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Chapter 75: 75 Seven Times a Night

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75 Seven Times a Night

After the meal, Su Bai said goodbye to the Bing family and walked around the military base.

He was not in a hurry to calculate his current merit points.

He first called Liu Xin and wanted to meet him at the gate of the military base.

“Hey, you remember me. You’re so f*cking awesome that you cleared the ruins, kiddo. I wasn’t wrong about you back then.” As soon as Liu Xin arrived, he burst out laughing.

“It’s just beginner’s luck.” Su Bai replied with a smile and then continued with the main topic. “When will the merit points for exploring and discovering the ruins be in my account? And how many will there be?”

He couldn’t wait to use his merit points and enter the purple training room to… Sleep.

“Damn, I thought you would treat me to a meal or something. Is that all? You’ll receive the merit points by today. But I’m not sure about the exact amount.” said Liu Xin as he rolled his eyes.

“Do you have any idea?” Su Bai asked.

“Get lost, don’t take advantage of me. You’ll get your share of the benefits anyway, at least 10,000 or 20,000 points.” Liu Xin scolded with a smile.

Su Bai felt much more at ease after hearing the amount.

Su Bai immediately bid Liu Xin farewell and returned to the youth training camp.

He took Situ Yang, still in the cafeteria, with him to continue his missions and completed two to three missions.

At dusk, Su Bai suddenly received a message on his phone.

He opened it and saw that it was a message from the military. A few words caught his attention.

“I have 38,710 merit points now,” said Su Bai. He thought in his heart, ‘I knew I could rely on Liu Xin’s words!’

The discovery and exploration of the ruins added up to more than 20,000 merit points.

“Good news?” Situ Yang asked.

Seeing Su Bai’s big smile, Situ Yang rubbed his hands and asked, “Su Bai, we’ve been getting many merit points from the missions recently. Do you want to go to the supermarket to spend some money?”

“You go ahead. I’m going into training in seclusion.”

“Training in seclusion?”

Su Bai went straight to the training center and exchanged for a purple training session with his merit points.

It made Situ Yang’s eyes pop out.

He had never expected that Su Bai’s so-called seclusion training was going to the purple training.

5,000 merit points would be enough for Su Bai to work for a month or two.

That wasn’t the end. Situ Yang had waited for several hours just to have a good meal with Su Bai after he came out.

But Su Bai just came out and went to the counter to exchange for another purple training.

“Has he gone mad?!” Situ Yang’s entire body stiffened in the training center’s hall.

It was 10:30, nighttime. Su Bai walked out of the training room again and even yawned.

“You’re finally out!” Situ Yang exclaimed. He jumped up from the chair and asked, “Do you want to go for supper, Su Bai?”

“I’m not going. I’m going to stay up all night. You can go back first.”


After Su Bai said that, he exchanged the merit points for a purple training session for the third time and then went to the training room.

Not only was Situ Yang perplexed this time, but so was the rest of the staff.

“I’ve been in the youth training camp for so long, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone spend their merit points like it was nothing.” said the staff

“Yeah… Me too.” Situ Yang took a deep breath and was greatly shocked.

Su Bai lay on the bed with Bearen and Whitey in the training room after activating the purple stone stele.

Once he participated in the military selection, the merit points would no longer be useful to him.

The most important thing now was to use all of them to improve the strength of his Beasts.

Even if Su Bai’s strength was at the top of the youth training camp, he could not slack off.

“Time to sleep~” Su Bai set the alarm and immediately closed his eyes.

He would go out and exchange for a new purple stone stele for the rest of the night, as long as the purple stone stele was fully absorbed each time.

Su Bai did that seven times before reluctantly leaving the training room at dawn.

Other than that, his gains from the training were fruitful.

The two Beasts had gained a tremendous amount of experience points. Bearen had leveled up to Mid-4 Bronze level and acquired a new outstanding talent, Rolling Thunder.

Rolling Thunder (Outstanding Talent): A thunder element attack with a splash effect and a fivefold increase in damage.

Although Whitey didn’t gain any new talents or skills, it successfully broke through to the Lower-2 Bronze level.

‘Taking everything into account, the 35,000 merit points were well spent!’ Su Bai thought.

However, on the way to the youth training camp, the passing youth training members immediately whispered to each other when they saw Su Bai.

The expression in their eyes was complicated.

There was admiration and fear, but Su Bai didn’t care much.

Until Situ Yang appeared, running over with a smile, and said, “Su Bai, you’re famous again!”

“Famous for what?”

“For doing seven times a night!”


Su Bai almost choked on his own saliva. He asked with his eyes wide open, “Who started this rumor?!”

“That’s definitely not me. Besides, it’s not a negative rumor. It’s a positive one!” Situ Yang chuckled.

Su Bai’s mouth twitched. ‘Who would have thought that this nickname had a positive meaning!’

Su Bai’s actions in the past few days had attracted the attention of the entire youth training camp, so naturally, any news would immediately spread throughout the whole youth training camp.

And the cause of this commotion was Su Bai’s seven consecutive purple training sessions.

Ordinary members of the youth training would be tired and dizzy after entering the blue training, not to mention the purple training. It was common for them to sleep for an entire day after entering.

But Su Bai didn’t stick to the status quo and entered the purple training room seven times in one night.

After all, he wasn’t tired and couldn’t possibly get tired from sleeping.

Hence, he was honored with the title of seven timers a night.

Su Bai chuckled when he found out.

“Forget it. I’m too lazy to argue with you people. Come, we’ve got missions to do..”

“You’re not sleeping?”

“I’m not.”


The two accepted the mission together and left the youth training camp.

When others saw this, they worshiped Su Bai even more.

Su Bai’s current condition had far exceeded the initial rumors.

He couldn’t be bothered by them and just focused on his mission.

To maintain enough merit points to continue using the purple training room, Su Bai thought of a great idea on the way back after completing his mission.

That was to be a hunter service provider.

A team could only take one mission at most. After Su Bai kicked Situ Yang out of the team, he could take two missions simultaneously.

Su Bai could only complete six to seven missions daily, doubling his gains instantly.

He earned nearly 1,000 merit points in a day.

While there was still much time to waste on the journey, Su Bai had a bolder idea.

It was so loud that even Situ Yang couldn’t help but gasp when he heard it, exclaiming that Su Bai would definitely become the most remarkable and ruthless person in the history of the youth training camp.

The next day, Su Bai stood directly in front of the Mission Board and hung a sign.

“A hunting service?”

The youth training members standing in front of the sign stared at each other with wide eyes as if they had seen a ghost.

It was clearly written on the sign.

Hunting services are available. An honest man at your service. Su Bai guarantees it!

One mission will cost you 65% of your merit points. Guarantee to complete it within a day. If fail, compensation will be double the merit points loss!

This ordinary sign immediately caused an uproar in the entire youth training camp.

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