System vs Rebirth - Chapter 1074

Published at 15th of May 2024 03:35:18 PM

Chapter 1074: Opening

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Chapter 1074 Opening

"So this is our first target," Noel muttered in amazement. He was standing on top of the tree, staring at a giant building in the distance.

This might be the biggest ancient ruin he has ever seen. It didn't have the depth of the one in the Atracaeca Kingdom, but it was still more than three hundred meters long and two hundred meters wide.

Noel was completely stunned, never thinking that there would be a building of this size. They didn't find it when they first went to Old Ru since they were a bit too far to the east.

That was why Noel felt overwhelmed to see this engineering marvel.

"What kind of building is this?" Noel asked.

"I'm not sure. But it must be something important. Look at the area around the building." Anna pointed to the side. "The building has an even wider empty space around it. In addition, there are several buildings on the side. While some have been destroyed by both demons and nature, two are still intact."

"That's true." Noel pondered for a moment. "Just from them alone, I can see several hundred demons lying around."

"Yeah. I don't mind about the number since we have a quota to fill, but we need some plans to deal with these many demons." Anna sighed. "And we shouldn't destroy the buildings that much to see if we can get anything useful from them."

Noel fell silent for a moment before asking, "What do you think we should do then?"

"I'm the one planning for this?" Anna gasped.

"Yes. Is there something wrong?" Noel tilted his head in confusion.

"I mean, if we mess this up, we won't be able to get things from the ancient civilization." Anna pointed at the buildings in panic.

"It's fine. We still gain one thing." Noel smiled while raising one finger. "We've got the experience for you to grow even further."

"Eh?" Anna blinked a few times. Noel actually planned to sacrifice a few ancient ruins for her development. And because of the importance of these buildings, Anna had to make a careful plan.

Seeing how much he wanted to sacrifice for her sake, Anna didn't have the heart to reject him anymore.

She immediately lowered her head as if trying to simulate their battle plan.

Both of them matched their pace, alarming the demons on the ground floor. When they saw humans coming toward them, the demons wanted to alert other demons, but both Noel and Anna had reached the building.

They drew their sword, releasing a similar attack.


The spiritual energy hit the building, shattering the window and crashing the entrance of the building.

"!!!" The demons raised their heads. Most of them didn't know what happened, but they were soon alarmed when they heard one of the distress roars from the demon in the building.




A series of roars immediately responded to that distress call as the demons rose from the ground.

Meanwhile, both Noel and Anna had begun slashing down one demon after another. Some demons tried to jump off the building so that they could reach Noel and Anna instantly, but their efforts were futile because they climbed the second floor right away, forcing those demons to chase after them.

Unfortunately for them, Noel and Anna's advances were like bullets. Unless they were a Peak Level Demon, they couldn't stop even a single slash from them.

Anna boosted her speed with her lightning, while Noel utilized his Everchanging Emotion Sword Style to keep up.

In just three minutes, they actually reached the tenth floor. And the building had been surrounded by the demons, some of them had even entered, making ruckus all over the building.

Noel and Anna noticed that the buildings were shaking as though the pillars had a hard time withstanding the weight of the entire building.

Now that they had climbed pretty high, they could take a peek at the situation inside the building from the rooftop. Surprisingly, the building wasn't fully covered by the roof. They could actually see three giant centipedes rising from the ground in the middle of the building.

And each of them was actually a Superior Demon.

Noel and Anna couldn't help but smile. They were surprised that the first ancient ruin they explored would have three Superior Demons, but they were quite excited since this would be a perfect opening for their hunt.

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