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Chapter 45: 45 The Invitation From the Youth Training Camp

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45 The Invitation From the Youth Training Camp

As soon as Su Bai recollected his thoughts, he sent the Bearen back into his Sigil and placed Whitey inside his pocket.

The encampment was still bustling in the morning.

Although all students were forbidden from going out for field training due to the incident with the Salvation Sect, they were allowed to practice in pairs during their free time.

Su Bai opened the door.

The moment he stepped out, he saw a dozen students looking at him like he was some supermodel. It gave him willies.

“How may I help you?” Su Bai was not comfortable being stared at.

He was pretty sure that he had not offended this bunch of students recently.

Someone suddenly shouted, “Su Bai, you’re awesome!” The rest of them immediately rushed over to him.

“Su Bai, I heard that you’ve made a great contribution!”

“You beat up the Salvation Sect and kicked tens of thousands of beasts. Why didn’t we notice you were that awesome sooner? Come join us!”

“Su Bai, are you hungry? I’ll treat you to a meal!”

“Hahaha, Su Bai has made us commoners proud this time.”

“The new students this year are really extraordinary!”

As the crowd clamored, Su Bai was stunned.

He knew that he had made a great contribution. But the details like he had pulled out those stunts, kicking and bearing, were over-exaggerated.

As a commoner himself, he knew that he had to work hard to make commoners proud.

Under normal circumstances, a school or academy would not organize field training unless it was for assessment purposes.

Instead, the students who lived in Los Monstaria would get themselves private tutors to improve their skills.

“Su Bai, do you have time to join me for breakfast?”

“I’m here first!”

“Oh please, first come first serve doesn’t work here.”

“Su Bai, join me instead. I’ll treat you to a beef meal!”

A few girls from senior year squeezed into the crowd.

The sight made Su Bai’s hair stand on the end.

He could not escape because they had surrounded him, and he could not possibly summon his Bearen to beat them off

“Get out of the way!” Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded.

The crowd was stunned for a moment before they dispersed.

It was Liu Yiyi in a white dress. She strode toward Su Bai and took him to an open space.

“Well done. You’re now a popular guy among girls from senior year,” Liu Yiyi teased him while looking at him playfully. “Don’t forget your ex when you have a new girlfriend.”

“Senior, you’re here too.” Su Bai smiled bitterly and asked, ” What’s going on now? The Salvation Sect’s plan should have failed, right? ”

When Su Bai brought up that question, Liu Yiyi shook her head. “I have no idea. We’re just students, so we don’t have the right to access that info. But you, on the other hand…”


“Ahem, not only are you famous around here, but even the school’s forum is also abuzz with discussions about you, the freshman who has made a great contribution to solving a crisis.”

Everyone loved gossip, not to mention explosive gossip.

Su Bai did not expect a big sensation like this, but he was not bothered as long as it did not cause him trouble.

“Don’t forget me when you join the army.”

“It’s still too early to join the army.” Su Bai chuckled. “Why? Are you planning to join the army? ”

The army had always recruited students from various schools every year.

There would be more professional training and better prospect for those who got selected.

Liu Yiyi raised her eyebrows. Before she could say anything, Su Bai’s phone rang.

He picked up the phone and hung up after giving a few responses.

“Please excuse me, Senior. I have to go to the meeting room.”


Liu Yiyi waved her hand, feeling happy for Su Bai. ‘Despite being a freshman, not only is he strong, but his achievement also far exceeds that of his peers. He even achieved great merits by working with military officers during field training. That’s something that never happened in our school’s history. He’s incredible!’


Su Bai entered the meeting room after knocking on the door. Besides Li Heng and Bing Mengqi, there were a few other unfamiliar faces.

However, from their unusual gazes, it was obvious that they were the Beastmasters in the encampment.

The school had spent lots of money to hire the Beastmasters for the encampment.

They were roughly like mercenaries.

Their strength was only slightly inferior to that of military officers.

But they were not as easy to get along with as soldiers. Just the ruthlessness in their expressions was enough to make Su Bai overwhelmed with pressure. It was not intentional. Instead, it was a temperament they had developed through surviving countless bloody encounters.

“You’re finally here.” When Bing Mengqi saw Su Bai, she said directly, ” I’ll cut to the chase. The military is very satisfied with your performance, so I hereby invite you to join the military youth training camp. What say you? You can let us know your decision now.”

On the way, Su Bai had been thinking about what kind of reward he would get, but he did not expect the military to be so direct.

The opportunity to enter the military’s youth training camp was usually given to third-year students who had passed through many rounds of selection.

Every year, out of 10,000 students, only a few could make it.

Su Bai was just a freshman. He could not believe they would be willing to exempt him from those requirements and invite him to join the military youth training camp.

“This is a rare opportunity,” Li Heng said. “Su Bai, take it easy. After all, you’ve just attended school. There’s no need to decide hastily. It won’t be too late to enter the youth training camp when you’re a sophomore. The military has agreed to wait for one year.”

Li Heng had seen many outstanding students who were usually proud and arrogant.

In most cases, that personality and attitude had ruined their own future.

That was why Li Heng did not want a student with great potential like Su Bai to ruin his future because of greed.

“Thank you for your reminder, sir. But I want to join the youth training camp!”

Su Bai answered after thinking for a while.

‘I might walk a more challenging path without hesitation if I were alone. But regardless, I will still make the same decision even though I have a family at the orphanage this lifetime.

‘There’s no other reason. This world is rampaged by terrifying beasts. So, be it for my sake or my loved ones’ sake, I want power!

‘Furthermore, I will receive benefits the normal Beastmasters could not attain if I join military. Forget about other benefits, the number of family members I could bring to Los Monstaria will increase to 12, which is enough to cover my whole family.’

Li Heng nodded, “Well, as long as you have carefully thought about it.” He did not try to dissuade him. After all, Su Bai had made his own choice.

“Very good.” Bing Mengqi immediately checked something on her phone and said, “Someone will pick you up three days later.”

Then Su Bai left the meeting room.

Due to the unforeseen incident during the field training, the military took charge of the encampment once again, and the students had no choice but to stop training.

Every student received the notice to leave the camp and return to school.

Although they were unwilling, they still boarded the bus, leaving the wilderness.

As soon as Su Bai got back to the school, he went straight to the reference room, wanting to look up some answers to the questions he had had since the incident.

In the end, he was shocked.

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