the Spiral Realm did not have any electrical energy for Bearen to absorb. At night, it was unwilling to return to the Spiral Realm and obediently stayed by the socket in Su Bai’s room.

That was not an issue. The problem was Bearen’s occasional loud snore. Su Bai even planned to build a small power station in the Spiral Realm.

Whitey’s improvement was not bad either. It had advanced to the Upper-9 Silver level and its potential was higher than Bearen’s.

Plus, after being simplified, Whitey could get experience points by staying beside Su Bai.

To be able to improve without the need for resources was a good thing that many Beastmasters dreamed of.

Dream Wing didn’t improve much, it was currently at the Mid-5 Silver level.

After all, it was not a Beast that had direct contact with battle, so it could not directly obtain a large number of experience points.

Staying in the Fourth Heaven and absorbing an enormous amount of pure energy, on the other hand, might allow Dream Wing to cultivate on its own to continuously strengthen itself.


Bearen howled continuously and slammed the last Raging Bull Beast to death.


Bearen has killed a Mid-Silver level Raging Bull and gained 850 experience points!

“Done. Let’s go down the mountain,” said Su Bai and he kept Bearen in his Sigil.

“Your Bearen leveled up too quickly!” Bing Qingqing said enviously.

As Beastmasters, they could clearly sense Bearen’s improvement over the past month.

For ordinary Beastmasters, training, battles, and even diet and various grooming were very important if they wanted to raise their Beasts’ levels. They could speed up the growth of their Beasts.

But Su Bai’s Bearen was completely different! It only appeared either in the midst of a battle or before the battle.

Bing Qingqing couldn’t help but wonder if Su Bai had some secret training method.

If Bing Qingqing knew that not only Bearen, but even Whitey didn’t need to fight to gain experience points, she would be jealous.

After a month of teamwork, Bing Qingqing noticed Su Bai’s fighting experience and style. It was something she could not learn.

Su Bai could tell that Bing Qingqing was confused.

Different Beastmasters had different requirements, such as the characteristics and skills of their Beasts.

Bearen was suitable for close combat, and its thunder element greatly strengthened this point. Among those of the same level, Bearen’s attack and defense were top-notch!

It was a condition that Bing Qingqing couldn’t replicate.

Therefore, Su Bai just let Bing Qingqing slowly find her own style and not be too persistent in imitating him.

Su Bai went down the mountain to the logistics department. He bumped into Xu Qingshan, whom he had met a few times in the past month.

Xu Qingshan had stayed at the border of the Great Wilderness for fifteen years. He was generous and honest. His strength was also relatively strong, and his main Beast was Lower-Gold level!

The first time they met was when Xu Qingshan bumped into Su Bai’s team on a mission. He found out that Su Bai and Bing Qingqing had just arrived at the border of the Great Wilderness.

Therefore, Xu Qingshan enthusiastically explained the habits and weaknesses of the mission target.

However, before Xu Qingshan could finish his sentence, Bearen used the power of lightning to instantly finish off the Beast.

The atmosphere was awkward for a long time until even Su Bai felt a little bad about it.

Fortunately, Xu Qingshan did not mind. In the following month, the two teams met a few times and became familiar with each other.

At the logistics department, Xu Qingshan had just completed his mission with his team.

Xu Qingshan greeted Su Bai and Bing Qingqing, “Bro, looks like your mission today went quite smoothly!”

“Xu Qingshan, you’re not bad either,” said Su Bai.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

It was only three o’clock in the afternoon and Su Bai had already finished his mission, which was considered early.

“Come to think of it, you’ve been here for a month,” said Xu Qingshan.

“Yup, almost a month,” said Su Bai.

“Then it’s time for us to meet at the arena then.” Xu Qingshan smiled.

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