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Chapter 54: 54 Everyone’s Wildest Imagination

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54 Everyone’s Wildest Imagination

The two Beasts were so close to each other. Burst Bear stood there fearlessly as if it did not care about its opponent at all. However, Bearen’s attack landed on him.


Then, everyone’s jaws dropped.

The Earthen Shield on Burst Bear’s body shattered like paper.


The huge Burst Bear fell to the ground in pain and kept rolling around.

“Impossible!” Situ Yang’s eyes were wide open, and he couldn’t believe the scene in front of him. However, the facts in front of him told him that the Burst Bear couldn’t withstand the next attack at all. He hurriedly shouted, “Stop! I’ve lost!”

Su Bai immediately summoned Bearen to return.

In fact, Bearen’s strength was not weak, to begin with. However, its Thunder element skills and equipment were too dazzling, overshadowing its original strength.

Su Bai was satisfied with the battle.

Situ Yang ran to Burst Bear nervously to check its injuries.

He realized that the power of Bearen’s punch was not weak. After Burst Bear rolled around in pain, it actually fainted!

“That’s not possible. Is that really a newcomer? ”

“Wow… That Bearen defeated the High-10 Iron level Burst Bear with just one punch?”

“F*ck, what kind of attack power is that?”

“That’s not right. The one we saw earlier was clearly of the thunder element. How could its power be so strong? ”

“This guy isn’t easy to deal with.”

“Yang has encountered a tough one.”

Everyone was extremely shocked. It was hard to imagine that a newbie could have such powerful strength.

Among them, Situ Yang could be considered an expert.

In the end, the expert hadn’t even made a move before he was beaten down and lost the match.

He originally thought it was a sure-win situation!

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Su Bai. You’re always welcome to avenge yourself.” Su Bai passed by Situ Yang, left a few words, and then strode away with Bearen.

Meanwhile, Situ Yang, who had remained in his original spot, unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He knew very well that he seemed to have really provoked a tough one.

After Su Bai left, the others couldn’t calm down for a long time.

They were a group of veterans in the youth camp, and they were actually beaten up by a newcomer. They would become the laughingstock of the others if this news spread!

“Guys… Who is that guy?”

In the silence, someone couldn’t help but say, “I heard from the instructor that the genius from the Xuanyuan family is coming to the youth training camp. Could it be him?”

As soon as he said that, the others immediately frowned.

Generally speaking, there would be a few capable newcomers in the youth training camp occasionally, and their Beasts would not be of low levels.

However, a battle between Beastmasters wasn’t decided by their level.

The difference in experience and equipment was not to be underestimated.

In terms of experience, Su Bai, who had just arrived, couldn’t be more experienced than Situ Yang, who had been here for two months.

There was only one possibility left!

Su Bai was not an ordinary person!

“That can’t be right. Isn’t his name Su Bai? His surname is Su.” someone asked.

“You fool. Can’t he just keep a low profile?” someone retorted in the next second.

Some liked to be in the limelight, so naturally, there were people who liked to keep a low profile.

“It’s possible.”

Finally, Situ Yang opened his mouth and said to everyone, “Even the governor has praised the genius of the Xuanyuan family, but there’s only been bits and pieces of news over the years.”

Ever since the world changed, the Beastmaster profession has emerged.

Geniuses kept appearing like mushrooms.

However, the vast majority of these so-called geniuses had met a pitiful and miserable end.

They did not end up dying on the battlefield but in the infighting between the families.

Therefore, the geniuses of the major families rarely showed themselves in public.

Someone took a deep breath and said in fear, “Then what should we do? We’ve offended the Xuanyuan family, how are we going to survive in Los Monstaria!”

The Xuanyuan family was one of the eight great families in Los Monstaria!

It was as simple as crushing an ant to deal with students like them.

“That’s right, Yang…”

Everyone looked at Situ Yang. After all, he was the only one who wanted to take on Su Bai.

The others could only be considered accomplices.

Upon hearing that, a big droplet of sweat appeared on Situ Yang’s forehead.

He wasn’t in the mood to gossip with this group of people, so he turned around and ran in the direction of the camp.

Situ Yang knew he had offended someone he could not afford to offend.

Naturally, he had to find a way to make up for it.

When the others saw that, they didn’t feel so much pressure and went to do what they had to do.

However, gossip was something that everyone enjoyed.

In just a short while, the news about Su Bai being the genius of the Xuanyuan family had already spread to more than half of the youth training camp.

On the other hand, Su Bai didn’t rush to hand in his mission after returning to the youth training camp. Instead, he went back to his dormitory, took out a dead Demon Chimp from the Beast Space, and was about to take out its Beast-core.

The difficulty of extracting a Bronze-level Beast-core was several times higher than that of an Iron-level Beast-core.

Even so, Su Bai only had to be focused for a while before he took out a 95% complete Bronze-level Beast-core.

A Bronze-level Beast-core was worth five merit points, so it would be 50 merit points in total.

In addition to the mission reward, he would get a total of 70 merit points!

This was the advantage of being a lone ranger.

If it was an ordinary team doing the mission, each person would only get a dozen or so merit points after being evenly distributed.

The demand for merit points was huge.

Su Bai didn’t want to ruin the completeness of the Beast-cores because of his carelessness, so he took them out carefully.

However, just as he was about to take the last one, there was a sudden commotion at the door.

“Su Bai, are you there?” a familiar voice sounded.

Su Bai opened the door unhappily when his work was interrupted.

The person standing at the door was Situ Yang.

“Su Bai, you’re here. I’ve finally found you. Here, I just bought this roast duck for you. It’s still hot!”

After that, Situ Yang held up an oil-paper package from his hand. There was a strong fragrance coming from it.

Su Bai couldn’t believe it.

A second ago, Situ Yang was about to snatch his spoils, but the next second, he actually came to apologize.

“Thank you,” Su Bai took the roast duck without any hesitation.

This was the youth training camp, and all the resources here were extremely precious.

For example, that roast duck required eight merit points to exchange for it. Ordinary people would not bear to spend it.

Situ Yang, who was worriedly handing over the roast duck, suddenly smiled.

But the next second, the door closed in front of him.

“What the heck!” Even Situ Yang was dumbfounded. He quickly knocked on the door again and shouted, “Su Bai, I need to talk to you. Please open the door!”

When the door opened again, Su Bai asked impatiently: “Is there anything else?”

Seeing that, Situ Yang hurriedly said the words he had prepared, “Su Bai, I was blind before. I’m here to apologize.

“But don’t worry, I still have something to tell you.

“I wonder if your team is short of people. I want to join!”

“I don’t have a team.” Su Bai said with a frown.


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