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Chapter 324: 324 Internal Strife Among the Dwarves

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324 Internal Strife Among the Dwarves

“So you’ve noticed it too.”

After getting Su Bai’s information, Zhang Yan said seriously, “I’ve been to First City twice. Three years ago, I also sent a group of Alchemists from the Royal City to participate in the Alchemy Festival.”

“What’s the difference from this year?” Su Bai asked.

“There are so many differences.”


Zhang Yan said everything one by one.
Firstly, the most basic reduction of troops did not need to be explained.

More importantly, as early as three years ago, the dwarves had been arguing about the construction of Sky City for more than 20 years!

Zhang Yan was honestly not optimistic about the construction of Sky City because it was too difficult.

Moreover, the resources spent would definitely be so huge that one could not see the end of it at a glance.

The purpose of building the Sky City in the First City was to avoid the harassment of Beasts and the bad weather.

Given that, it was unclear why the dwarves did not simply relocate the entire city.

The strange thing was that the current leader of the dwarves had always been unyielding and tried to build Sky City, even though he had suffered countless criticisms.

Among them, most of the criticisms were about exploiting the interests of the dwarven nobles.

Without a doubt, that was the internal conflict of the dwarves.

“If you were a noble of the dwarves, what do you think of Sky City?” Zhang Yan asked with a smile.

“Most of the nobles would probably oppose it.” Su Bai replied.

“That’s right! Because of that, the general of the Royal City’s military predicted that there would be internal strife in First City sooner or later.”

Zhang Yan’s words surprised Su Bai. He did not expect that the seemingly united dwarves had such a hidden danger.

From the looks of it, everyone was completely involved in the dispute.

Su Bai asked, “Then what should we do?”

“Do as you see fit.” Zhang Yan said.

“Don’t think too much.” Zhang Yan took a sip of tea. He added, “The dwarves are in a big dispute, and they don’t dare to do anything to us.”

This confidence originated from the prosperity of humans.

After a hundred years of growth, humans could not stand tall on this land without some skills.

Even if the dwarves were powerful in the field of alchemy, they still had to weigh their own strength when facing the humans, which were full of experts.

“If it’s not a big issue, then great.” Su Bai smiled.

Although Su Bai said so verbally, he actually understood. He was afraid that it would not be so easy for him to escape from this dispute.

Su Bai had offended Paris and his family members might be involved in the internal dispute. Just thinking about it gave Su Bai a headache.

However, it was useless to think too much.

Zhang Yan also promised that he would ensure Su Bai’s safety.

After all, the strength Su Bai displayed had already made Zhang Yan look at him in a different light.

There were a lot of Gold-level Beastmasters in the Royal City. But, a young human genius who was both Gold-level Beastmaster and Alchemist received the approval of the Diamond-level Alchemist, Roger, who was considered extremely powerful.

Su Bai was that unique existence.

Zhang Yan had always treated the younger generations well, especially those with extraordinary potential.

In Zhang Yan’s eyes, Su Bai was no worse than Gao Zhilong and Murong Xue.

They continued to chat for a while. Until it was getting late, only then Su Bai returned to his room.

Su Bai decided to quietly wait for the situation to develop.

It would be best if nothing happened, but if something happened, he would not sit still and wait for death.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the Alchemy Festival arrived.

Thousands of participants had gathered in the square in front of the Heavenly Stairway.

The lively sound of gongs and drums filled the venue.

Gao Zhilong, Murong Xue, and the others had also arrived at the plaza early, waiting to enter the underground First City.

Lu Le, Bing Qingqing, and the others were not participants. So, they had to wait a little later to enter the underground First City. While waiting, they went into a restaurant.

“Su Bai, are you looking for someone?” Gao Zhilong asked.

“More or less.” Su Bai nodded and looked around.

Earlier in the morning, Su Bai wanted to look for Anves to understand the situation but he did not see him in the room.

They just had a meal together the night before, but Anves was gone the next day.

With Anves’s personality, he could not leave without saying goodbye. Perhaps there was a reason behind it.

After a round of searching, Su Bai did not find Anves but Hubala.

“I had no idea.” Hubala shook his head. “I saw Lord Anves yesterday, but I haven’t seen him today. He probably went underground first.”

“And who is this…”

Gao Zhilong was standing beside Su Bai, interested in Hubala.

After all, Hubala was different from most dwarves. His facial features were so exquisite that people could not take their eyes off him. He was only slightly weaker than Murong Xue.

Su Bai introduced, “Hubala, the youngest alchemy genius of Heavencraft City.”

“I don’t dare to be called a genius in front of you,” said Hubala.

Hubala got goosebumps when he heard Su Bai flattering him. Ever since he met Su Bai, he had been known as a genius. He felt that he was insulting that word.

However, Hubala was still young. He participated in the Alchemy Festival to gain more knowledge and experience. He did not have much hope of becoming one of the ten winners.

Su Bai laughed.

Gao Zhilong felt the same way. He had been preparing for the Alchemy Festival these days and would occasionally ask Su Bai for advice.

But as he was seeking knowledge, Gao Zhilong realized that he was the one begging.

Su Bai always hit the nail on the head, pointing out Gao Zhilong’s shortcomings and areas that needed improvement.

It was as if an older generation was guiding a younger generation.

Gao Zhilong sighed, ‘If Su Bai were to appraise his alchemy level, he would definitely be able to become a Platinum-level Alchemist! Perhaps even at the threshold of a Diamond-level Alchemist.’

As they chatted, the Heavenly Stairway was already open to the public. One batch after another of participants entered in an orderly manner.

There were a total of nine elevators in the Heavenly Stairway, and each elevator could only accommodate 200 people at a time. Therefore, all the participants could be transferred to the underground First City in six rounds at most.

While in the elevator, Gao Zhilong and the others were looking forward to it.

They wanted to see what kind of style the underground city built by the dwarves would have.

After waiting for about half an hour, it was finally their turn. However, a dwarven guard stopped them before they entered the elevator and shouted, “You can only enter the elevator if you put on this.”

Immediately, a guard handed over a bracelet.

“Since when did this rule exist?”

Hubala was confused.

“If you don’t wear it, you’re forbidden from entering. This is the latest rule!”

The dwarven guards did not give Hubala a good face just because he was of the same race.

Participating in the festival was a top priority for the participants.

Hubala did not think too much about it and put on the bracelet. He was just a little unhappy.

Gao Zhilong and Su Bai looked at each other and took the bracelets with them.

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