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Chapter 44: 44 Crackantula, the Innate Assassin

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44 Crackantula, the Innate Assassin

The beasts in the center of the formation were so densely packed to the point of terrifying!

Su Bai relied on the Bearen to charge in.


A turbulent situation like this did not scare the Bearen. Instead, it let out a roar filled with endless battle intent.

A series of lightning descended.

The surrounding beasts did not dare to approach.

At the same time, Whitey was hiding, waiting for the right opportunity to attack.

“Let’s continue.” Su Bai looked around.

Unexpected situations were the most feared on the battlefield. The only way to deal with them was to get rid of them with the speed of lightning before it started.


Crackantula has killed a Mid-Iron-level Demon Ant and gained ten experience points!


Crackantula has killed a Mid-Iron-level Wilderfang and gained ten experience points!”


Crackantula has killed an Upper Devibat and gained thirty experience points!

The beasts gathered in the center of the formation were of a much higher level than the ones outside.

The Bearen became more and more courageous as it fought.


Armed with Thundergod Bracers, it forcefully opened a path of survival.

But in a few seconds, the beasts around him rushed over again, trying to drown Su Bai like a huge tide.

There were all kinds of beasts, including Flameboar, Whitecroc, Killer Bee, that were rarely seen on normal days chasing after them.

If Su Bai was a little slower, he might be slowed down.


Bearen has leveled up to Upper-9 Iron!

In the midst of the intense battle, a notification sound rang out.

However, Su Bai did not have time to celebrate it because he finally saw the back of an eye-catching figure in the center of the formation!

It was the Beastmaster who had cast the formation and his beast.

Meanwhile, Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi were already covered in injuries from the battle against the six Beastmasters from the Salvation Sect.

“How reckless!”

“I’m telling you guys in advance, she’s mind.”

One of the Salvation Sect’s Beastmasters let out a smirk.

He had already seen Bing Mengqi and Leng Lang as his prey.

At this moment, Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi had regrouped. They had their backs to each other and had their beasts guard the surroundings.

“How much longer can you last?” Leng Lang asked while panting.

“One minute at most.” Bing Mengqi’s cold eyes flashed. She gritted her teeth and said in a low voice, “If it wasn’t for the surrounding beasts, I wouldn’t have been in such a difficult situation.”

They were already outnumbered.

However, for some reason, the violent beasts would not attack the Salvation Sect’s Beastmasters at all.

Otherwise, with their strength, they would not be at a disadvantage.

They could only entrust their hope to Su Bai, or they would be torn apart by the beasts in one minute at most.

“Whitey, go!”

In the center of the formation, a bullet-like white figure streaked across, it was wrapped in lightning.

In an instant, the sharp thorns with the Pear-Rose Thorns fell toward the target.



Su Bai’s eyes were wide open and he clenched his fists.

Whitey was like an innate assassin. It was small in size and fast in speed. Now, with the addition of the Beastmaster Skill, Soul Link, its attributes had increased greatly.

The formation lost its effect, and the pattern on the ground began to dissipate.

At the same time, the beasts began to recover their original consciousness and noticed the situation around them.

All of them quickly fled like frightened birds.

The six Beastmasters from the Salvation Sect noticed it and were immediately stunned.

When they regained their senses, they suddenly found Su Bai behind them and a person lying in a pool of blood.

Su Bai was just a dozen meters away from them!

“Kid, I’ll make you wish you were dead for ruining the plans of our sect!”

The six of them were furious.

They did not expect that their plan, which was about to succeed, would be ruined by a weakling they had failed to notice.

However, Su Bai was not an idiot.

The moment he achieved his goal, he took the advantage of the chaos, where beasts scattered, to escape.

The lowest level among the six members from the Salvation Sect was a Bronze-level Beastmaster.

It was best to leave the enemies of this level to professional soldiers.

“Kill them!”

Leng Lang attacked instantly.

He summoned another beast, Storm Eagle, and it shot out a wind blade in the air.

Not to be outdone, Bing Mengqi started to unleash the special skill of the Six-eared Snowfox—Snow Bomb.

The Six-eared Snowfox went around the Salvation Sect’s Beastmasters while sprinkling a little “snow.” The “snow” would explode upon contact.

The six Beastmasters from the salvation Sect were caught off guard, and they suffered heavy losses in their panic.


Su Bai could not help feeling amazed.

They were indeed military officers. Whether it was their individual strength or teamwork, they had almost crushed the six opponents from the Salvation Sect.

In the world of Beastmasters, having more numbers did not mean you had an advantage.

All the disadvantageous factors had been eliminated.

And the level of Leng Lang’s Storm Eagle or Bing Mengqi’s Six-eared Snowfox had surpassed that of the Salvation Sect.

Therefore, this outcome was within the expectation

But they could not take down many in a short time, so Su Bai would send Whitey out to interfere with the opponents from time to time.

Whitey only approached and did not attack.

It was to distract the Salvation Sect guys’ attention.

They were so angry that they stomped, but there was nothing they could do.

The situation was in a deadlock.

But very quickly, the rescue team from the school’s campsite arrived and took down both Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi in one fell swoop!

“Are you alright?”

Li Heng grabbed Su Bai’s shoulder and checked his condition, and then let out a sigh of relief: “It’s a good thing we made it in time. Where’s the formation?”

“It’s already been destroyed.”

“That’s good. Let the adults handle it. You can go back and rest.”

“Okay.” Su Bai nodded and followed the rest back to the camp.

As for the rewards, he did not have the strength to think about them now.

After a series of battles, even Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi were exhausted, let alone him, a student.

When they returned to the camp,

they received a message from Lei Xing’s party. It turned out that they had been teleported to the wilderness more than ten kilometers away.

They had just returned and missed the battle.

Su Bai went back to his room and fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

The Bearen clumsily picked up the charger and put it in after much effort. It looked at Su Bai who was sleeping like a dead man and let out a long sigh.

Whitey was lying beside Su Bai, closing its eyes and resting.

The next morning, the first thing Su Bai did when he got up was to check the Bearen and Whitey’s status on his info panel.

In yesterday’s battle, the Bearen had advanced to Upper-9 Iron. He had known this for a long time, but he did not expect that Whitey would achieve Upper-7 Iron.

In just a few days, it had almost caught up with the Bearen.

It was an unexpected gain.


Su Bai’s mouth was almost crooked from the smile.

The beasts of the students same year as him were still hovering around Level-3 Iron. Even the beasts of sophomores were mostly Level-7 or 8 Iron

Liu Yiyi, whose beast had reached the High-10 Iron level, was already considered one of the top students in her school.

What he had achieved in less than five days since his set foot in the Wilderness was already far surpassed a sophomore’s one-year efforts.

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