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Chapter 234: 234 The Governor of Great Wilderness City

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234 The Governor of Great Wilderness City

At that moment, Su Bai was still listening to Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun talking about the deeds of the governor of Great Wilderness City.

Decades ago, the Great Wilderness City was just a small border city. The city could develop to this extent was all because of An Qingpu, the governor of Great Wilderness City.

The most representative example was the Beast tide. At that time, Great Wilderness City was short of manpower, and the overall Beastmaster strength was less than one-tenth of what it was now. The crisis could destroy the city at any time.

An Qingpu, who was young and vigorous, had killed the strongest Mid-Platinum level Beast in the Beast tide alone when they could not get any reinforcements!

In the past, it could be said that the Beast was an existence that shocked the entire Great Wilderness City. There was no doubt that An Qingpu played a big role in the survival of the Great Wilderness City.

From then on, An Qingpu became the governor of the Great Wilderness City and was still respected by everyone!

“After so many years, the governor rarely makes a move, but it’s still not something we can compare with. You have to be careful when you meet him later,” said Xu Qingshan with a smile.

“Got it.” Su Bai nodded.

After decades of experience, such a famous figure’s current strength must be bottomless. But Su Bai was more concerned about the few people watching him not far away.

Those few people were wearing the clothing of the Charlie Mercenary.

“Those guys still won’t let you go, even after coming here. They really hold grudges.” Xu Qingshan smiled. “Don’t worry. It’s the Great Wilderness City’s territory. The Charlie Mercenary won’t dare to be presumptuous. ”

Su Bai naturally knew about that. However, he did not like the feeling of being remembered. He had to find a time and resolve the issue with the Charlie Mercenary.

However, the Charlie Mercenary was extremely influential. It was not easy to deal with the local tyrants of the Great Wilderness City.

Soon, a middle-aged man walked over slowly. He held a glass of red wine in his hand, but his expression was icy.

“That’s Charlie Mercenary’s deputy leader, Xie Xingtian. He seems to be coming at us menacingly.”

Ma Tianlun narrowed his eyes.

Xu Qingshan did not slack off anymore.

Since the other party had come, he must have come to demand an explanation for his brother’s matter.

Su Bai was still young. As an upperclassman, Ma Tianlun and Xu Qingshan would not stand by and watch.

Xie Xingtian’s expression was fierce, and there was a hideous scar that ran from his eyes to the corner of his mouth. From the look of his face, one could tell that he was a ruthless man!

Xie Xingtian’s eyes never left Su Bai. When they were at a suitable distance, he sneered, “Su Bai, we finally meet.”

Finally, Xie Xingtian’s words were enough to show that from the moment his brother Xie Bing died, he had been paying attention to Su Bai.

All this while, Xie Xingtian had countless opportunities to attack.

However, he didn’t have the time to pay attention to Su Bai due to external affairs. Now that they had met, the atmosphere was especially strange.

Xie Xingtian was a Platinum-level Beastmaster famed for his strength and power. No Beastmaster wanted to be targeted by such a person.

“Xie Xingtian, long time no see. You didn’t come here just to greet Su Bai, did you?”

Ma Tianlun was straightforward. He went straight to the point and said, “All these years, you’ve been indulging Xie Bing in his evil deeds. He came here to seek refuge with you because he couldn’t survive. No matter how you look at it, you don’t seem to be very reliable.”

Xie Xingtian’s face instantly turned cold. It had been many years since he had heard such words.

Although Ma Tianlun’s level was inferior, he was not afraid of Xie Xingtian.

In the Great Wilderness City, the status of a military soldier had always been high. Especially Ma Tianlun’s team, which was the core treatment of the Great Wilderness City.

Even if the Charlie Mercenary had guts, they would not easily attack such a core team.

Ma Tianlun had always disliked the Charlie Mercenary, especially this deputy leader. Xie Xingtian’s reputation in the Great Wilderness City could be said to be extremely bad.

“I advise you to mind your own business. This is between Su Bai and me,” Xie Xingtian said coldly.

“You must have been mistaken. It’s obviously about your brother Xie Bing and Su Bai. What does it have to do with you?” Xu Qingshan chuckled.

Xie Xingtian’s face trembled slightly at Xu Qingshan’s unreasonable words.

Clearly, Xie Xingtian wasn’t able to enjoy himself seeking trouble with Su Bai. But his eyes were still on Su Bai. He said coldly, “Come to the canyon in three days.”

“What if I don’t come?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows.

Su Bai had a feeling that this deputy leader was not very smart. He looked like a hooligan who wanted to fight.

In fact, that was indeed the case. The reason Xie Xingtian was able to become Charlie Mercenary’s deputy leader was not only because of his strength, but his fierce spirit.

Xie Xingtian was famous for being ruthless among mercenaries. As long as he held a grudge, he would not rest until the other party was killed!

The previous deputy leader of Charlie Mercenary was killed by Xie Xingtian tragically. This point coincided with the sinister and ruthless Xie Bing.

“Then don’t blame me for whatever happens next.”

“Pfft… Hahaha…”

Xie Xingtian’s words made Ma Tianlun unable to hold it in any longer, and he laughed out loud.

To think that such a person with a bad reputation would actually be moral and just. It was no different from a joke.

However, Xie Xingtian ignored Ma Tianlun because he only had Su Bai as his target.

Xie Xingtian didn’t need to pay attention to Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun’s provocations.

Xu Qingshan’s expression was solemn. He and Ma Tianlun were not afraid of Xie Xingtian, but they couldn’t always protect Su Bai. It was truly troublesome to be targeted by such a vile person.

However, at that moment, an old man walked up to them and stopped.

When Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun saw that, their expressions instantly froze. They did not dare to be negligent and stood up.

“Mr. Governor!”

“Mr. Governor!”

Su Bai reacted and stood up immediately.

The old man in front of Su Bai looked like he was already in his seventies. He was wearing a pure black tunic suit and had a smile on his face. He looked extremely kind and amiable.

Xie Xingtian, who was originally untamed, was no longer impudent.

“Mr. Governor!”

The old man smiled and nodded in response to everyone.

With such a thin and weak body, it was hard to imagine that he was the governor of the Great Wilderness City, An Qingpu.

Su Bai probed with his spiritual energy and was shocked. The energy in An Qingpu’s body was like a black hole.

“Xingtian, you seemed to want to attack a young lad just now?”

An Qingpu’s voice rang out.

Cold sweat broke out on Xie Xingtian’s forehead after An Qingpu said that.

Although Xie Xingtian was a Platinum-level Beastmaster, his background couldn’t be compared to the military soldier. He didn’t have many chances to meet people on the level of the Great Wilderness City’s governor.

No matter how ruthless a person was, when they encountered a great foe that they couldn’t beat, they would choose to wait and seize the right opportunity to bare their fangs.

However, in the face of An Qingpu, who even the leader didn’t dare to offend, what could a small deputy leader like Xie Xingtian do?

“Su Bai, you’re really lucky. With the support of the governor, why would you be afraid of a mere Charlie Mercenary?” Xu Qingshan laughed.

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