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Chapter 229: 229 Double Breakthrough to the Gold-Level

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229 Double Breakthrough to the Gold-Level

Bearen immediately tolerated it and began to jump on the spot. Its body was originally very large and heavy, so much so that the ground shook.

Whitey followed suit and jumped up and down without any hesitation.

The two Beasts, one big and one small, were jumping around in the Fourth Heaven.

Su Bai was like a supervisor, standing aside and watching over Bearen and Whitey.

This process was a little slow. After all, the difference between Silver-level and Gold-level could be said to be worlds apart.

The Gold-level Beastmaster was the mainstay of the humans. It was a force that could not be underestimated in any force.

Just like in Los Monstaria, the captains of the various teams in the military were all Gold-level Beastmasters

As for being a Silver-level Beastmaster, even if Su Bai got the first credit in a mission, it was just a reward in terms of resources. It was a stark contrast.

After becoming a Gold-level Beastmaster, one would have the qualifications to build his reputation.

Su Bai’s two Beasts bounced around for nearly ten minutes. However, it was far from enough. Thus, Su Bai sat aside and continued to wait.

Until a series of notifications rang out.


Bearen has broken through to the Lower-1 Gold level!


Bearen’s following skills have been upgraded: Lightning Strike to A-level, Bare Physique to B-level, and Lightning Armor to S-level!


Bearen has gained enlightenment and its talent, Thunderstorm, has been upgraded to Epic level!


Bearen has gained enlightenment and gained the Earth element!

After Bearen broke through to Gold-level, its body size had also become much larger. It was nearly four meters tall, and when it opened its arms, it was like a huge Beast. It was extremely eye-catching when it stood in the Fourth Heaven.

What really excited Su Bai was that not only did Bearen’s Lightning Armor had been upgraded to S-level, but its damage and defense had also been greatly improved.

Bearen had even gained a second element, Earth! The greatest feature of the Earth element was its defense.

Bearen’s defensive power was already very domineering due to its Lightning Armor. Now that it had the Earth element, it would probably be on another level.


Bearen felt the power in its body and roared excitedly. It wanted to fight for 300 rounds.

Whitey, who was at the side, immediately felt the urgency and jumped faster.

Soon, another series of notifications sounded.


Crakantula has broken through to the Lower-1 Gold level!


Crakantula’s following skills have been upgraded: Sharp Blade to A-level and Rip to A-level.


Crakantula has gained enlightenment and learned the Epic-level talent, Gale Flash!

Gale Flash (Epic): Greatly improves Crakantula’s physique and agility. It can easily reach a speed that can break through the sound barrier.

Feeling the improvement in its body, Whitey spun around excitedly.


In an instant, Whitey rushed to Su Bai’s shoulder from ten meters away.

Su Bai patted its little head and Whitey enjoyed it very much.

After the two Beasts broke through to Gold-level, their strength had increased greatly.

After returning to the Second Heaven, Su Bai gave the Thunderstone back to Bearen. Surprisingly, Bearen was not in the mood to absorb electricity.

It immediately found its good brother, Black Ursus, and prepared to make a trip to the Sprite Foxes’ territory.



Black Ursus felt Bearen’s transformation and was overjoyed. Bearen had an arrogant expression as it ran towards its destination.

“These two fellows…” Su Bai shrugged helplessly. Luckily, he had Dream Wing to take care of the two bears. Otherwise, who knew what kind of trouble they would cause.

Su Bai did not bring the Sprite Foxes into the Second Heaven to entertain Bearen.

“Is that true?”

At that moment, Chun noticed Whitey’s aura and immediately rushed over with the illusory wings on her back.

This was the first time Su Bai had seen Chun show her elven wings.

Other than the elves’ iconic pointy ears, they also had unique wings that were as beautiful as butterflies.

Due to her own reasons, Chun’s wings were still far from being fully spread out, which was why they looked illusory.

“This little fellow of yours…” Chun looked at Whitey. She blinked her eyes in shock. “Wasn’t it at Silver-level before? It has advanced to the Gold-level now?”

As an elf, Chun was naturally sensitive to the aura of Beasts. Unlike humans, ordinary people could only rely on their naked eyes to identify Beasts.

For example, An Mengyun was unable to store energy in her body previously. Other than having an S-level talent, it was impossible for her to sense the aura of a Beast.

If Chun knew that Bearen had also broken through to the Gold-level, her worldview would probably be shattered.

After all, no matter how heaven-defying the elves were, they still had to follow the laws of this world.

It was nothing more than mastering more skills than the human race, such as Steel Tempering and so on…

However, the rare skill, Steel Tempering, was not something that could be easily mastered. Not every elf could do that.

“It’s nothing much. Speaking of which, when are you going to awaken your talent?” Su Bai asked.

“It’s still early. According to the current progress, it will take at least seventy to eighty years,” Chun said helplessly.

As a long-lived species, the growth speed of the elves was very slow.

Su Bai smiled faintly. He thought, ‘Perhaps the simplification system could help Chun reduce the time. But it doesn’t matter, there was no hurry for now.’

After that, Su Bai followed Chun to the vicinity of the Sprite Foxes’ territory, ready to see what was going on.

When the Sprite Foxes noticed the approaching Bearen, they did not have much of a reaction.

After all, the Sprite Foxes had gotten used to it. But, this time was different. Bearen had advanced to the Gold-level and directly rushed into the Sprite Foxes’ lair.

The Sprite Fox leader immediately used an illusion to envelop Bearen. It should be able to trap Bearen for a while.

However, the Sprite Fox leader didn’t expect Bearen relied on its own strength and its A-level skill, Fatal Weakness, to break through the cage and escape the illusion.


Bearen’s excited shouts resounded throughout the entire forest.

The Sprite Fox leader was also dumbfounded.

However, Bearen didn’t make things worse. After all, Su Bai had warned it before, so it followed its buddy Black Ursus and prepared to pester other Beasts.

“Looks like that fellow is getting harder and harder to deal with,” said a fellow Sprite Fox beside the leader bitterly.

“Yes, it is.” The Sprite Fox leader laughed. It did not look as dejected as the other Sprite Foxes.

Although Bearen kept coming to harass the Sprite Foxes, it did not do anything out of line. In the eyes of the Sprite Fox leader, this was not a bad thing, but a good thing.

Because the Sprite Fox leader could use Bearen’s powerful strength to train the younger generation of the Sprite Foxes.

Su Bai then left quietly with Chun after the commotion.

After seeing the growth of Bearen, Chun had a weird expression on her face and kept wandering around Su Bai’s face.

“You… Could you be the Primordial One of humans?”

“What do you mean?”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows. He had never heard of this title before, so he couldn’t help but be interested.

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