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Chapter 74: 74 Su Bai Is an Honest Man!

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74 Su Bai Is an Honest Man!

“Thank you for your praise, sir.”

Su Bai was grateful for Bing He’s words.

The other party was a big shot in the military. It was a piece of cake for Bing He to find out about a member of the youth training.

Furthermore, Bing Mengqi would also tell Bing He about what had happened in the wilderness.

After putting all the pieces together, Bing He was very clear about Su Bai’s background.

“Come on, it’s mealtime. Let’s eat together. We’ll talk about the rest slowly,” Bing He said with a smile.

The group of people sat at the dining table, and delicious food filled the entire table, one after another.

Su Bai also picked up his chopsticks without restraint.

“I’m sure you’ve met my two daughters. They’ve been raving about you for the past two days and can’t stop praising you.” Bing He smiled.

“Especially Qingqing, she vividly described your deeds in the ruins.”

Bing Qingqing shyly lowered her head and continued eating, not daring to meet Su Bai’s eyes.

She was embarrassed and angry yesterday because she was not as good as him. But after leaving the ruins, Su Bai’s figure would always appear as long as she closed her eyes and immediately felt shy.

“Thank you for your kind praises, miss.” Su Bai nodded and said. “Regarding the IOU left behind by Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian…”

Hearing that, the three people present perked up their ears simultaneously.

This dinner could happen because of Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian’s IOU, and now Su Bai mentioned it.

“I would like to exchange the qualifications for a military selection with you, sir.”

“Are you serious?” a hint of surprise flashed in Bing He’s eyes.

That day, when Bing He learned that the IOU had fallen into the hands of a youth training member, he immediately felt very anxious.

If it was Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian, he wouldn’t be afraid.

Moreover, Xuan Tian was a Grand Beastmaster, not to mention the highly respected legend of Los Monstaria. He wouldn’t demand something exorbitant from Bing He.

But what if the other party was an unknown young man?

Even though Su Bai had Bing Qingqing and Bing Mengqi guarantee on his excellent character, Bing He was still worried.

Human desires were bottomless pits, and no one could guarantee that one’s desires would never expand.

Therefore, Bing He was most worried that the other party would make unreasonable demands that he couldn’t accept.

After all, the IOU was supposed to repay Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian’s life-saving grace back then, and Bing He didn’t want to be sluggish about it.

“Of course, I’m just a fresh graduate and still need more training. I wouldn’t dare to undervalue myself and join the military,” Su Bai said.

“Alright!” Bing He smiled and cheered. “No wonder Mengqi kept praising you. You’re extraordinary.”

Bing He’s previous concerns had vanished, and he felt elated.

“I can agree to this, but I have to ask you a question.”

“Anything, sir.”

“I’ve seen your recent results in the youth camp. You’re pretty strong, but as an experienced youth training member, you haven’t been involved in any difficult missions. Are you confident that you can pass the military selection? ”

Bing He’s words were not baseless, but Su Bai had already considered them.

To put it simply, the youth training camp’s missions were the simplified version of military missions.

Challenging missions were a daily task for the soldiers in the military. They were missions that they carried out day and night.

The purpose of the youth training camp was also to groom qualified individuals to carry out this mission.

Su Bai had been collecting information for the past few days.

He also roughly understood the difficulty of the difficult mission, which was the gathering of intelligence and combat strength was actually secondary.

It was like a difficult mission to kill a certain Beast.

The most challenging part was not killing the target but searching for it!

After leaving the camp, the world outside was vast. Finding the target in the mountains and fields was as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack.

As a result, if a team wanted to complete a difficult mission, they had to use both human and material resources in the early stages to gather as much intelligence as possible.

After that, the team would take action and search for their target.

Su Bai’s current strength was already near the top of the youth training camp. However, his ability to gather intelligence was still lacking.

However, the combat strength of the Beasts was more than enough to join any team.

This was why Su Bai was so confident in joining the military selection.

“You’re confident,” said Bing He.

Su Bai paused for a moment and then stated, “This is an excellent opportunity for me. If I fail, I still have a half-year window to recover. The other members of the youth training do not have the same opportunity to experiment and make mistakes.”

“Good. It seems that I was overthinking it.” Bing He was in a good mood and was satisfied with the young man in front of him. “If that group of new recruits had a passion like yours, I wouldn’t have to worry so much.”

At the dinner table, Bing He had completely let down his guard against Su Bai and started to chat with him.

At the side, Bing Mengqi saw the moment and agreed, “Dad, what about the matter regarding Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian?”

“What do you mean by that?” Bing He was confused and asked. “Isn’t it already resolved?”

“Dad, Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian saved your life before. You talked so much about it when I was young that my ears almost exploded.” Bing Qingqing immediately said.

Bing He was confused. His two daughters’ words echoing one another stunned him.

“Ahem. If Su Bai didn’t mention it, you won’t either, Dad?” Bing Mengqi smirked slightly, and she continued to press on. “What if Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian comes back one day and asks about it? What will you do? Tell him the truth?”

“She’s right. Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian is much more straightforward than you. He exchanged a life-saving IOU for a qualification to be a soldier. Where are you going to put his face?”

The words of the two sisters, Bing Mengqi and Bing Qingqing, one left and one right, were like demonic sounds.

Su Bai, in addition to Bing He, was taken aback.

Bing He’s mouth twitched as he asked, “You mean… That’s enough?”

“Of course not!” said Bing Mengqi.

“But…” said Bing He.

“No buts. Su Bai is an honest man. He is embarrassed to mention it to you.” said Bing Mengqi.

“Yeah, she’s right!” Bing Qingqing exclaimed.

Su Bai was speechless. He almost spat out the soup he had just drank when he heard the word honest.

Although he didn’t know why the two sisters seemed to be speaking up for him, he didn’t say anything and just watched the fun.

On the other hand, Bing He was suffering.

Now, his head was buzzing, and he wanted to hide somewhere.

‘People said that the daughters will always side with their husbands once they are married.

‘They haven’t even married and are already learning to stand up against their family.

‘If they were to get married, that would be over!’

“Alright.” Bing He couldn’t take it anymore. He smiled bitterly, “Since Su Bai didn’t make things difficult for me with the IOU, I have to be generous. How about 10,000 merit points?”

“Just barely.”

“It’s so-so.”

Seeing that, the two sisters immediately stopped what they were doing and nodded in satisfaction.

“Many thanks, everyone!” Su Bai also expressed his gratitude.

Only Bing He was grumbling in his heart. He was worried that his daughters would be involved in this because of how happy they were when they talked about Su Bai these days.

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