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Chapter 46: 46 Surprised, But Not Much

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46 Surprised, But Not Much

The Crackantula was an S-Class rare species, and there was very little information on it.

It was an extremely rare beast that had yet to be studied, and there were even fewer Beastmasters of Crackantulas.

“I’ve actually found a treasure.”

Looking at Whitey which was still sleeping soundly in his pocket, Su Bai gulped and let out a sigh.

Then, he checked the information about the military.

Sure enough, it was the same as his impression.

The benefits of joining the army were something that no student could refuse.

Basically, as long as Su Bai could become an official soldier, he could relocate the family members of the orphanage to the city.

But there was one thing worth noting.

The higher the benefits, the more intense the competition.

Every year, countless Beastmasters fought to enter the Army, but the cruel selection process would eliminate more than ninety percent of them.

“My current strength is not enough.”

Su Bai had been making rapid progress.

However, compared to his competitors in the Army, he was still too inexperienced.

There were three days left. Su Bai went to bed and woke up early every day.

Due to the military’s invitation, the normal classes had almost nothing to do with him.

Therefore, he decided on his own daily schedule.

In the morning, he would do weight training and run around the field with refined iron to increase his Beast Space.

In the afternoon, he went to the library to study.

Due to special circumstances, the Bearen was placed in the dormitory to continuously absorb electricity for 24 hours.

As for Whitey, it was always with him.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Su Bai could now easily carry three pieces of refined iron weighing 150 kilograms around the field.

The Beast Space had also expanded to 31 square meters.

He had far surpassed the level of his classmates.

On the other hand, Bearen had also successfully upgraded to High-10 Iron Level because of its experience in the wilderness and the continuous absorption of electricity for 72 hours.

It was only one step away from Bronze level.

It was the same for Whitey. It could gain experience points by staying with Su Bai and was now at the Upper-8 Iron level.

Su Bai received his first call in the morning.

It wasn’t from the military, but from the principal, Kong Jie.

Su Bai was called to the Academic Affairs Office.

He was warmly welcomed by Kong Jie the moment he entered.

“As the saying goes, ‘heroes come from the young.’ Su Bai, come here.”

Kong Jie had known about what had happened in the wilderness for a long time, but he still found it hard to believe.

After all, it was not like he had never seen a prodigy among Beastmasters before.

Kong Jie had been teaching for more than 30 years, and countless talented students had enrolled in the school before. Only a few had been able to stand out.

However, Su Bai was able to make a contribution to the military within less than a month of enrolment.

He was the first in history!

“You’re too kind, Mr. Kong. I was just lucky.” Su Bai smiled humbly.

‘Lucky?” Kong Jie immediately rolled his eyes.

‘Said a student who was bold enough to enter a beast horde and destroy the core of the formation?!’

“Drop the act. You’re capable, so you earn yourself the right to advance to the next level. But before you leave, I have to tell you something. Don’t be afraid of failure. The school will always welcome you back,” said Kong Jie sternly.

Everyone knew the competition in the army was so cruel that anyone could get kicked out anytime.

In Kong Jie’s eyes, Su Bai was a student with potential.

Kong Jie was worried that Su Bai would not get back on his feet once he failed, so Kong Jie told him the school would always welcome him.

Of course, Kong Jie also had his own thoughts.

No matter if Su Bai was eliminated in the army race or officially joined the army, the only thing that would not change was his relationship with the school and teachers.

“Thank you, Mr. Kong,” Su Bai replied with a smile.

Immediately, Kong Jie and Su Bai arrived at the school gate, talking and laughing.

There were already a few people waiting there.

They were all third-year students who had been selected through formal channels and had obtained the opportunity to enter the military youth training camp.

When they saw Su Bai, they all had a strange look.

After all, the incident in the wilderness was not a small matter.

Su Bai had become a famous person in the school forum.

But this reputation had its pros and cons.

After all, Su Bai was just a freshman. He had just entered the school less than a month, but he had already participated in the wilderness trial and made a military contribution.

The whole thing was unbelievable.

Therefore, many people believed that Su Bai must have gotten in through the back door and was a relative of some big shot.

They thought that he must be there to make his resume look good.

Neither did Su Bai explain nor clarify in the forum, which made these people more convinced of the rumor.

The senior students were whispering to each other while looking at Su Bai. The principal, Kong Jie, standing next to him made him even stand out.

“He is Su Bai? There’s nothing special about him.”

“Hehe, he’s just a nepo kid. Didn’t you see that even the principal personally escorted him? ”

“Shh! Don’t let the principal hear this, or you’ll be in trouble.”

“Don’t worry. Nobody can rely on connections in the army. If a person does not have the strength, they will be kicked out eventually.”

Everyone felt a little unbalanced.

They thought they were the only ones who were here because of their own talents and hard work, so they looked down on Su Bai.

After saying goodbye to Kong Jie, Su Bai stood at the edge of the crowd.

He turned a blind eye to the strange gazes around him and calmly waited for the people from the army.

“Su Bai!”

Suddenly, a clear and sweet voice sounded.

Everyone looked over and saw a young girl in a fresh sports outfit walking over.

Liu Yiyi approached Su Bai with small steps and said excitedly with her cute pink face. “How is it? Are you surprised to see me here?”

“I’m surprised, but not much.”

“Yea, compared to an OP Beastmaster like you, I’m too average.” Liu Yiyi shrugged her shoulders and said helplessly.

As a Spiritualist, she was one in a million.

She should have been proud of her identity, but when she was in front of Su Bai, even though he was just a first-year student, her presence was weaker.

Seeing the two of them talking and laughing, the surrounding third-year students were even more dispirited. They were speechless, thinking, ‘This year’s students are getting outrageous.’

The normal procedure would require one to complete the courses of the third year in high school before getting selected to join the military youth training camp. In other words, by the time they join, they should already complete their studies and officially graduate.

But now, not only was there a sophomore, a Spiritualist graduating early after skipping a grade, but there was also a new student skipping two grades in a row and graduating early.

Su Bai and Liu Yiyi paid no heed to the low-spirited third-year students.

After waiting for about ten minutes, a camouflaged truck suddenly drove into the school, and everyone’s expression became serious.

Soon, a man in a military uniform alighted from the passenger’s seat.

After glancing over the students, he shouted in a loud and clear voice, “Introduce yourself, now!”

As expected of a soldier, the voice was not something ordinary people could have.

Even the people on the street opposite the school gate could hear it clearly.

“Reporting in! Liu Yiming from third year’s Elite Class One”

“Reporting in! Li Hu from third year’s Elite Class Two!”

“Reporting in! Wang Niu from third year’s Elite Class One!”

“Reporting in! Liu Yiyi from second year’s Elite Class Three”

“Reporting in! Su Bai from first year’s Elite Class Two!”

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