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Chapter 55: 55 The Weak Leeching the Strong

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55 The Weak Leeching the Strong

“It’s good that you don’t have a team!”

Being rejected, Situ Yang still smiled and said, “Su Bai, you’ll form the team and I’ll be the member. I don’t need much for a mission, just 10% is enough!

In the youth training camp, most of them were equally distributed.

Asking for ten percent of the merit points was no different from working like a horse.

“Ten percent…” Su Bai’s mouth twitched and he asked, “Are you insane?”

“I wasn’t.” Situ Yang’s eyes were blazing as he said, “Your Beast’s punch today has completely woken me up.

“To be honest, I’m from an ordinary family and I don’t have much ability.

“I’ve been in the youth training camp for two months now, and I’ve only earned less than 5,000 merit points. I don’t expect to be a soldier.

“I originally wanted to get by and become a mercenary in the future.

“Luck has finally come to me. In fact, Burst Bear is not my main Beast. My main Beast is Songbird. It has just broken through to the Bronze-level two days ago!


Situ Yang’s words could not be any clearer.

The hope that had been lost was suddenly improved by leaps and bounds, and it broke through to the Bronze-level.

It was natural since Situ Yang’s original plan was ruined and his fighting spirit was reignited.

“What does this have to do with me?” Su Bai asked calmly.

In fact, there was a difference between having teammates and not. However, it didn’t seem necessary for Su Bai now.

“Didn’t you know, Su Bai?” Situ Yang quickly explained, “Although it’s not bad to be a lone ranger, the later missions are all very annoying, especially high-level missions. It would take a lot of time to complete a mission as a team.

“It’s impossible for a lone ranger to complete high-level missions.

“That’s why many people will find a team in the later stages even if they are lone rangers in the early stages.”

Any Beastmaster acting alone was far less useful than acting in a group.

This was something that the school had always emphasized.

For example, Su Bai’s talent could not only be used on his Beast but also on the team.

“Indeed,” Su Bai knew this, but it was not the time to form a team yet.

In addition, Situ Yang’s level and strength were indeed not bad.

After breaking through to the Bronze-level, the Beastmaster’s level had also risen to the Bronze-level, and the bond between them grew stronger.

“Then you should report your information first and give me a reason for me to form a team with you,” said Su Bai.

“Alright!” Seeing that Su Bai finally gave in, Situ Yang couldn’t wait to tell him everything.

Situ Yang’s talent was an A-level Rapid Perception, an investigative type talent.

Su Bai’s mouth twitched. He didn’t expect such a tall and strong man to be a Beastmaster with Supporter talent.

It was the same for Situ Yang’s Songbird, which could scout everything within 100 meters in the air.

Its scouting was first class but in terms of combat… It was a complete weakling.

However, the benefit of being a Supporter was that it was a highly sought-after existence for any team in the youth training camp.

“Hehe, to be honest, I prefer freedom.” Situ Yang scratched his head and said with a smile.

In the beginning, Situ Yang had indeed joined some teams, but he was not used to the rules and regulations. Coupled with his rotten attitude, he simply left the team and bullied the newcomers who were lone rangers.

“Alright,” Su Bai said. He opened the door completely and agreed to Situ Yang’s request of forming a team.

The reason was simple. Not only did Situ Yang request an absurdly low share, but he also was a first-class scout which was rare in a team.

“If the mission goes well, your commission can be increased.” Su Bai said as he led Situ Yang into the room. “But let me make this clear, I can’t guarantee that I’ll bring you enough merit points to become a soldier,” said Su Bai.

“No problem! I don’t have much hope at first, since I’m still 30,000 merit points away from becoming an official soldier,” said Situ Yang with a smile.

“Thirty thousand?” Su Bai was stunned and confused.

‘Wasn’t it 50,000 points to become a soldier? How did it become 35,000?’

However, Su Bai was relieved after Situ Yang’s explanation.

All Supporter Beastmasters had special treatment in the youth training camp. One example was that they didn’t need 50,000 merit points to become soldiers and only required 35,000 instead.

When Su Bai submitted the information, he wrote that the first Beast was a Bearen, mainly for combat.

As a result, he wasn’t classified as a Supporter Beastmaster according to his talents.

Su Bai had no idea about that.

In the room, before Situ Yang could find a chair to sit down on, Su Bai had taken the last Beast-core speedily and threw it into his Beast Space.

Even though it was only for a few short seconds, Situ Yang was dumbfounded by Su Bai’s action.

“S-S-S-Su Bai!” Situ Yang even began to stutter as he asked in shock, “You knew how to extract a Beast-core?!”

“What’s the matter? Is there anything strange about it?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows.

“That is incredible!” Situ Yang took a deep breath.

It was obviously too shocking.

Back when Situ Yang was still in school, like most students, he knew that there were less than one in a hundred Beastmasters who could extract a Beast-core in one piece.

However, ever since he arrived at the youth training camp, he suddenly realized that it wasn’t just one in a hundred. It was like gold hidden in the soil. It was definitely a treasure worth keeping!

One had to know, Su Bai was not extracting Iron-level Beast-core, but the Bronze-level ones.

The number of students who could do it was obvious in the entire youth training camp.

Situ Yang didn’t expect that the newcomer Su Bai could do it easily!

“Su Bai, what’s the completeness of one?” Situ Yang asked.

“Around 95%,” said Su Bai.

“Wow…” Situ Yang sucked in a breath of cold air again, and his heart was filled with mixed feelings.

At first, Situ Yang only wanted to leech on Su Bai. After all, even if Su Bai was not a genius of the Xuanyuan family, he could be a fake.

But now, after knowing that Su Bai could easily extract Bronze-level Beast-core, Situ Yang was no longer just trying to suck up to him.

It was simply like Situ Yang had found a treasure!

Su Bai was stunned by Situ Yang’s exaggerated reaction, but then Situ Yang started his long speech.

Beastmasters who could extract Beast-cores were basically all technical talents.

There was also a general term for it, Alchemist.

It was a sub-occupation that belonged to the same type as the Beastmasters who refined Beast-cores.

To be precise, a Beastmaster who was able to extract a Beast-core definitely had the corresponding potential in the field of Alchemist!

As for the sub-profession Alchemist, anyone would be rich.

After all, the people they served were all Beastmasters, and Beastmasters held the vast majority of their wealth.

It was no exaggeration to say that Situ Yang was glad that he had found a powerful man to leech on, and a treasure at that.

“I see.” Su Bai nodded. He understood how precious being an Alchemist was.

Not to mention, even if Su Bai didn’t accept any missions and just extract the Beast-cores for the youth training members, he would be able to earn hundreds of merit points a day.

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