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Chapter 81: 81 First Place on the Leaderboard

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81 First Place on the Leaderboard

“Liu Zi, defend us!” Gu Lin’s face changed. He didn’t expect Su Bai to be so decisive.

Hearing that, the mercenary beside Gu Lin immediately commanded his Beast, Chameleon, to release a translucent energy shield in front of the three of them.

Gu Lin’s eyes flashed a trace of ruthlessness as he said, “Kill him!”

Su Bai laughed after hearing that.

The inexplicable scene stunned the mercenaries. They thought that they had met an insane young man today who could still laugh when he was about to die.

However, a few seconds ago, Su Bai had sent Whitey to sneakily get behind the three of them. It was now less than half a meter away from the nearest mercenary.

It was Su Bai’s first time fighting a mercenary, so he didn’t dare to be careless.

For his own safety, he still had Bearen in front of him to protect him and Whitey as his killing move.

“Quit the act! Black Panther, attack!” Gu Lin shouted.

Black Panther rushed out and headed straight for Bearen.

However, it wasn’t aiming at Bearen, but Su Bai behind it.

The Black Panther would turn around and attack Su Bai as long as it got close enough.

Once the Beastmaster died, the strength of the remaining Beast would also be significantly reduced due to the breach of their pact.

“Do it.” Su Bai was still calm.

Su Bai was still calm.


In the next second, Whitey locked onto a mercenary with its sharp blade and silently pierced his neck, completing a one-hit kill!

If one wanted to catch a thief, one should first catch the leader. Even mercenaries knew this, so how could Su Bai not?

When the remaining two mercenaries noticed that, they immediately turned pale with fright.

“Black Panther, return!” Gu Lin called his Beast back while trying to find the murderer.

The other mercenary was even more incredulous.

He asked his Beast to activate its energy shield, but somehow, the enemy had come around.

“Gu Lin, you have to protect me!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Quickly find it!”

After two sentences, the mercenary fell to the ground, still looking terrified.

It looked like he didn’t even know who his opponent was until he died.

At that moment, Gu Lin’s face was ashen.

He knew he had provoked an opponent he shouldn’t have provoked today.

‘Su Bai had more than just Bearen. He had another Beast!’ Gu Lin realized.

“Don’t kill me!”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“I have money! Lots of money, enough to spare my life! I’ll give you whatever you want if you let me live!” Gu Lin said in a heart-wrenching voice.

At that moment, Gu Lin had given up on fighting Su Bai. The only thing on his mind was to run.

After being a mercenary for so many years, he experienced fewer than a dozen life-and-death situations.

His intuition told him that the only way to survive was to escape!

However, Su Bai just sneered. “Forget about it. I preferred to take your life. Do it!”


A white blade came at him. Gu Lin turned around and tried to escape, but he was too slow. He lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

The Black Panther beside Gu Lin, also felt the fear of death. It lay on the ground and was killed by Whitey.

The battle was over.

Su Bai looked at the two half-dead bodies with no expression or emotion.

The murderer would always be killed.

He would not feel any guilt, even more so for mercenaries.

After throwing the Black Panther and Chameleon’s corpses into the Beast Space and taking away the mercenaries’ valuables, Su Bai turned around and left.

At dusk, the military base was more lively than usual.

The military selection was an annual examination, and many soldiers would come to watch the fun.

However, on the first day, it was no different from previous years. Nearly half of the participants were timid and chose to withdraw from the selection.

The remaining half went around Area B1 together and came back.

They didn’t gain much. After all, it was only the first day.

“That place is so creepy. My heart has been beating like crazy the whole day.”

“Nonsense, can you still live if it stops beating?”

“Hahahaha, look at how cowardly you are.” A teenager said. “Sun Qi’s team had a lot of gains. I heard they returned with 230 points while familiarizing themselves with the terrain.

“Sun Qi. We can’t be compared to him. The member with the lowest level in his team is Mid-5 Bronze level.”

The young man let out a long sigh and said helplessly, “Yeah, the pressure is massive. There are only six days left. We have to get close to 100 points every day before we hope to join the military.”

The ranking was displayed on the massive screen in the arena.

The team with the highest score was Sun Qi’s team, with 230 points.

The second place had 160 points.

After that, there were basically no more than 100 points.

It might seem like a lot, but it was clear that these points were evenly distributed according to the number of people on the team.

In other words, Sun Qi’s team had five people, so everyone could get an average of 46 points.

From the looks of it, it was still far from the goal of 100 points per person per day.

Other than that, the atmosphere around the others was gloomy.

Believing comes from seeing. All the participants arrived in Area B1 today. Despite not encountering any danger, they had seen many horrifying corpses, most mercenaries.

As for whether or not they could achieve their goal, they had no confidence.

“Su Bai is back!”

Soon, they saw Su Bai entering the military base, and their eyes popped out.

As a Beastmaster on the same level as Sun Qi, he chose to travel alone. It was a little arrogant, but he had the right to be arrogant.

The people in the camp began whispering.

“How many points do you think Su Bai returned with?”

“It’s definitely not much!”

“I agree!”

“Everyone is busy collecting information on the first day. Even Sun Qi only has 200 points. Su Bai must not have much.”

“No matter how efficient he is, can one person compete with five people?”

As they said that, Su Bai walked to the soldiers, and everyone immediately surrounded him.

The soldier said, “You may take out your loot. We’ll count the points here.”


Su Bai released the spoils of war from the Beast Space. The initially empty field was suddenly filled with the corpses of Beasts.

The thick smell of blood spread out at the same time.

The eyes of the crowd, who had been prepared to watch the show, instantly widened.


Everyone knew Su Bai’s strength and that he was almost as strong as Sun Qi, so they all thought highly of him.

But they didn’t think Su Bai stood out too much.

“Wow… There should be more than 50 Beasts!”

“It’s only the first day. Is Su Bai going to cut us some slack? The Beasts in Area B1 are all like monsters. I’ve been working with the team for the whole afternoon, and I’ve only killed less than five of them,” someone held his head and said tragically.

“That’s you. Su Bai is Su Bai.”

“But the difference can’t be that big, right?”

Everyone couldn’t figure it out.

The soldier was the same. He looked at Su Bai and asked, “You killed all of them today?”

“Yes,” Su Bai nodded. He asked, “Do I get points for keeping the corpse intact? ”

Hearing that, the soldier looked at the mountain-like Beast corpses in surprise and nodded, “Yes.”

Su Bai’s name appeared on the leaderboard after a round of counting, directly surpassing Sun Qi to first place.


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