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Chapter 68: 68 Speak Less or Get Embarrassed Again

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68 Speak Less or Get Embarrassed Again

For nearly half an hour, Su Bai rode Bearen through the rainforest.

After finding the bronze door, he entered without any hesitation.

When he returned to his senses, the world in front of him changed again. There was no scorching sun or dense forest.

Only five arenas were over a hundred square meters in front of him.

“What the…” Su Bai came to a stone stele not far away with rules written on it.

Simply put, the fourth floor’s challenge was to complete the arena within the specified time. Then, one could enter the fifth floor of the ruins.

The time limit was 15 minutes.

“Let’s just start.” Su Bai walked into one of the arenas with Bearen.

Just in case, Su Bai had Bearen equip the Thundergod Bracers in advance in case of an emergency.

“Let the trial begin!”

A deep, hoarse voice sounded.

The sky above the arena suddenly darkened in the next second, and a -hundred Bird-Beasts appeared.

They covered the entire arena like locusts.

A commotion could be heard, making Su Bai’s ears itch.

If it had been any other ordinary youth training team member, they would have been dumbfounded by now.

To be targeted by a hundred Bird-Beasts, and all of them were of the flying type, even if one had teammates, one would probably be panicking.

Moreover, Su Bai was fighting alone.

“Whitey, I’m counting on you.” Su Bai ordered and threw Whitey to the closest Bird-Beast.


The white figure landed on a Skylark, and the sharp front leg in its hand instantly slashed Skylark’s neck like the scythe of the death god.

To Su Bai’s surprise, the killed Bird-Beasts did not give him any experience points.

‘It seemed that the Bird-Beasts on the fourth floor weren’t real but were created by special means.

‘This must be the masterpiece of the ruins’ master.

‘It was obviously fake, but the Bird-Beasts’ strength was almost the same as the real ones. Such terrifying simulated Bird-Beasts were enough to show the terrifying strength of the ruins’ master.’

“Bearen, use Lightning Armor!” Su Bai shouted, and the sound of thunder could be heard.

More than a dozen Bird-Beasts also gathered and attacked, surrounding Su Bai and Bearen.

With the protection of the Lightning Armor, the Bird-Beasts wouldn’t dare to approach for a while.

In the distance, Whitey was also harvesting one after another with its extraordinary agility.

It shuttled back and forth wantonly, killing!

At the same time, the military unit arrived from another side.

When they entered the fourth floor, they immediately noticed the movements in the arena.

“It’s already started!”

The girl had no time to catch her breath. She wanted to catch up with Su Bai, but when she saw the scene, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “That’s a lot of Bird-Beasts!”

The other soldiers were also stunned.

They thought that this was only a C-level difficulty ruins. In fact, it was not something that ordinary youth training members could handle.

“Haha, you’re worthy of being the person I chose!” Chen laughed. “We won’t bully you. Let’s find our own arena. Don’t form a team!”

Hearing that, the others around him weren’t surprised.

Because that kind of decision was indeed something Chen could make.

“I request to stay back!”

However, Long had an opinion. He grabbed Chen’s arm and said, “I’m not a combatant. I’ll go up to the stage with you and not fight, okay?”


There were five arenas. Su Bai had used one, and there were four left for everyone.

Everyone ascended the stage, and the same hundred Bird-Beasts appeared.

In an instant, the area surrounding the five arenas was already filled with a dense mass of people. The scene was truly shocking.

“Twenty-seven … Twenty-eight …”

Su Bai noticed that the soldiers had arrived, but he didn’t care and continued killing the arena targets.

Whitey’s movement was agile.

In addition to the more prominent attack power, it could almost achieve the ability to kill Bird-Beasts in an instant.

Bearen was his trump card and was in charge of Su Bai’s safety.

This was the plan that had been drawn up from the very beginning.

However, an unexpected situation occurred, and the soldiers’ strength began to show.

“Firebird, burn them!” the young girl shouted, and the Firebird in front of her spewed out flames.

It instantly killed eight Bird-Beasts.

The AoE attack was highly efficient, and the damage was also impressive.

In another arena, Chen had also summoned his Beast, Vajra Baboon. Its body was as heavy as a rock, allowing the Bird-Beasts to attack it freely.

Its passive skill, Taunt, could enrage the surrounding targets.

Vajra Baboon directly grabbed one of the Bird-Beasts’ feet with a palm and then madly swung it up, killing groups of Bird-Beasts.

“That’s barbaric.” Long hid behind Chen and mumbled. Then he turned to Su Bai and shouted, “Kiddo, do your best. This group of fellows won’t let you have your way.

“You’re too slow! You should make Bearen more aggressive, or you’ll be surpassed!”

The number of targets killed would appear in a semi-transparent form above their respective arenas.

It was clear who was better.

Su Bai’s progress was only at 51, while the others were at about 30. There was only a difference of 20.

Chen checked on Su Bai’s progress and said, “It’s already very good to be able to reach this stage in the youth training camp. It’s no problem for him to enter the military, but he’s still too inexperienced.”

“Chen…Stop talking, or you’ll be embarrassed again.”

“Long, why should I? I don’t mean to criticize you, but we are official soldiers, not some random person. How can we possibly lose to a student? Don’t always take the side of the outsiders.” Chen turned to face the Vajra Baboon, his hands behind his back.

“No, I’m saying the gap between you two will widen.”

“How is that possible?”

Chen turned around and was stunned.

On the stage, Bearen’s body size had increased thrice, and its colossal body became the arena’s focus.

It waved its huge paw and instantly covered more than a dozen Bird-Beasts. Under the terrifying power, the dozen Bird-Beasts could not breathe and could only be crushed into a pool of flesh and blood.

Whitey had returned to Su Bai a long time ago. It was jumping up and down on Su Bai’s shoulder in anger.

It was obvious that Whitey was still sulking after being dragged down before it had its fill.

“Don’t worry. There will be time for you to go on stage.” Su Bai saw that and smiled helplessly.

Su Bai had no choice. The soldiers were indeed strong.

Even if they managed to escape a little earlier, they would still be caught up immediately.

Since that was the case, there was no need to have any concerns. Su Bai directly had Bearen go all out after Gigamaxed and swiftly ended the battle.

Su Bai’s progress had improved by leaps and bounds. Every Bearen’s attack could make the number jump up a bit.

However, he was already able to maintain the gap.

“How is that possible? He actually has an A-Level skill!”

The girl was confident that she could catch up with Su Bai, but now she was shocked.

An A-Level skill could not be taught to a Beast with money.

The Beastmaster and Beast had to have extremely high aptitudes.

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