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Chapter 69: 69 The Ruins' Fifth Floor and a Realization Stone

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69 The Ruins’ Fifth Floor and a Realization Stone

The young girl was already an official soldier at such a young age, which was enough to prove her outstanding potential.

But even so …

In addition to caring for her seniors, the A-Level skill she had mastered required several months of mental effort to fully understand.

This was the capital of her pride, and she had been praised by the elders of her family.

But now, it was destroyed by a member of the youth training camp.

“He’s good. I must say he’s not simple at all!” Chen was no longer reserved and began to be serious about the trial.

The score in the arena continued to rise.

The four soldiers scored 71, 76, 69, and 69, respectively. Su Bai scored 83 with the advantage of being the first to run.

“It’s time to speed up.” Su Bai looked at the remaining Bird-Beasts and ordered without any hesitation. “Whitey, go!”

The white blade arrived in an instant!

Using the colossal body of Bearen, Whitey charged straight up, swinging its death scythe at the Bird-Beast closest to him.

Wherever the white blade went, the Bird-Beasts would die.

In less than a minute, the last Bird-Beast was finally killed.

Su Bai won first place with a lead of nine kills!

Congratulations, you have completed the fourth floor’s target trial!

The muffled sound rang again, and the bronze door appeared before Su Bai.

“That was a close call.” Su Bai looked at the surrounding arenas with lingering fear. He had also finished his trial.

As expected of an official soldier,’ Su Bai thought. ‘Their strength and experience were among the best of the Beastmasters.’

“I’m Chen Hui. What’s your name, kid?”

Chen didn’t care about losing the trial because Su Bai’s performance aroused his interest.

“Su Bai.”

“You are Su Bai?”

Upon hearing that, the five of them instantly came to a realization.

The recent events in the youth training camp had caused an uproar, even in the soldiers’ barracks.

They had also heard that the second young master of the Xuanyuan family had been beaten up.

Anything that was related to the eight great families was no small matter.

“Hahaha, then I can’t blame myself for losing!” Chen Hui laughed out loud and immediately stretched out his hand. “Winner takes all, after you.”

As for the latter, except for Su Bai, there were no bronze doors in the other four arenas.

The rules were as such.

The first person to complete the trial would have ten minutes of priority.

“Many thanks, senior.” Su Bai cupped his fists and thanked him. He had a pretty good impression of Chen Hui.

Although it was a little awkward for an official soldier to suddenly enter the ruins of the youth training camp.

However, they had taken good care of him along the way.

Especially in the fourth floor’s arena, they didn’t choose to complete the trial by forming teams.

Otherwise, Su Bai really couldn’t compete with the five official soldiers.

Then Su Bai went through the bronze door and disappeared from the arena.

The other five people gathered together and complemented Su Bai without hiding anything.

It’s really lively this year. First, there was the young master of the Xuanyuan family, and now Su Bai.

“That kid’s Bearen is not bad. Its fur is pretty, and it has a powerful aura.”

“But I heard that he’s a commoner. Where did he get so many resources? ”

“Why do you care so much?” Chen Hui rolled his eyes at the soldier and said. “Su Bai is quite capable. He will definitely be an excellent addition to the military.”

“Indeed,” Long said. “No one from the youth training camp can get into the fourth floor now. There’s such a huge gap. I don’t know if this year’s youth training is too weak or Su Bai is too strong.”

“Qing, what are your thoughts on Su Bai? Your father has high hopes for you. Since there are so many young talents that have popped up now. Shouldn’t you catch one to report back?” another soldier teased.

The young girl immediately retorted, “I don’t care!”

When the other four heard that, they immediately laughed and teased each other.

At the same time, Su Bai entered the fifth floor.

The sky here was dark, and the floor was transparent.

Under the starry sky, the whole world seemed to be upside down.

“A stone stele?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows and looked at the huge rock not far away.

It was a round triangle.

The words carved on it were like earthworms, curved and twisted, and it was impossible to see what words they were.

If it was a stone stele, it was too big. It was much bigger than the Gigamaxed Bearen.

Su Bai stepped forward and touched it.

It felt warm to the touch.


Master, it has been detected that you are currently comprehending a Realization Stone. It can be simplified so that comprehension can be completed while lying down.

Do you wish to simplify it?

Suddenly, the system’s prompt sounded.

Su Bai was surprised. He didn’t expect it to be a Realization Stone.

In the youth training camp, the stone stele in the training room was nothing compared to the Realization Stone.

The stone stele could be bought with money, but the Realization Stone was completely different.

Even in the entire Los Monstaria, no more than three of them!

Su Bai had only heard of it, but he didn’t expect to find one in ruins.

It seemed that the master of these ruins was far more potent than Su Bai had imagined. He must be as powerful as the principal.

However, the ruins’ difficulty created by such a big shot was so low. It was somewhat unimaginable.

But Su Bai didn’t go to a dead end. After all, big shots would more or less do strange things that ordinary people couldn’t understand.

Perhaps it was just that the big shots wanted to leave opportunities for the younger generation, so they set an easy difficulty.


Looking at the Realization Stone, Su Bai licked his lips in excitement.

‘Bearen’s combat strength had already emerged, but Whitey’s strength was still lacking.’ Su Bai thought.

Normally, Beastmasters would train their Beasts with the principle of one superior to many.

But Su Bai didn’t have to worry about that. The initial resources had been simplified, so it wasn’t a problem.

The most important thing at this point was to allow Whitey, who had the most potential, to learn a stronger skill.

Whitey felt Su Bai’s call. It jumped out of the pocket and was immediately attracted by the Realization Stone.

Its eight tiny eyes were filled with great confusion.

But that was not important.

“Simplified it!”


Simplification in process… Simplification complete!

It has been simplified to complete the comprehension of the Realization Stone while lying down!

Su Bai put Whitey on his back and let it lie down quietly. Then he lay down in front of the Realization Stone and was already looking forward to new opportunities.

Time began to pass by.

Chen Hui and the others entered the fifth floor ten minutes later. They were initially perplexed when they saw Su Bai lying on the ground, but then they noticed the Realization Stone.

The five of them were shocked.

“A Realization Stone?!” Chen Hui immediately felt his mouth go dry. He became excited and said, “Who created these ruins? That person is so generous that he placed the Realization Stones here like trash!”

Chen Hui didn’t forget about Su Bai, who was lying nearby. He immediately got anxious and urged, “Su Bai, don’t just sleep there! Hurry up and get up. This is a Realization Stone that only appears once a thousand years!”


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