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Chapter 220: 220 The Elves' Trial

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220 The Elves’ Trial

The best way to deal with the stubborn An Mengyun was to be even more stubborn than her.

As expected, An Mengyun could only put away her fanatical idea under Su Bai’s unyielding attitude. She suggested that after leaving the labyrinth ruins, she would often go to Su Bai to practice the S-level skill.

Taking this opportunity, An Mengyun agreed to let Su Bai keep the skill book for the time being. Somehow, she had an innocent and romantic personality.

If it was Su Bai, he would never entrust an S-level skill book to someone he had just met.

Not long after, the entrance to the third level was finally cleared by Xu Qingshan’s team.

“Let’s go. But be careful.”

Xu Qingshan was the first to step onto the stairs and lead the team forward.

The others followed closely behind.

The situation on the third level could not be underestimated. It could be said that it was not uncommon to see Gold-level Beasts at the entrance.

The battle intensity was more than a little higher than the second level.

Fortunately, there were more than ten Gold-level Beastmasters following Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun’s team.

Bing Qingqing didn’t feel any pressure at all. Su Bai was happy and free, and under a lot of pressure at the same time.

Even though An Mengyun didn’t achieve her goal of becoming Su Bai’s disciple, her enthusiasm didn’t decrease. She was no longer as unapproachable as before.

Bing Qingqing would look at An Mengyun from time to time, and she couldn’t help but walk beside Su Bai.

There were two young girls standing on Su Bai’s side. He felt even more pressured.

Fortunately, it did not take long for them to reach the third level. Soon, they arrived at a door. It was strangely quiet around the entrance. There were no Beasts around.

Xu Qingshan sent out a scouting Beastmaster, and he quickly returned with the information. There was nothing behind the door.

This situation was very similar to the training room Su Bai and Bing Qingqing encountered on the second level.

Xu Qingshan frowned after he heard of the information.

As the decision-maker of a team, Xu Qingshan had to consider all aspects. For example, the most troublesome thing now was to help An Mengyun settle down.

If it really was like a training room, then An Mengyun would definitely not enter.

After all, An Mengyun had only become a Beastmaster recently and still hasn’t got a Beast of her own. She wouldn’t be able to battle.

“I’ll stay.”

At that moment, Bing Qingqing raised her hand and said, “I’ll take care of Mengyun. You guys go in and take a look first.”

“You alone are not enough. Yun Xiao, you stay too.” Xu Qingshan instructed.

“Understood.” a straightforward woman nodded.

After the discussion, everyone stepped through the door together. Su Bai followed closely behind.

However, the strange thing was that Su Bai had clearly followed Ma Tianlun into the room, but in an instant, Ma Tianlun had disappeared in front of Su Bai.

Ma Tianlun had already been teleported to another space.

“It’s a teleportation circle!”

Su Bai immediately realized the problem and looked around.

It was indeed the same as the training room on the second floor. The only difference was that the space was larger and wider.

Suddenly, a pleasant voice sounded, “Young human, are you willing to accept the upcoming trial? There’s no need to worry about your safety. You can leave the trial at any time.”

“A trial?” Su Bai was a bit surprised, but his expression didn’t change much.

Judging from the voice, the Elvish was very clear, and the aura was relatively stable. It was no longer as weak as before.

“Answer me. If you remain silent for a minute, you will be teleported back to where you came from.” The voice in Elvish sounded again.

“Okay, I’ll do it!” Su Bai answered immediately.

The elves’ trial would definitely be a reward after completing it.

Since Su Bai was already here, he can always leave if there’s anything wrong after he tried.

However, the space fell into a deathly silence after Su Bai answered. There was no response from the voice in Elvish earlier.

Su Bai was stunned, “Do I have to answer in Elvish?”

Su Bai immediately replied in Elvish, “I’m willing!”

As Su Bai expected! The voice in Elvish responded, “The trial is about to begin. Please be prepared. Said ‘Ready’ when you wish to start the trial.”

From the looks of it, Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun would certainly be teleported back to the distance in a minute.

Taking a deep breath, Su Bai immediately summoned Bearen to challenge the trial.


The summoned Bearen was already impatient. It was obvious that Bearen had absorbed a lot of electricity from the Thunderstone in the Second Heaven.


“Understood. The trial begins!”

As soon as the voice in Elvish finished speaking, an Upper-Silver level Beast was gradually taking form by spiritual power.

It was the same as the training room on the second floor, as Su Bai expected.

But to Su Bai’s surprise, the Beast this time had consciousness!


The Beast bared its fangs, and its fierce gaze landed on Su Bai and Bearen.

The situation was completely different from the training room on the second floor, which meant that the difficulty of the battle had increased.

“Bearen, let’s test it out first.” Su Bai ordered.

With Bearen’s strength, dealing with an Upper-Silver level Beast was no different from torturing it.

But Su Bai still needed more information. Such as what other changes could the virtual Beasts have besides increasing their consciousness.


When Bearen heard that, it immediately rushed forward and used a simple attack to test its opponent.

The Beast also reacted to Bearen’s attack. It grabbed Bearen’s weakness the moment it retreated and opened its bloody mouth to bite and attack.

Bearen activated the Lightning Armor at the right moment and blocked the attack in time. It even electrocuted the Beast quite badly.


After the first attack failed, the Beast no longer had any biting behavior in its subsequent attacks. This meant that it had tasted the pain and would not ask for a snub again.

“How did the elves do it?” Su Bai wondered.

The Beast’s behavior made Su Bai more and more curious.

If materializing a virtual Beast was a top-notch technology, then giving a virtual Beast consciousness was a terrifying existence!

Since it had consciousness, the virtual Beast was no different from the real one.

That method could be used to create a large army of virtual Beasts! It was enough to rule the entire world!

“Bearen, kill it.”


Bearen no longer hid its strength. Its palm brought with it thunder as it instantly tore apart the virtual Beast.

After the battle ended, the voice in Elvish sounded, “The first trial has been completed. Now, we will enter the second trial. Please get ready. ”

Su Bai responded, “Ready!”

“The trial begins!”

The virtual Beasts took form again. This time, there were three. Their level was still at Upper-Silver.

“Bearen, end this quickly.”

Su Bai had no interest in fighting with these unworthy opponents.

Bearen was the same. In almost two rounds, it easily dealt with the three virtual Beasts, and then looked forward to an even stronger opponent.

However, after the third round of the trial, the virtual Beasts that appeared were still Upper-Silver level, only the number had increased to eight.

“Hey, are there no stronger Beasts?” Su Bai asked in Elvish.

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