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Chapter 82: 82 The Result Is Valid, and Zhao Yue Applauds

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82 The Result Is Valid, and Zhao Yue Applauds

The number that everyone was looking at was a total of 315 points!

Su Bai scored much higher than Sun Qi, making everyone unable to believe it.


“How did Su Bai do it?”

“We’re all Bronze-level Beastmasters. Why is there such a huge gap between us!?”

Even the soldiers couldn’t help but praise, “When I first joined the military, I was far inferior to Su Bai.”

At that moment, Sun Qi heard about that and rushed to the scene without stopping.

When he saw the change in the ranking on the screen, he immediately looked for Su Bai and said, “Su Bai, congratulations on getting first place.”

“It’s nothing.” Su Bai nodded and smiled.

At the same time, Su Bai also noticed that Sun Qi’s face was a little livid, and he was obviously unhappy.

After that, Sun Qi looked at the Waterchimps’ dead bodies, and his expression became even more complicated.

‘The wounds of every Waterchimp. Almost all of them were fatal, and the bodies showed no damage.’ Sun Qi thought.

He had seen the ferocious Waterchimps today, but due to their violent nature, he didn’t plan to take the risk of eliminating them.

Yet, he didn’t expect Su Bai to attack the Waterchimps alone.

“What’s this?” Sun Qi noticed the abnormality and pointed to the Black Panther’s body. “I don’t remember there being such a Beast near that river. The Black Panthers usually live in the grasslands. Such a Beast like the Black Panther doesn’t exist in Area B1.”

“You’re right. These are all the mercenaries’ Beasts.”

Su Bai didn’t plan to hide anything and told Sun Qi everything about the attack.

In an instant, the entire place was in an uproar.

“He fought with the mercenaries?!”


“Wow… Where did Su Bai come from?”

“Mercenaries are all ruthless characters. If we encounter them, fleeing is probably our only way out.”

“Su Bai, I don’t doubt you can kill the mercenaries, but…” Sun Qi’s eyes narrowed slightly. He said coldly, “I can’t help but wonder if you were the one who killed these Waterchimps.”

“What do you mean by that?” Su Bai asked.

“The savage Waterchimps are naturally violent. How could you kill so many of them in such a short time?” Sun Qi no longer had any scruples. He said in front of the soldiers, “You said it was the mercenaries who ambushed you. What if it’s you ambushed the mercenaries who were clearing out the Waterchimps?”

“Sun Qi, you have to have evidence before you speak.”

When the soldier on the other side heard that, his face changed dramatically, and he shouted sternly, “The military’s strict rules forbid you from slandering your comrades. You must accept responsibility for what you said!”

Upon hearing that, Sun Qi clenched his fist and said, “Sir, if my guess is wrong, I’m willing to be punished. Please revoke Su Bai’s points and qualification if I’m right.”

The crowd watching the show didn’t expect such a development at all.

“Su Bai, do you have anything to say?”

“No, I’m willing to follow the military’s investigation.”

“Alright, I’ll report this to the higher-ups. Please wait a moment.”

After that, the soldier left immediately.

“Su Bai, don’t hate me. You can only blame yourself for being greedy,” Sun Qi said. “You brought back the Beasts killed by the sneak attack.”

Su Bai just shrugged and smiled.

In fact, Sun Qi was half right.

The mercenaries were indeed killed by Whitey’s sneak attack. This could be investigated.

However, the Waterchimps were killed by Bearen one by one, so it was impossible to twist the truth.

Soon, five to six soldiers arrived, including the Head Examiner, Zhao Yue.

“Why are there so many Waterchimps?” Zhao Yue looked at Su Bai in surprise. He said, “It’s rare to get so many on the first day. If you didn’t cheat, I’d personally vouch for you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

The soldiers started to investigate the dead bodies of the Waterchimps. At the same time, they asked Su Bai’s Bearen to show up and copy the attack movements on the target.


Bearen’s huge claws directly smashed the target.

The power was so great that it shocked the onlookers.

“This bear is fierce!”

“I’m envious!”

“I remember that the Waterchimps are afraid of strength-type attacks.”

“That’s true. I don’t think Su Bai cheated!”

After witnessing Bearen’s power, some people started to believe that Su Bai wasn’t looting from others.

The rest maintained their opinions.

After all, Bearen was very strong and could counter the Waterchimp.

However, in the wild, the strength of an individual didn’t mean that one could ignore the group of Beasts with an advantage.

Sun Qi was calm and didn’t believe Su Bai’s result was effective.

Half an hour passed, and the soldiers investigated the dead bodies of the Waterchimps, the Black Panther, and so on.

Zhao Yue came to the front of the crowd and said with a smile, “After investigating it, Su Bai’s result is valid.”

Even though Zhao Yue was described as a demon by the previous participants.

In fact, he always looked forward to talented candidates, not to mention Su Bai, who was so powerful.

Zhao Yue was definitely happy to see that.

“Impossible!” Sun Qi shouted. “I disagree! The Waterchimps move in groups. How can Su Bai keep killing so many of them efficiently?! This is simply impossible!”

A deafening cry echoed throughout the entire area.

“If you can’t do it, why can’t Su Bai do it?” Zhao Yue said. “Area B1 is extensive. The situation in the water flow area is different. Su Bai might have just found a small group of Waterchimps.

“That’s right. I’ve only seen five or six of them gathered together.”

Someone stood out and said, “I wanted to do it at that time, but there was a group of them 100 meters away. I was afraid of alerting them, so I stopped. Maybe Su Bai could finish the battle quickly and kill them more efficiently.”

“Indeed, I’ve seen Waterchimps before, but there were hundreds of them.”

“Different water areas have different situations.”

Upon hearing that, everyone had forgotten entirely about Sun Qi’s statement.

“Sun Qi, you’ve broken military rules.” Zhao Yue stopped smiling. He said coldly. “But since this is your first time, I will cancel your points today. I hope you will think carefully before you act in the future.”

Then, Zhao Yue nodded to Su Bai and left.

As Zhao Yue walked, he didn’t forget to say to the soldiers, “Su Bai is a good young man. He dared to kill a mercenary on his first day. I think he has already secured first place this year.”

After the points were proven effective, Su Bai instantly became the crowd’s focus.

He was blocked by the crowd, who tried to build a relationship.

Only Sun Qi was standing at the side in a daze as if he had been struck by lightning.

Sun Qi initially thought that as long as Su Bai, who was of the same level, didn’t have a team, it wouldn’t be enough to threaten him to become number one.

Sun Qi initially believed that Su Bai, who was on the same level as him and didn’t have a team, would not be enough to threaten his position as number one.

However, Su Bai didn’t stick to the status quo.

Not only did he bring back more than 300 points, but he even received praise from the Head Examiner, Zhao Yue.

Su Bai squeezed out of the terrifying crowd with great difficulty, took a look at Sun Qi, and then went back to the dormitory.

From the beginning to the end, he was too lazy to care about Sun Qi.

As for now, he couldn’t be bothered with it.


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