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Chapter 325: 325 Truly the First City

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325 Truly the First City
Gao Zhilong did not know what the bracelet was for, but he did not have the guts to play tricks in front of the dwarven guards.

But Su Bai had the guts. He had Dream Wing create the illusion that he was wearing the bracelet.

He glanced at the bracelet briefly and could only sense that there was a small amount of energy stored inside. Still, there was nothing special about it.

But to be safe, Su Bai still had a trick up his sleeve. Then, he followed everyone into the elevator.

When the elevator door slowly closed, the originally silent crowd finally could not hold back.

“What exactly is this thing?”

“F*ck, I want to open it, but it won’t release!”

“This thing…It doesn’t seem to have a switch.”

Everyone looked at the bracelet on their wrists. Gao Zhilong and Hubala were the same. They were full of doubts and suspicions.

“This kind of thing can be easily broken.”

Shen Yan snorted coldly and tore the bracelet with a contemptuous look.

However, he did not expect that the bracelet was unscathed no matter how hard he tried. His wrists were reddened from the tearing.

There was no way to take back the harsh words that he had said earlier. Shen Yan, who was holding on, was not convinced and summoned a Silver-level Beast.

Before he could make a move, a warning came from the broadcast suddenly in the elevator, “Pay attention! Please do not remove the bracelet without permission, or the participant will be disqualified immediately!”

After hearing the broadcast, everyone’s hearts sank.

They were all glad that they were not so reckless. Otherwise, they would be disqualified from the competition because of that. That would not be worth it.

Shen Yan had no choice but to give up. He leaned against the wall of the elevator with a sour face.

“What exactly is this thing?” Gao Zhilong rubbed his chin. He guessed, “Could it be a method to monitor the use of energy?”

Hubala glanced at the bracelet and said, “There’s no need for that. If they want to test the usage of energy, they just need to look at the fire in the alchemy furnace.”

Su Bai chuckled, “Who cares? We’ll find out later.”

At the same time, he glanced at the other contestants in the elevator.

Other than them, they were all dwarves and were only about 1.5 meters tall.

The elevator kept going down. When the elevator suddenly stopped moving, Gao Zhilong and the others could not help but get excited.

They wanted to see what the First City, which had been known since ancient times, looked like.

As the door opened, the group passed through a narrow steel passage. Along the way, there were dwarven guards in charge of guiding the way.

When they arrived at a window that looked like a rooftop, Su Bai, Gao Zhilong, and the others were amazed by the scenery outside through the glass!

Many skyscrapers were erected along the walls.

Slime Trains were everywhere here, and some of the tracks even passed through the interior of the building.

At the same time, the dwarves could be seen riding on flying-type Beasts, flying between high-rise buildings.

It’s like a tech city of the future. It was difficult for the people who were here for the first time to describe their feelings at this moment.

“This trip was not in vain!” Gao Zhilong clicked his tongue in wonder. “No wonder they dared to call this city the number one in history. They were not boasting at all.”

If one desired to build such a large underground city, one would need a huge amount of resources and also require the strength of the entire country to achieve it.

Not to mention, there was still a city building in the sky of the First City. When it was completed, First City would become the number-one city in history!

Gao Zhilong and the others came from the Royal City. Naturally, their evaluations were extremely high. As for Su Bai, his evaluations were unable to be described with words alone.

Soon, a dwarf who was responsible for receiving them came and said to everyone, “All human contestants, I am the emissary in charge of the content of your competition. My name is Asack.”

“Hello! Excuse me, how long before the Alchemy Festival starts?” asked Gao Zhilong.

“It’s already begun. I’m going to take you to the venue for the elimination round. Please follow me.” Asack chuckled.

‘It’s already started?’ Everyone frowned. They had just arrived at the real First City and did not even have time to rest.

Following Asack, the group arrived at a vast square.

In the square, there were small rooms that had been temporarily built. The contestants had to complete an alchemy test with the help of the referee. If they passed, they would be able to pass the elimination round.

Su Bai was familiar with it. He had experienced it once in the elimination rounds in Heavencraft City.

In the square, the dwarven guards patrolled very closely. Most of them were Silver-level Beastmasters.

Among them, there were many Gold-level and Silver-level Beasts.

It was only natural that such an important national competition would receive such attention.

Each contestant was assigned numbers one after another. Su Bai got number 997 and the others were not far away.

“I’m really a little nervous.”

Gao Zhilong clenched his fists and took a deep breath.

Su Bai was still looking around. Right above the square was a loft in the sky. Some things extended out from the window, which were similar to the muzzles of Beast-core cannons.

It was a grand formation. Those who did not know better would think that there was going to be a war.

“Do you find it strange?” Murong Xue’s cold gaze turned over. She said, “It’s just an Alchemy Festival, but it’s like we’re facing a great enemy.”

Obviously, Su Bai was not the only one who found something strange. Murong Xue also noticed that there was nothing wrong with this square, but she could not withstand a closer look.

Su Bai shrugged and smiled. He said, “Maybe it’s to guard against the underground Beasts.”

“Do you really think so?”

Murong Xue tilted her face, her expression very serious.

But more so, she showed the temperament of a beauty, which was more pleasing to the eye.

Su Bai chuckled, “What do you think, Miss Murong?”

“You’re a Spiritualist Beastmaster, right?”

“You can say that!”

“Then you shouldn’t have asked me.” Murong Xue glanced at the dwarven guards. She continued, “You should ask them.”

There were at least ten thousand people in the square. Among them, the dwarven guards occupied at least 40%. That was what puzzled Su Bai the most.

Alchemists were quite precious among humans, but even if the dwarves were selected from the entire country, they wouldn’t go so far as to make a big fuss.

As for Murong Xue’s suggestion, it was even more ridiculous.

Having spiritual power was very abnormal, but it was not omnipotent to easily see into the hearts of others.

At least…Su Bai could not do it now.

After waiting for a moment, the contestants in the lounge on the square were called their numbers one by one.

They entered their respective reporting rooms and began the elimination round.

It was also quite lively outside.


There were also reporters in the sky who were responsible for broadcasting and providing pictures to the First City locals.
When the camera turned to Su Bai and the others, their figures appeared on the biggest screen in the square.

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