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Chapter 221: 221 The Elven Girl

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221 The Elven Girl

Su Bai was just sighing with emotion. He didn’t expect the other party to answer.

However, Su Bai’s sharp spiritual power actually sensed an angry emotion at that moment.

Other than Bearen, there was no one else there.

“Could it be…”

While Su Bai was thinking, he started to search with his spiritual energy and found nothing.

However, this did not deny Su Bai’s speculation. The previous detection was definitely not an illusion!


Eight Silver-level Beasts were not a match for Bearen at all.

If it wasn’t for the huge level gap, Bearen wouldn’t have felt any pressure from this kind of wave tactic. It quickly ended the battle like a sadistic slaughter.

After the battle, Bearen was still waiting for the next round of training. Su Bai was also waiting for the voice in Elvish to speak.

The air was a little quiet. Suddenly, the clear and melodious voice in Elvish sounded again.

“The third trial has been completed. Please get ready for the fourth trial that is about to begin!”

Although the voice in Elvish tried its best to cover it up, Su Bai could still sense the fluctuating emotions in its words.

As Su Bai expected, the voice in Elvish here was unlike the mechanical and cold voice from the second floor. It was actually a real elf.

Su Bai’s words had obviously angered the elf hiding in the dark. He began to show more interest in this place.

There were actually still elves left in the labyrinth ruins. This was no less explosive than discovering the Golden Dragon hatchling.

The fourth trial began. One by one, Beasts appeared in front of Bearen. This time, there were a total of 17 of them, more than twice the number from before!

“This elf has quite a temper.” Su Bai smiled helplessly.

Just because of Su Bai’s words, the difficulty was deliberately increased.

But for both Su Bai and Bearen, as long as the level of these virtual Beasts did not change, the result would be the same as usual.



Bearen directly charged into the Beasts, and its lightning wreaked havoc.

Even if it was a Beast with slightly stronger defense, it could only hold on for one more round before being killed.

The battle lasted only 30 seconds longer than the third trial.

After the trial ended, Bearen looked as if it had lost interest. It lay on the ground with a bored expression.

Obviously, the repeated increase in difficulty had made it completely lose interest in fighting.

“The Beast and its Beastmaster are the same. I’m so angry!”

On the ceiling of the room, in the secret compartment, a palm-sized figure witnessed the entire process and was stomping its feet in anger.

Although it was short, it was like an exquisite doll, handsome and fair.

She was the elf, Chun, who guarded the third level of the labyrinth ruins.

Just as Su Bai expected, Chun was an elf left behind in the labyrinth ruins.

Chun had been in the labyrinth ruins for countless years. She was so bored that she only slept for more than ten years.

Now, the labyrinth ruins had been opened again, waking Chun from her sleep.

Chun was in high spirits and finally found a plaything, but Su Bai’s arrogant words almost angered her.

“Is there no fifth trial?” Su Bai asked.

Chun clenched her fists tightly. Countless methods flashed through her mind to trick Su Bai.

However, in the end, Chun could only lie on the cold floor with a sunken face like a deflated balloon. There was no other way.

Because Chun was angered, she had changed the difficulty of the fifth trial to the fourth. So that she could see the other party beg for mercy and take the initiative to leave after being arrogant.

In the end, Chun didn’t get to see the show and was even despised by Su Bai’s Beast.

“You’re such a bore!” said Chun. She regretted ever waking up.

But one must be a man of his word. Since Su Bai had completed the trial, he should be rewarded.

Then, Chun used a method that only the elves knew and released extremely pure energy into the room.

Now, Chun just wanted Su Bai to get out of here and be too lazy to interact with humans.

“There’s no fifth trial?”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows when he felt the energy. Obviously, he wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. He chuckled, “I think the elves’ ruins are only of this standard. It’s really disappointing.”


As soon as Su Bai said that, a muffled voice came from the upper floor of the room.

Chun’s exquisite features were squeezed together in anger, but the rules forbade her to come into contact with humans, so she forcefully endured it.

“I’ve got you.”

Su Bai looked at the ceiling above him. He immediately gathered all his spiritual energy and attacked like a spear.

The walls here were made of special metal, so the penetration of spiritual power was a little slow. Fortunately, the other party did not hide it deeply.

After a while, Su Bai sensed the elf and immediately raised his head. He said, “Come out. You must be bored hiding in such a small room.”

“I’ve been discovered?!”

Chun did not expect that she would actually expose herself. She was instantly at a loss.

As an elf, Chun was less than 500 years old. In human’s age, she was about seventeen years old.

“What should I do? What should I do?” Chun began to brainstorm.

However, Chun could only recall that she had been sleeping and causing trouble all day in school. Other than the most basic things, she had not learned anything serious at all.

“I’m doomed. Didn’t they say humans like to eat elves?”


Suddenly, an ear-piercing sound rang out. The hard metal ceiling was actually torn open.

Chun’s mind went blank, she couldn’t think at all. Then, she saw an extremely terrifying face from the crack and instantly faint from fear.

“Is she fainted?” Su Bai found it hard to believe.

No matter what, the other party was still an elf, but her endurance was actually so poor.

“Whitey, bring her down.”

“Yes, master!”

Whitey’s sharp feet scratched the ceiling, leaving a mark.

One time was not enough. With Whitey’s attack power, it would take more than ten seconds to completely open a crack.

After a while, the crack gradually expanded. Whitey easily went in and brought Chun to Su Bai.

“She’s so small. I heard that the size of the elves is not much different from that of humans.” Su Bai sized Chun up carefully.

This was the first time Su Bai had seen an elf, so he couldn’t help but feel curious.

Other than her pointy ears and palm-sized body, Chun looked like a shrunken human girl.

“Stop pretending now that you’re awake. Your little tricks are useless in front of me.” Su Bai shook his head and smiled while holding the wooden stake.

Playing dead was simply a joke in front of a Spiritualist Beastmaster. It was not effective at all.

Chun had woken up long ago. But she was too scared, so she acted like she was unconscious.

Since she was discovered, Chun could only open her eyes and say, “Don’t eat me. I’m not tasty. Besides, I don’t have much meat on me!”

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